Top 9 Hybrid Work Mistakes That Every Leader Should Avoid
Hybrid Working

Top 9 Hybrid Work Mistakes That Every Leader Should Avoid

|Aug 24, 2021

To know the hybrid work mistake, we should first educate ourselves on the concept of hybrid work. So, what is a hybrid work model? And why is this model gaining high fame?

The hybrid work model is concerned about the flexibility of employees. It allows them to do the work in a way that makes them productive. In a hybrid working condition, employees can either work from home or come to the office. Which makes them more productive and the work easier. Besides, few employees are more productive when they work at night while others perform best in the morning. Hence, the offices have a hybrid structure; employees are just given a deadline while working whenever they want. However, they are bound with the 9 am to 5 pm job.

But it has been only a few years since this concept was introduced. And it increased because of the global pandemic. So, the concept is still new. That’s why employers often make mistakes while making hybrid work plan. These are highlighted in the paragraphs below.

Hybrid Work Mistakes That Leaders Should Avoid

Hybrid Work Mistakes

There are a lot of hybrid office mistakes that employers make with the hybrid work model. In this article, we have highlighted the top hybrid work mistake that almost every employer makes. Study about these hybrid office mistakes to save yourself from them.

1. Hybrid Work Model is not Embraced at the Executive Level


Companies are moving towards the blended work model and offering employees the flexibility to work remotely or in the office. Most employers may be a little biased here. They may consider those working in the office more productive, active, and devoted than those working remotely. But that’s not true. No matter where the employee opts to work, they are both devoting their time. Besides, remote work is still not embraced at the executive level, which is a bias. So, if employers want to gain employees' confidence, they must start working remotely, especially at the executive level. It will also reduce the risk of work-location biasedness.

2. Biasness from Top to Down

Executives must form a single strategy to avoid overburdening one and making the other extra relaxed. If employers showed arbitrariness, it would result in resentment from the employees. And may even push them to resign, which will ultimately affect their business operations.

3. Backsliding into Previous Practices

Backsliding into Previous Practices

Once an organization chooses a hybrid work arrangement, it must never make the hybrid work mistake of going back to the normal routine. Few examples of routine work include managing timesheets, asking employees to stay on chairs, following normal 9 am to 5 pm work hours, and more. For this, organizations must train managers and other competent employees. Train them on how to manage the workforce effectively. The senior officers are habitual of managing employees physically. So, they need good training to learn remote management of the workforce.

4. Don’t Follow Lease-Based Rationales

Employees normally sign contracts before joining any office. And these contracts contain various points that employees are bound to follow. Following these lease agreements and forcing employees to occupy offices is a huge hybrid office mistake that organizations make. The main reason behind such rationale is that they associate employee productivity with their physical presence in the office, highlighted above. Besides, the pandemic has changed everything. Now, the situation is more sensitive. And putting your employees’ lives at stake is no solution.

5. Don’t Give Employees Distrusting Messages

Don’t Give Employees

Employers may not directly indicate this hybrid work mistake, but they may give distrusting messages to their employees. Don’t forget that employees have a huge impact on the success of businesses. They can either make a business profitable or a loss. So, employers must respect them and their efforts. For instance, using a return to work strategy. If you use sentences like a return to work, it will send the message that the employees did not work remotely, which puts their morale down.

6. Embracing Right Technology

Using the Right technology while working remotely is highly important and also one of the hybrid work best practices. We won’t be wrong to say that an organization's whole system and operation depends on the right technology in a hybrid work model. And if employers fail to understand its importance, the whole effort will go in vain. Besides, the right hybrid work technology is also vital for managing data, employee communication, and other business-related operations.

7. Don’t Return to Same Meeting and Planning Techniques

Don’t Return to Same Meeting

Before the pandemic, people always used in-person meetings, which the Covid’19 changed. Now the majority of meetings occur online, and the physical presence of members is not necessary for that. Plus, there is a lot of software and technologies to support this practice. So, employers should not make the hybrid work mistake of returning to the same planning and meeting practice. Instead, it is better to keep the current practice of remote meetings going.

8. Keep the Practice Going

Practice can be an effective hybrid work sample for employees. Do not just define hybrid work and then forget it once life gets back to normal. This is a huge hybrid work mistake. Instead, the practice should be ongoing like the hot-desking best practices.

9. Don’t Rush and Plan Well

Don’t Rush and Plan Well

Most employers rush and directly move to the hybrid work model. But this model is not as simple as it sounds. It requires excessive planning and the right strategies; otherwise, it will fail, and employees would not be managed effectively while working remotely. This will affect the operations and profitability of businesses, and you should never commit this hybrid work mistake.

So, while working remotely and maintaining a hybrid work model, make sure to follow the best practices and plan well because if your model is not well-planned, it will show negative results.

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