Top 9 Back Support Braces to Buy for Sitting at Work
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Top 9 Back Support Braces to Buy for Sitting at Work

|Oct 27, 2021

Working with back pain can be annoying and painful.  It is best to prevent conditions that hamper your productivity. The best is to stay healthy and active to manage a life where you don't need the support of others or medicines and other medical equipment.

If you have already developed a spinal health concern, pay attention to your body’s posture while doing any task. Be careful not to stress your pain points. Avoid any jerky movements. Avoid lifting heavy weights even for a short time. While some conditions may need extra care, early and a back support brace can easily correct minor ones.  Do consult and listen to your doctor before you buy and use one.

Types of Back Braces

The advancement in technology used for medical purposes has helped patients. Doctors seem to have an ideal solution for most symptoms, especially when it comes to back pains and aches.  While there are two basic types of back braces, soft and hard or rigid, the amount of variation gives options for varying symptoms.  Doctors can correct early symptoms of backaches and more.

Soft Braces

Soft Braces

One of the two categories, soft braces, is designed for extreme comfort.  They are used in areas where you have a tissue, muscle, or bone under attack.  Such braces are always made from soft and plush material that is breathable for almost all types of weather.  The Velcro fabric straps make such braces adjustable for most body types.  Be sure where lumbar support should be to ensure you wear a brace correctly.

These softback braces work on a simple principle. They give strength and support to all the muscles and areas that otherwise need to support the spine.  With ample support given to such abdominal muscles, you will find your spine gets at ease while moving or tilting forward.  Bending at the back is best avoided at such a stage. Also, avoid lower back aches by using the best office chair for lower back pain.

Hard or Rigid Braces

Doctors usually prescribe hard braces when an injury has taken place or post-operation. The area is covered with a plastic or fiber material to hold the body parts in places and then covered up with a hard brace.  In certain cases, when the body development is not as desired, such braces may be prescribed to bring the spine into a natural shape. Now fix your posture as you exercise by wearing these braces.

The three distinct types are as below.

1. A Boston brace

Boston Back Braces

A back brace is designed to provide support from your shoulders to your tailbone at the back.  In the front, it provides strong support from your chest to your pelvis. Most folks are advised to wear it throughout the day. It is best avoided when in contact with water.

2. Milwaukee brace

This is a variation of the Boston brace with an extra piece to manage support to your neck area.  It is also supposed to be worn most of the time.

3. Charleston brace

This back brace is designed to be worn when you are going to sleep. This asymmetrical brace is designed to give you extra pressure to correct the spine as you sleep and rest.  This type of brace is usually prescribed for patients with scoliosis.

Here is our list of the top nine best back support braces.

Top 9 Back Support Braces to Sit and Work

Our research shows the following as the best options to consider from.  Do read our reviews on proper sitting posture at a computer workstation.  Here are our recommendations of

1. Mueller Lumbar Support

Mueller Back Braces

This unisex Back support brace for your lumbar area has a removable lumbar pad. The cushioning from this lumbar pad offers extra pressure when worn.  It is designed for your lower back aches and has a double-layer design. In addition, it has four steel springs that are flexible to adapt to different body shapes for correcting the pain.

2. NeoMedina Tech Back Belt

This back support brace belt is made from adjustable straps to give you the waist fit that you need.  Made from drug-free materials, it also helps you improve your metabolism.  Approved and registered by FDA, it is easy to wear and take off.  The benefits include improved blood circulation, promoting cell renewal as collagen depletes with aging, and more.

3. BAXMAX Back Support

BAXMAX Back Braces

Cut the need to pull each strap to manage a strong fit around your lower back. Instead, you can use the single pulley system that gives you a tighter fit.  It creates optimal lumbar support to reduce lower backaches. Now wear it under your clothes or over your clothes, as you deem fit.  It is specially designed to absorb your sweat and keep your skin cool throughout your workday.

4. Braceability Work Back Brace (for Heavy Lifting)

If you do heavy weightlifting in the gym or at work, wear this back brace to support your muscles’ support to your spine.  Avoid any chances of hurting your back by using this brace as a preventive measure. 

It offers you double-pull straps for a tight fit. However, don't miss the flexible backside of the belt. It offers firm support to your lower back and abdominal support. This wide-bodied belt is ideal for folks working in commercial areas.

5. Sacroiliac Belt by SEROLA

Sacroiliac Back Braces

This Back support brace belt offers great support to women who are carrying or are pregnant.  Their sacroiliac muscles are held tight, and the abdominal muscles get great support as they move around.  This belt offers firm support to the base of your spine. It stabilizes the muscle strength of your back, hips, and legs.

Usually worn around the pelvis, this belt is easy to wear and remove. However, avoid tightening the straps too much to avoid pain in your buttock muscles and around your hips. It could also hinder your movements.  

6. Sparthos’s Back Brace

This renowned back support brace for work is known to provide immediate relief to your back pains. It is best used in a herniated disc, back pain, sciatica, and more. Smile once again as your pain is relieved as you walk and move around. The adjustable lumbar pad provides extra pressure on your lower back.

7. Back Brace by BraceUP

Back Brace by BraceUP

Manage your spine and muscles using this back brace by BraceUp.  Made from breathable and soft materials, it offers to reduce your lumbar pains and more.  Some folks may also find it useful to wear it before heavy exercises or when weight lifting at work or in the gym.  This unisex back brace has eight different easy-to-pull straps to hold your muscles and tissues in place as you move around or exercise.

8. VOKKA Posture Corrector for Men and Women

Use this back brace to correct your body posture even if you don't have a backache or pain. Exercise lightly by wearing this brace. You will notice that it helps you maintain open shoulders and correct any back stiffening due to incorrect postures. In addition, the soft material gives great comfort against your skin or any cloth.

9. Lower Back Brace By King of Kings

Lower Back Brace By King of Kings

Are you suffering from Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, or Herniated Disc? Using this lower Back support brace by King of King’s provides great support to your lumbar region, especially the L4 L5 and S1 lumbar vertebrae.

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It is important to prevent backaches and pains with active health and exercise.  Consult a doctor to manage the symptoms with the variety of back braces available. Look for Back support braces that allow you to work as you sit.

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