Top 9 Office Chair With Adjustable Armrests For Office Seating
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Top 9 Office Chair With Adjustable Armrests For Office Seating

|Jul 11, 2021

We’re always taking our office chairs for granted. The reality is that they are essential in keeping our bodies in top shape and in making us more productive. Today, you can easily find several kinds of office chairs for different occupations and with different specifications. The office chair with armrests is popular as it offers you more place to sit in. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best ones.  

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo


Autonomous proudly presents an affordable, quality computer chair with adjustable arms with a solid build. You can choose the frame and upholstery colors. The advantage of Autonomous Chair Ergo is a 50 lbs base that offers great stability even when you lean back. The base is fitted with caster wheels and can support 350 lbs. All parts on this ergonomic office chair with armrests are adjustable for better back support, seat angle, tilt, armrests, and headrests.

Features: 5 lockable, recline positions, flexible lumbar support, mesh backrest, green materials, 2-year warranty

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra


Autonomous offers yet another affordable but very advanced mesh chair. Also known as the Kinn Chair, it has springs under the seat in place or foam or full mesh. This makes the seat lighter for the summer and still gives you support. The unique feature is the fishbone spine design that can adjust to your back movements. This Autonomous Chair Ultra  has the best back support out of all chairs within the price range that keeps your back at 90°.

Features: Thinner set and backrest, tension lever, smooth glide plastic wheels, multi-directional armrests, seat height changing, seat depth changing, recline locks

3. Herman Miller’s Embody Chair


This office chair with armrests is suited for people with persistent pain in the trouble areas: shoulders, neck, and back. The ergonomic office chair comes from one of the most premium brands that offer the best designs. The Embody Chair is the ideal ergonomic office chair with arms as it encourages neutral posture. At the same time, it offers support for working longer hours. The price tag is on the higher side, but they last a long time; they prevent common issues, improve posture, and can be adjusted.      

Features: lumbar support, swiveling, stable base, padded backrest, thicker sliding seat, tilt lock, tilt tension, adjustable seat height, armrests, and headrest.

4. Modway Office Chair


This is an ergonomic lumbar support chair made for drafting that architects will love. Artists, architects often stand while working that can impact their health as sitting does. The Modway ergonomic desk chair with armrests works best when paired with a standing desk or a drafting table. These chairs are easier to adjust when it comes to height, and it supports body weight- legs, back and arms too. They can transition from sitting to standing and can be moved easily with an adjustable height and foot ring.     

Features: Foot rings, no backrest, swivel, height control

5. Gates Executive ergonomic chair

This ergonomic chair with adjustable armrests comes with a plush, comfortable feel with spring memory foam on a steel frame. The backrest is curved for lumbar support and lots of cushioning for a soft feel. The armrests are padded as well and offer maximum comfort. The backrest even has a headrest that is padded too but can’t be adjusted any further. As for the seat, it has springs in them for a better fit.     

Features: waterfall seat edge, wood finish, padded armrests, real leather upholstery, thicker cushions

6. Zuri Rouler Office Chair


This office chair with armrests is a sophisticated option with a full leather covering along with fabric, mesh, and vinyl. Also, it has a design that is made for a designer’s office! The high-back seat has the best lumbar support system we’ve seen to date. The backrest is four round memory foam cushion tubes in place of a full single foam piece. There is a fifth piece that works like a headrest. The full frame is steel with a plastic base and wheels.

Features: height adjustable arms, tilt mechanism, tilt locks

7. Herman Miller Aeron Mesh


Mesh chairs are a perfect fit for the summer but give you the very best in ergonomics. The Aeron Mesh has a waterfall seat edge, lumbar support, and 8 tilt tension limits. You can get this one in three sizes, and all are fitted with the Aeron 8Z Pellicle elastomeric. The tilt of the seat is designed to promote movement based on how your body moves and maintains good posture.     

Features: carpet casters, tilt limiter, tension controls, seat angle adjustment 

8. Steelcase leap chair


An economical option for offices, the Leap Chair has lots of padding but isn’t very thick. You get support without the heat build-up. The seat is free of edges and is flexible, moving with the users. The backrest has nice adjustability, support, and greater movement. It even features recline, five lockable positions, and tension adjustment. Then there are the 4-way armrests, with a soft pad offering you loads of room. The Leap Chair is the only office chair that can support up to 400 lbs. It has all of the ergonomic must-haves: the height-adjustable seat, seat depth changeability, lumbar, etc., except back height adjustment.      

Features: Compact foam padding, carpet casters, customizability, quality plastic build, 400 weight limits   

9. Vera Chiar from Eurotech

Get this office chair with armrests if you need optimal back support, as it has a flexible mesh that readjusts as you move around. At $400, you can get a lot of other things as well. The seat is firm and offers really good support. As for the back, a pronounced curve gives you nice support even without adjustments. The Vera has a nice, streamlined design with all mechanisms blend into the rest of the chair.     

Features: 4 position tilt, seat height, seat depth, synchro-tilt, 4D arms

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