Top Modern Armless Office Chairs for You
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Top Modern Armless Office Chairs for You

|Nov 8, 2018

What is it with armless office chairs? Why do they still exist? These are the kind of questions that would probably come to the mind of people who come across the seeing an armless chair. Or it could be due to the frequent questions on the internet. Which is usually in the form of a catchy topic which says “which is better, chairs with armrest or chairs without”.

If this question was given to the public to answer, the early answers would be chairs with armrest. Even readers of these post are likely to the chairs with armrest. Yes, it obvious that the chairs with armrest are the best options since they have extra features which are the armrests. But it is discovered that there are a large group of people who think office chairs without armrests are better.

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These people will obviously have a reason for their choices. Chairs with armrest beat the armless chairs. In a certain aspect, although there are aspects that in which the armless chair rules over the chairs with armrest. It could be in terms of affordability, freedom of space and so on. 

Blog with the questions that say which is better? Will always give you a relative answer like this one. Not everyone prefers office chairs with armrests; they may think it’s too restrictive. Also, not everybody thinks chairs without armrest are the best either; they may think it’s not enough to keep one comfortable.

The reason why people would prefer an armless office chair is because of the benefits. If it were not benefiting anyone the design would not be popular in the market.

Benefits of using an armless office chair

In the workplace, if a consensus which is the best office chair, armed or armless, most of the employees would say armed.  After all, it is the norm. And there are more parts in an armed chair than in an armless one.

But still, the armless chairs are still preferred by large groups of people in the community. The reason why armless chairs are so relevant is due to a certain reason and that is the benefit of using them. Here are the benefit or reasons why armless chairs are preferable:

Better convenience and space

Not every type of chair is compatible with one’s desk. This is an advantage for the armless over the armed office chairs. The reason is that the arm arch on an armed chair could be too high for the desk. Even if the armrest is adjustable, one will still have to go through the stress of adjusting the armrest before sliding the chair into the desk.

If the desk has a tray for its keyboard the armed chair’s arm arch would end up bumping straight into it. This could end up with both the armrest of the chairs and the keyboard tray being damaged.  There are also some cases where it is hard to turn, reach or stand due to the armed chair’s arm arch.

Making use of an armless chair is a solution to all these problems mentioned earlier. There is freedom of movement, it more versatile in use and it is compatible with all desk chairs. There are no worries of the arm arch when shopping for a new office chair to go with your ergonomic desk. 

Better ergonomics

It is possible to get bad postures from armed chairs if the design doesn’t favor the user. Here is a scenario – if the keyboard is directly on the ergonomic desk on would need the armrest to place his or her elbows. At this point the shoulder is relaxed.

But if the keyboard were to be on a tray, using the armrest will force the user’s arms and shoulders to an uncomfortable position. Where the muscles in the arms and shoulders are strained. If this position is kept for a very long time it will lead to stiffening of those muscles. 

The armrest can also cause the user to eventually lean toward one side of the two armrests. If the user were to remain in such a problem for long hours it could lead to problems. They include soreness of the muscles, stiffness, back tightness and headaches.  

It is affordable

This is one of the greatest benefits of buying an armless chair. And it’s because chairs are less expensive than armed ones. The reason why it’s so cheap is due to the armed chairs having more parts than the armless one. 

And also because the cost of production of armed chairs is expensive. Companies that are looking to save money or are on a low budge preferably buy or produce office chairs without armrests. It will save companies a lot of money in the long run. 

It is usual for armed chairs to lose the armed arch, well not for the armless chairs. There is no need to work about much cost for repairs because there is no armed arch to break off.

Recommended armless office chairs for you

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1. Autonomous Ergo stool - $89

This furniture neither has armrests nor a backrest like a normal ergonomic office chair. But that does not keep the stool from having ergonomic features. One can still keep a good posture with this stool. it can also keep one stable as the move while sitting.

Here is how it works, the user can build up hos core and back if he/she sits up straight and maybe wobble a bit while they sit. This way of sitting is dynamic and it helps to emulate the user’s continuous change in posture as he/she stands. And it will lead to a natural toning of the user’s muscles.

The stool goes hand-in-hand with a standing desk. It makes long hours of using a standing desk blissful. This means that users of a standing desk can have a break with the Ergo stool.

2. Harwick contoured counter Height Bank Teiler Chair - $179

This ergonomic armless chair possesses fabric upholstery that has over 3 inch of thick foam that contains cushions. For more ensured comfort, there is ergonomically contoured on the seat pan and the backrest. One is sure to remain comfortable for long hours of the day with no problem.

The chair also possesses features like adjustability. There is a detachable and adjustable armrest, in case you feel like using one. For the seat height, it is adjustable with a one-touch adjustment. Also, both the back height and back angle are adjustable just so that the user will find that perfect recline position.

There is a 19” foot ring coupled with a heavy-duty high-quality nylon base. For easy movement around the room, the chair makes use of dual wheel casters.

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3. Safco 500lbs heavy duty office chair - $138.56

Such office chairs are indeed heavy duty and it’s because of its ability to carry person no more than 500lbs. They use that feature to support big and tall users. It helps them to multi-shift the intensive use of their environment. Like the rest on this post, it possesses detachable and adjustable armrest in case the user changes his/her mind.

 There is also a cylinder which is detachable. It is used to lower the height of a seat by 2.5” in case the users are short.

4. OFM Anti-Microbial Vinyl 24 hour chair - $224

This armless office chair possesses a special feature and that is its ability to last for a whole 24hours. And the reason is due to its comfortable ergonomic contoured, padded foam seat and a great backrest cushion to relax the upper back.

Like any other chairs on this post, there are adjustable parts. They include a one-touch back adjustment, a pneumatic seat height adjustment. There is also a tilt with adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock.

The anti-microbial vinyl upholstery is quite easy to clean. For easy and flexible movement about one’s environment is due to the OFM Anti-Microbial Vinyl chair’s dual wheel with carpet casters.

The chair is certified by ANSI or BIPMA. It passed their safety standards.

5. Safco VUE 24/7 Heavy duty drafting tool - $318

This one of the best-selling armless chair of its category. It has a rugged design that enables the chair to withstand hard environmental conditions. It is able to support a weight of no more than 350lbs, this feature is why it is named heavy duty.

The material used in the upholstery mesh which is very breathable. It offers the users great support and that ergonomic shaping with the back. As one uses the chair over time they will be able to get a good posture.

The chair is quite adjustable with its reinforced mechanism of the back tilt and the lock. Also, there is the adjustable backrest and seat height from the floor. A detachable and adjustable armrest is available in case the users wish to use an armed chair.

There is a special swivel tilt mechanism. It adjusts the tilt tension that accommodates different sizes of users with no problem.

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6. Safco Vue Mesh Back Big and Tall office chair - $276.32

This is one of Safco best armless office chairs. It is able to support a weight of up to 500lbs for 24/7. It possesses some features like it meshes upholstery and meshes back. Which provides great support for the back and the ergonomic shaping of the user’s spine. In terms of breathability, the mesh used on the chair keep the users cool and dry.

When it comes to adjustability the chair is on the right track. Both the back and the seat pan’s height from the ground is adjustable. Also, the detachable armrest is present and adjustable. So this way users can comfort their arms and shoulders. There is a swivel which allows the user to rotate him/her on the chair in 360 degrees. There is a posture lock to keep the user intact while spinning. 

What should you consider when buying an ergonomic chair in general?

High-quality office chairs are bought for mainly two reasons. They are for comfort and health. It may lead to other reasons but it all depends on where it is being used. If the location is an office space then the reasons for buying an office chair increase to three and the added reason is for productivity.

So now there are three main reasons why they are bought. There are certain functions you could look at instead of the ones that are replaceable. Here they are:


The more adjustable a chair, the more comfortable it is likely to be. This is due to the ability of the users to determine how he/she wish to seat. There are so many sitting positions to choose from. When buying make sure to check out how many parts are adjustable and then give it a test run.

Lumber support

A chair with a good lumbar support is sure to improve your health by prevention back pains, back sicknesses, and bad posture. It is best if the lumbar support is also adjustable so the user will be able to put the lumbar support in the right place. In case the user could be tall or short.


This part of the chair is what makes the user mobile. It allows him/her to sync with the workspace and it improve user’s productivity.

Swivel base

This part goes hand-in-hand with the wheels. It carries the full weight of the user as he/she rolls around the workplace.  This helps to reduce muscular fatigue in the legs and it prevents the users from falling.

Mesh material

Mesh is one of the best materials on the market. The reason is due to its breathability, smoothness, and softness. It helps to improve the comfort of an ergonomic office chair.


Armless office chairs aren’t a bad or low quality. They have benefits which are enjoyed by a large number of people. There are several armless chairs to choose from in the post. Lastly, there is a small list of what to consider when buying an office chair in general. It applies to both armed and armless chairs.

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