Top Characteristics Of A Good Meeting You Should Know

Top Characteristics Of A Good Meeting You Should Know

|Dec 5, 2022

The majority of people hate meetings. How come? Ego-inflated staff and managers drone on and on about their accomplishments, boring ideas, dull reports, etc. Attendees have nothing to gain from the meeting and learn how to take good meeting notes. 

Making the most of the opportunity to have a group of people in a room is paramount to facilitating a successful good meeting. There is a need to inform people, but it can be handled swiftly at the beginning. The remaining time can be productively used to solve questions that only the group can address and where all members are needed. Do not have a meeting if that isn't the case. 

One of the top effective meeting guidelines is to first define a meeting before discussing what makes an effective company meeting. An auditorium could host a thousand people in a meeting, or two people could talk in a room. For this reason, so many companies struggle to define or understand how to run a good meeting because any rule can be good in one context and bad in another.

What Makes a Good Meeting

Although it is quite a generalizing statement (and somewhat humorous), it gives you a sense of whether or not you should call a meeting. It is usually done for one of these reasons (which are not exhaustive):

More Efficient

In the same way that you can call someone when you need to discuss or explain some topic extensively, a meeting, especially one that's done over video or in person, can ensure that everything gets across much faster than typing an email and waiting for the other person to reply to it.

More Efficient with good meeting

Group Input Required

It is necessary to hold meetings if certain discussions require group input and if someone else will run everyone's input. Perhaps it would be better to schedule a meeting if the lead wishes to initiate a project, but HR, legal, marketing, PR, etc., need input.

Quicker Response

Meetings will get a quicker response from people; there is no doubt about that. If you contact someone in person (or over video), you will receive an immediate response/answer without much downtime. Ensure that everyone has a comfortable conference room chair and the right computer accessories to participate.

Quicker Response with good meeting

Here Are Some Other Reasons Worth Mentioning

Needs Empathy

Nothing reeks of inhumanity more than words in an email or text when it comes to something that requires the human touch.

Connectivity And Bonding Among Team Members

In any case, it's always advisable to have some in-person meetings from time to time (even if it's not work-related). During the current virus lockdown, mental illness has increased because humans are social animals needing connectivity and interaction.

Achieving The Right Tone And Conveying The Right Emotion

Words can't convey the right emotion/tone that the intent wants. No matter how many emotes you load in the text, seeing and hearing someone else's facial expressions will beat anything else you can do.

Meetings are an integral part of running a business daily. There are times when people from different departments gather to share ideas to solve problems, launch new products, etc., when seated at the same office desk. When meetings are properly conducted with effective business communication, they can potentially be very beneficial but can also be time-consuming and ineffective.

Achieving The Right Tone And Conveying The Right Emotion

We Must Keep The Show Going

Whether or not people are present, meetings should start at the scheduled times. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Additionally, it is important to inform people about the purpose of the meeting so they can prepare in advance and brainstorm ideas.

Make Sure You Are On Time

The importance of being on time for scheduled meetings cannot be overstated. Being late is disrespectful to everyone who cleared their schedules to attend. Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare your things for the meeting if you have a habit of arriving late.

List Your Items

You can reduce the time wasted on irrelevant topics by listing things that must be covered in the allotted time. Also, make it a point to know how to take good meeting minutes.

List Your Items

Make Sure You Stay On Topic

In order to keep the meeting on track, it is important to provide relevant information. It is easy to get bored and dragged out during long meetings. Could you keep it simple and straight to the point?

Conclude When It's Time

Before moving on to secondary topics, discuss the most important topics for the meeting before it ends. If something needs to be addressed via email later, do so. Ending the meeting on time or allowing a reasonable amount of time is just as important as starting on time. Why? Because it shows respect to everyone by allowing them to return to their schedules.

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A Professional Meeting Space

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