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Top 7 Tips for Shopaholic on Thanksgiving

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 29, 2018

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Thanksgiving Day is a special day that is celebrated on various dates by the Canadians, Americans, and Caribbean to say thanks to their survivals. All of us wait for the whole year just for Thanksgiving Day to come. We prepare our shopping and start saving money to buy them all from the beginning of the year. Our heads filled with the discounts offered on the latest gadgets, new TV, tablets, and other products this day. The day will be full of surprises, so considering some advice on how to shop will be a bonus. Getting a deal that you are looking for is essential otherwise the motive will be lost.

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There is a lot of information available on deals and products, so managing the routine beforehand will save time and money. All the shopaholic must make sure that knowing the deals is of prior important otherwise your impulsive nature of buying will end you in spending hell lot of money that you will regret in future.

Thanksgiving is not just the day of amazing deals or great discounts, but it is a day of completion when you have to manage your time and buy the item you came for; otherwise, the product you want will be out of stock before you even get the slightest clue.

So if you want to save money, time and buy all the things you were waiting for since the beginning of the year, then these tips will surely help you and will be a lifesaver for the shopaholics.

Top 7 tips of shopping on Thanksgiving

1. Be ahead of others

Being ahead doesn’t mean that you stand in front of the shop even before the shopkeeper arrived or opens the shop. However, you need to be strategic and tactful in deciding and planning each and every move. The planning should be started one to two weeks before the Thanksgiving start.

The plan should include even minute detailing starting from the shopping list to the name and address of the store and shop to visit. It should also include keen attention to current deals and upcoming deals if any. When preparing the shopping list, ensure to add one or two items extra even if you don’t want that desperately or planning to buy on the later dates. The reason behind it is that because shopaholics have nature which they can’t control and end up buying it even if they don’t desire the product or item at that moment or there is no need of it currently.

Including extra items are relevant as this will help you to save time in future as if your impulsive nature of shopping provoked you, then you can go straight to the respective shelf and buy that particular item instead of losing focus on other things. Regularly focusing on deals will help you to be more financially ready and number the list priority wise. Apart from this start visiting the store even one that you don’t frequently visit because this will help you prepare the list better and compare prices.

2. Act physically:

Physically acting doesn’t mean that you start fighting with the fellow customer in order to buy your desired dress or physically forcing the salesman to collect all your list items. By acting physically here means to be more active towards opinion, recommendations, and alternatives of the article in your shopping list. Usually, most of the people in the shop are for window shopping or something we see a fantastic deal online but are not ready to commit to buying. So, this time focus towards buying it as this day only comes once in a year. It is time to visit the store instead using your finger to buy physically.

So, once you are finally available at the store, try to interact more with the respective sales guy and ask for recommendations and the alternatives of the respective items present on the shopping list. Asking the second opinion will result in something new and extraordinary, and it may even save money. The best part of being present physically is that you can try things on the spot and reject it if you don’t like one and can move over to another one.

But, if you hate to shop at busy places, then you can even visit the store before Thanksgiving and try the things on the list. It will even give you a list of backup product and allows you to buy them online on the Thanksgiving day.

3. Don’t shop alone:

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Shopping alone is boring and hectic, and if we talk about shopping on Thanksgiving, then it’s frustrating. Therefore, finding all the items that we came for on the busiest shopping day is difficult for a single person. So, it is advisable to recruit a shopping buddy who can help to split the load and can even suggest some options and alternatives to the product.

In this case, going with the best friend is advised because he or she is the person who knows your likes and dislikes and suggests you the perfect icebreaking deals. Going shopping with a best friend is fun and enjoyable which add a bonus to the shopping experience.

Remember not to join shopping with husbands or children as then you might end up coming empty hand. As with children, you won’t be able to buy, and with the husband, he won’t let you buy. So in both cases, you will end up ruining all the preparation made for this day. In order to avoid being sidetrack from your ultimate goal for which you were preparing for weeks, it is best to leave your children and husband at home to get the benefit of the deals to the fullest.

4. Charge your phone to 100%:

The mobile phone is an essential item especially for the time like shopping and that too if you are going shopping on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure to charge the battery of your mobile phone to 100% and if you have a power bank then carry one with yourself. The mobile phone is of prime importance to all of us, but when you are going out to shop especially on Thanksgiving, then the phone is like life.

Firstly, standing in long lines can be boring, and the mobile phone will be the only instrument that can entertain you at the time. Secondly, it is seen that great deals come at the last moment and if you are standing in line, then going out to grab the deal is not an option, so you can use your mobile phone to buy the item online for which you were waiting for or have rejected because it was costly even after the discount. Thirdly, you can use the phone to communicate with your shopping partner and keep him or her updated with the current scenario.

Therefore, it is crucial to charge your phone to full or to be in touch with your partner if you face any problem.

5. Make a plan of action

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Plan of action is significant when you go shopping on the busiest day. It should include all the details like stores to visit, things to buy and spending limits, etc.

The shopaholics are famous for knowing the latest fashions and the shops which sell them. The first step is easy. Before you plan to visit your listed shops, it is advised to carry a route map along with you so that if you are lost or facing any difficulty to find any particular shop, you can find it without a sweat.

Next, it is advisable to get prepared with the valuables you want to buy this Thanksgiving Day. If you go unprepared, then it will only lead to frustration by seeing the crowd and therefore getting confused on what to buy and whether it is at a low cost or not. So planning the shopping list will save time and the mental tension that will be faced seeing the crowd.

Lastly, plan about you financials as this is the foremost thing which will make your Thanksgiving successful. Make sure not to keep the budget too low and not too high. Following the low budget thinking that the stores are offering great deals is not a positive approach and keeping is high will only end up buying the thing that is of no use. So, first know your spending ability on Thanksgiving Day and then make a list of all the items you desire and later include only those who are on priority and fit your wallet.

Therefore these are the building blocks of the plan of action for the busiest shopping day of the year. It is crucial to keep these critical aspects in mind, otherwise, you can end up missing an irresistible deal, or you can end up burying yourself under the mountain of debt by swiping your credit card limit.

 6. Organize yourself and be patient

Organizing your belonging is something that is of utmost when it comes to shopping on Thanksgiving. It is mostly observed that things get lost in the shuffle with the chaos of shopping. So it is advisable to keep your belonging in an organized way. Make sure to organize the store credit by keeping all the receipts arranged and managed in the email. These are essential as these provide special saving offers and loosing and disorganizing it means loss of money.

Managing so much on a single day can be tough, and you ought to reduce your patience at that particular time. It is very stressful time for both shoppers and retailer as shoppers are worried that they buy the right product at a very competitive price and on the other hand retailers are stressed by managing the crowd and seeing that there is no theft. So, it is the responsibility of both the retailer and customer to understand the problems of both the parties. 

Therefore, it is advised to be calm and patient during this time as it will be helpful for both of them.

Tips for Shopaholic on Thanksgiving - Image 47. Stick to the schedule

The schedule is made for the convenience of the buyer, and it is essential to stick to the schedule, so the buyer can compete purchasing quickly even on the busiest day of the year.

It means being on time-related to any task concerned with shopping on Thanksgiving Day. It means starting from being on time to the store to grab the new apparels. Being even 10 minutes late can mean returning empty handed. So, it is recommended to plan at what time to leave and which will be the shortest and less traffic route that will take you to your destination quickly. Furthermore, it is wise to keep some surplus time to cover any unforeseen variables.

Sticking to schedule even means sticking to the shopping list and not focus on items which are not present in the list. It does include alternatives of the product but those impulsive items which affect the shopping the budget. The stores tantalizingly present the product to lure the customer. So, it is advised to beware of these stunts, or it will be heavy on the pocket.

It is not the ordinary day when you can shop casually; for this, you have to plan every minute detail to make it successful.


Thanksgiving is the perfect day to shop, not only for shopaholic but for those who were short on budget. It is the day especially for customer organized by retailer and store owner to show their gratitude towards the customers. It is a big opportunity that no one wants to lose, so why not start saving money for this day and fulfill all our materialistic desires in low cost.

Get ready for the biggest sale of the year which is going to be at your doorstep in no time. For more details, explore our website:

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