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Top 8 Black Friday Shopping Tips to Snag the Buyers

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 31, 2018

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Black Friday Shopping Tips to Snag the Buyers

Black Friday is here!!! The kick-off of the quintessential shopping holiday. This holiday happens to be one of the most anticipated, competing with other holidays. It is the time businesses sell their products including the flagship ones at a reasonable price. It is seen as the day for the customers where they can save lots of money.

People do enjoy this day. Well…only the ones that spend it. Before the arrival of e-commerce, Black Friday can be very terrible for a lot of people. Leaving them with regrets like abandoning their home and time. Only to end up in a doorbuster, heavy traffics, accidents and short tempers.

This predicament (doorbusters) is caused by those low prices for top quality products. There is a high probability that one would end up in a long line waiting and hoping to get his/hers. It is a terrible experience.

Crazy right?...

Also…There were problems like heavy traffic too. It leads to several cases of road rage, one is bound to be discouraged or have an unhappy experience. These two predicaments mentioned are sure to ruin anyone’s black Friday.

Now that e-commerce is in use, there is less of such problems, one can buy in the comfort of his/her home. But, as e-commerce somewhat ended a usual problem, it leads to new ones. They are even much worse than the time without e-commerce. One could lose his/her money or satisfaction. In the worst case scenario, one can lose both.

Not everyone can be lucky to have a great Black Friday, but with determination and a well thought out plan, it is possible. That is the reason this post was created. To give the best way one can have a great Black Friday and still save a lot of money. After all, the reason why black Friday exist is so customers can save money and business raise sales.

It is not necessary to follow the tips as steps, but I tell it. If the situation does not support it. It’s ok. All the tips are researched which makes them reliable enough to be on this post. So it begins. The tips will be able to help solves problems in both scenarios (before and after e-commerce).

Top 8 Black Friday tips for a great black Friday and snatching up great deals

Here are the tips to follow, remember it does not have to be followed, but if preferred it can be. They are as follows:

Here we go…

Do research

Do research

For a better black Friday, good research is a must on various things as follows:

Opening time of stores

It is an obvious aspect to know to plan the best time of available. It will be useful to know when several stores are to be visited. That way they can be ranked from the earliest ones to the latest ones. It also allows one to be aware of the specific time for special products and Doorbusters.

Quality of the doorbusters: when considering going for the doorbuster it is best to know the quality of the products. Some might not be what they appeared. They could be defective. Knowing the quality will help identify pretender deals that are often advertised.

Type of restriction (online or offline)

Some stores restrict their deals to being accessed through online or offline. Research on the type of restriction is best required before thinking of the store’s deal or policy. It’s because knowledge of the restriction type determines how you are going to get the deals. Which can be a major factor in organizing one’s day.

Official AD scans

Be sure to get the official Ad scans of the latest year and be wary of the fake ones floating online. Not all are true. Some blogs create fake Ad scans or post old ones just to get attention.

Start an early plan

Nothing beats beforehand planning. This is important because as one plans early, he/she will be able to plan a much better one. If one were to plan late he/she would think it’s the best plan. Not knowing that sometimes “best-laid plans do go astray”. The late plan is to arrive at the store first. It is not a bad plan, but it not enough.

There are lots of information that needs to be researched. Like the start date of black Friday in famous stores such as Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Best Buy and harbor freight. With this information, one will be able to know the amount of time he/she can prepare.

As one has the knowledge of the amount of time before black Friday period he/she can look for ad scan leak dates. These dates are where deals in stores like Walmart and best buy are leaked before black Friday. This way it is possible to plan which deals to take.

Also, this is a great step to take because one will be able to select deals that suit both the person and his/her budget. The leaks might not always come at the right time, some stores like best buy and Walmart get leaked around the 10th of November. Other stores like harbor freight leak during the middle of October which is earlier.

What do these ads scans contain? They contain pages full of products with good deals. This is when circling down of the best deals is required. They are usually a lot so it will take a lot of time. After circling them down, it is best to compare them with the deal in the store for the sake of getting a more realistic view of the best bargain.

Start an early plan

Set yourself a budget

Without a set budget, one can end up overspending. He/she may enjoy black Friday but will lose Money. Even still, it is not enough to set a budget alone, you will have to commit to it. People usually fall into this trap which could lead them into being broke. And it’s all because they saw products on sale.

Discounted products shouldn’t be enough reason for one to go on a shopping spree. It is important to take notice of one’s personal finances even if he or she is shopping on Black Friday. Doing such will allow one to know what is affordable.

From studies surveys and research did, it is discovered that people actually spend more than what they budgeted. It is bound to happen, it all depends on the commitment to it. It could be a bit above the budget or way above it. If it is preferred you can set the budget a bit low to fix the outcome in the long run.

Set yourself a budget

Form a team!

There is strength in numbers. A team achieves a lot better than a single individual would especially on black Friday. There are a lot of great deals out there, but one person can’t able to get them. Since one person his singular in nature he/she can’t be in several places at the same time.

Think about it. There could be 5 stores with the best deals and the appropriate time to get there is early due to long queues caused by doorbuster discounts. But it is impossible to achieve this. One could end up getting deals in only 2 stores and still might not buy anything.

Having a team will be an advantage. It is best to form teams with reliable friends and family members. That way, everyone should be able to get all the good deals for each other. For instance, there are four stores to get to get to. The aim is to avoid long queues so everyone goes out to their assigned stores early. This way everyone will be able to get their good deals.

Apart from getting good deals at various stores at once. A team can also help in research and scanning for great deals. The bottom-line is the process is faster and better with the help of a team.

Form a team!

Have a plan B

It does not have to be active when plan A has failed. It can go along with the main plan, increase the outcome of one’s black Friday. Other than looking for ad Scans there are several ways to get great deals and save a lot.

Take advantage of APR 0% promotional periods and also sign up bonuses

Make use of no annual fee credit cards such as chase freedom unlimited. It has a sign-up bonus of up to $175 after spending $550 and adding a user in the space of 3 months. The APR promotional bonus last for only 15months. It is usable for both purchasing and making account balance transfer. This a great deal. It can be used together with products with much spending.

Some other cards are available, like Citi simplicity which has 0% APR which last for a period of 21 months. Almost two years. It's more than enough time to make up for one’s sending.

Discounted gift cards

People underuse gift cards which can be a big help in reducing their expenditure on shopping.

How to get them?

It can be found online in legitimate and popular clearinghouses such as Raise and CardCash. Both of them offer discounts from anywhere between 2% and 35% for popular stores like Target and best buy. They also offer higher discounts merchants that are less recognized.

Download coupon aggregators and black Friday app

Such items will be a plus to the efforts in getting the best deals on Black Friday. There are a lot of these apps to choose from, here are a few:

  • Flipp – this apps aggregates flyers and coupons from many retailers on the net. It allows its user to upload his/her personalized shopping list which is great for black Friday shopping.
  • The coupons app – this is also a flyer and coupon aggregator. It comes with an alert system which helps to inform about the late-breaking deals and Black Friday flyers.
  • Shopular – this app possesses a location-enabled app which allows its user to get good deals from his/her best store. It also has a rebate feature that returns up to 25% off his/her selected buys.
  • The Black Friday app – it just as the name say it is. Out of this listed app, this is the best to use during black Friday. It gives greater deals than the rest.

Download coupon aggregators and black Friday app

Shop in e-commerce sites without enabling cookies

As one shops in private mode retailers won’t be able to track his or her browser history. Retailers use cookies to determine the customer’s behavior, decisions, and interest – level. They make use of these for tailor offers. As a customer that disabled cookies, it possible to get deals with lower prices. Disabling cookies has its disadvantage too. It can affect the non – retail aspect of one’s online presence.

Make use of a price comparing tool

As the customers on black Friday compete so do the retailers. They tend to reduce their prices to get more customers. Instead of stick to one merchant why not use the tool to get the prices and improve the Black Friday experience.

Before an online buy, it is best to make use of the price comparison app to get the best deal instantly. There such tools like price grabber. It is the best comparison tool so far, but there other to use like Shopify.



Try to be at ease. There is no need to stress yourself and try to enjoy the day. After it is a holiday. If a team is involved, go grab launch together.


Black Friday happens to be the start of the holiday shopping season, so you don’t want to rush into it there are no worries. There is another holiday to shop such as Christmas Eve, New Year, Christmas and Boxing Day.

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