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Top 8 Corner Desks for 3 Monitors in 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 5, 2021

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Bigger is always better when it comes to a gaming desk! Unlike regular PC users, the average gamer uses a lot more hardware. Today, gamers prefer a corner desk 3 monitors setup, as they get more space for their cash. Even if they don’t use three monitors, a triple monitor corner desk is still a practical choice for the amount of space they get.

They can easily place all their gaming gear on one desk neatly. Since it’s a corner desk, that gaming gear doesn’t occupy the whole room. But not all rooms can easily accommodate a corner desk 3 monitors setup. You have to pick the perfect one based on size, materials, weight capacity, and dimensions. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the top corner desks.

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner


Our SmartDesk Corner is an adjustable standing desk with a pristine white triple monitor setup. It is a combination of a corner desk and a height-adjustable one, so you have the benefits of space and ergonomics.

The unique L-shape reduces the turning angles as you switch your view between screens. The top and the frame come in various colors. It combines a silent triple motor system fitted on an anti-rust industrial steel frame that responds to four programmable height settings. The top has two interchangeable pieces that support 330 lbs and spans a full 77 inches L x 64 inches W.

2. Triple monitor gaming desk from Mr. IronStone

This sturdy, well-designed triple monitor computer desk can double as a work desk too. Made with steel and MDF, it weighs 63.8 pounds and can support a weight capacity of 110 pounds.

The MDF PVC desktop is divided into three sections for easier transport. When assembled, it gives you enough space for gaming desk accessories, monitors, PC, gaming keyboards, mice, controllers, laptops, and more. The desk even features a holder for your headphones and cup.

3. Coleshome 61-inch gaming stand

Coleshome 61-inch gaming stand

This L-shaped desk for 3 monitors has dimensions of 60.8 (L) x 45 (W) x 29 (H). A single L-shaped standing desk is easy to assemble and can be split into two individual desks. The desk has an iron frame that is made to support three screens and up to 220+ pounds.

The desk has one longer 42-inch desktop and one shorter 27.1 inches for installation on either side. The smaller top has a monitor mount on it. The entire desktop surface is made out of quality wood that is treated to make it wear-resistant and waterproof.    

4. Modern 66-inch L-shape desk from AuAg

This corner gaming desk has a vintage finish and is built on a metal frame that is 51.97 x 22.83 x 4.85 inches. The engineered wood top is 0.6 inches thick, sturdy, comes in four colors, and supports 450 pounds.

The frame has X-shaped cross bars and leg pads to increase stability. The frame is on the thinner side and offers a lot of space underneath for gaming equipment or your legs. Accessories on this desk include a free CPU stand that is placed under the corner desk 3 monitors and an iron hook for headphones.    

5. 95.5-inch L-shaped computer desk from Bestier

95.5-inch L-shaped computer desk from Bestier

This corner desk 3 monitors gives you enough space for your legs, CPU with 59.45 x 59.45 x 29.13 inches dimensions. Under the desk, you have three extra shelves for storage. Also, the desk features a modern design with a durable metal frame fitted with a rustic oak finish.  

The 100% CARB P2 wood top supports 220 pounds of weight and comes in several colors. It even has three wire management grommets on the outer edges. The frame is thin but strong metal construction with cross support that adds stability. The desks can be placed side by side to create a longer desk, with the mid-shelf moving to the side.     

6. 50.8-inch L-shaped computer desk from Cubi-Cubi

This is the best corner standing desk with a modern, sleek look with 36.22 x 22.83 x 5.91 inches. You get great value for money in quality materials, price, and a strong metal frame supporting 200 pounds.

The particleboard top comes in six colors and is fitted with a detachable 18.9-inch monitor stand. It even includes a storage drawer that can carry 3.3 lbs. Underneath, you get an iron pipe frame that is durable but leaves enough room for extra stuff.   

7. 59-inch L-shaped corner desk from Elephance


The desk has a nice corner design with 59 x 23.6 x 29.5 inches dimensions offering you lots of space on a durable frame. Overall functionality makes this desk a versatile one with a powder-coated, waterproof 59.0-inch desktop with a beveled edge. 

Each side is 35.4 inches when you exclude the middle joining section. The 29.5-inch height leaves enough space underneath for hidden storage.

8. Black Laminate L-shaped corner desk from Flash Furniture


You can add a sophisticated look to your home gaming rig with this black laminate corner desk 3 monitors. This finished top contrasts with the bright silver powder-coated frame and is very spacious. It is supported by three sturdy double-leg stands that also have this powder-coated finish.

The contemporary design features self-leveling floor glides for stability and smooth movement across floors, carpets, etc. The desktop is also available in a beech brown model that measures 59 inches x 25 inches D x 29.5 inches H but has a white frame.

It has a privacy panel for attachment on either side of the desk, measuring 31 inches W x 1.75 inches D x 10 inches H. The corner connector provides a seamless assembly of the desk lengths.

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