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Top Benefits of Wireless Charger You Should Know
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Top Benefits of Wireless Charger You Should Know

|Jan 5, 2022

With work from home becoming the new norm, most of us realized our homes were not equipped with the right technology to compete with office-level connectivity. We all have had our challenges transitioning to this WFH change from lacking privacy to running for the best Wi-Fi speeds. And no matter how tough it has been, working from home has incomparable benefits.

This is partly why so many organizations are now set to provide the chance to work remotely to their employees. And if we talk about those who work while traveling, they have a whole new set of challenges on their way. But one thing that remains constant is the need to have a suitable connection. Virtual offices, unlike physical offices, are tough to remain connected to, and some of us suffer from poor internet speeds while some lack basic charging whenever there is an important call to take.

This is where the benefit of wireless chargers comes in handy. Wireless charger advantages have made all of us have at least a single backup whenever we lose battery and are near to losing connection. And with the increase of remote work, wireless charging has become common more than ever.

But why is wireless charging better, and why use wireless charging instead of a normal one or even as an alternative to it. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits of a wireless charger and some reasons you should have one.

What is a Wireless Charger?

Wireless charging (also known as inductive charging) is a quick and easy way to charge your phone. Wireless chargers operate through the means of electromagnetic transmission of power between the charging station and the device using electromagnetic fields rather than a cord. It's a tried-and-true concept utilized in wirelessly charged household gadgets like electric toothbrushes for years (recharged via a wireless docking station).

Why is Wireless Charging Better?

If you are always on the go, a wireless charger will be better for you in many ways. Wireless charging functions by keeping your phone, laptop or any device battery-powered for hours and acts as a source of light in times of need. Here are some other detailed benefits of a wireless charger.

No Cable Hassle

No Cable Hassle - benefit of wireless charger

Have you spent hours detangling a cable only to protect your cell phone from dying? We all hate those long cables that are tough to manage and take up a lot of space in the drawer or even your bag. There is no hassle of cable with wireless charging, and who doesn't love that. All you need is to place your phone on the charger or maybe use a few inches long cables (in case of power bank) and get the magic done.


Here is another benefit of wireless chargers you should know. Added convenience is probably the major reason many people opt for a wireless charger instead of a normal one. And modern wireless chargers use the method of electromagnetic waves to charge your phone and deliver it the energy it needs.

Multiple Uses

Multiple Uses - benefit of wireless charger

If you are traveling with a group of friends or maybe a few family members together, keeping too many chargers can be tough. You can use a single charger to power many phones with wireless charging. This is one of the most amazing benefits if your phone is compatible with the wireless charger type.

Durable in the Long Run

The wear and tear on the mobile phone's data interface will be greatly minimized because wireless charging does not require repeated plugging and unplugging of the charging cable.

Simultaneously, the coil for wireless charging of mobile phones is not exposed to the air, reducing oxidation and corrosion of the charging unit. The wired charging is frequently plugged in and out, resulting in wear and tear, and the interface is exposed, making it susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.

Limitations of Wireless Charger

Besides the benefit of wireless chargers, there are also some limitations. Just like any other technology, a wireless charger has its limitations too. You need to know some drawbacks when using or before buying a wireless charger.

No Free Movement

No Free Movement

When you heard the term wireless, did you think of leaving your charger at home and getting a charged phone somewhere else? Well, that's not the case. The wireless charger just doesn't have the cord, but it needs proximity, just like an old-school charger. In the case of a wireless charging pad, you might need to place your phone on the pad at all times.

It Takes More Time

Because Qi charging has less efficiency than cable charging, it takes longer to charge wirelessly with the same amount of power. Wireless charging is said to take 30-80 percent longer than charging with a cable to charge your device fully.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues

Even though the same charging stations may be used for multiple devices, some individuals have had problems. There have been reports of people having issues charging various devices.

There have also been concerns with some cellphones not taking power from the power station due to compatibility issues.

Best Wireless Chargers

Even with the limitations offered by a wireless charger, many people still love this invention of science hence would opt for a wireless charger rather than a cabled one. Here are some of the best wireless chargers you would find today.

1. Oblio Charger by Lexon

Oblio Charger by Lexon

This UV sanitizer and wireless charger are made for the modern world. This beautiful vase-shaped charger not only charges your mobile but disinfects it to provide a germ-free surface.

2. LumiCharge Wireless Charging Dock

LumiCharge Wireless Charging Dock

If you need a wireless charging pad that doesn't limit your movie time, this QI wireless charging pad is the best solution. This 10W charger is fast and durable and guarantees you the best results. The best thing about this charging pad is that it offers universal computability for many phones and tablets.

3. City Energy by Lexon

City Energy by Lexon

This wireless charger with a Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate solution for you. Whether it's a fun movie or a workout session, you cannot compromise using your phone just because it is charging. Available in cool colors, this one is a classy product to grace your workstation.

4. Wireless Power Bank by Lexon

Wireless Power Bank by Lexon

We love this wireless power bank 5000mah from Lexon for various reasons. First, it supports both A-type and C-type cables, making it a favorable device for the entire family. Secondly, the thermal cooling ensures no cable or charging system heats up. Another great thing about this charger is that it will last you for years to come.

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