Top Movable Computer Desks for Ergonomic Office
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Top Movable Computer Desks for Ergonomic Office

|May 9, 2022

An office worker from two to three decades ago would be amazed at the flexibility and comfort offered by modern workplaces. It is a fact that modern work settings are focused on employee wellness and comfort, both in physical and mental terms, in a way greater than we have ever seen. This is why the concept of a modern work setting is blooming with productivity and giving rise to happier employees hence more productive employees.

While several factors affect the satisfaction level of employees in a workplace, there is a combination of physical and mental factors, with physical factors being the office design, layout, and office furniture. Office furniture has the biggest role to play in an employee's wellness, and that is where a movable computer desk comes in handy particularly.

Yes, a portable computer cart desk on wheels might be a new concept, but in places with a lot of mobility involved, these desks are the best way to reduce downtime and make up for essential office furniture. Hence amongst many furniture solutions for the workplace, you will find a movable computer workstation ranked higher.

Top Portable Computer Table on Wheels

Below are our best picks for a movable office desk.

1. Height Adjustable Rolling Desk by Mount-It!

Height Adjustable Rolling Desk by Mount-It!

The Mount-It! adjustable height desk is a large platform with movable wheel casters on the base. The height-adjustable rolling stand-up desk has two platforms where one can be used for the screen and the other for the keyboard and similar accessories. The desk is an ergonomic work desk because it supports an upright standing posture while working.

The Mount-It! movable computer desk also comes with storage shelves which can be moved up and down based on height requirements. It supports a dual monitor setting with up to 40 inches wide screens. The height range is up to 20 inches, making it a rolling desk suitable for diverse groups of people.

2. Mobile Standing Desk

Mobile Standing Desk movable computer desk

Have you ever struggled with a lack of space for your keyboard and other accessories? Then this mobile standing desk with a retractable keyboard fits most of the spaces and provides you with the proper work setting. Other than a separate keyboard tray, there are also many other things we love in this portable workstation.

For starters, it has a weight capacity suitable for a tiny screen or a laptop setup. The desk comes with a ten-year warranty which is proof of its durability. The range of 35 inches to 50 inches makes it suitable for medium-sized to taller crowds.

3. Mount-It! Rolling Workstation

Mount-It! Rolling Workstation movable computer desk

If you are a fan of compact work desks that you can place anywhere in the home or even an office space, this rolling computer workstation by mount is your safest pick. It isn't just a desk but an entire workstation with the most space-efficient design.

The rolling desk has a total weight capacity of 130 pounds making up for 33 pounds each shelf hence suitable for a small to medium-sized work setup. The rolling workstation is available in two pretty professional colors, black, and silver, so you can find something that matches every taste.

4. Lifetime Foldable Table

A table that can fit right beside your bed or even a little free space around the living room. This lifetime foldable table ensures resiliency, comfort, and productivity at another level because it allows you to work from anywhere. Hence, you can prevent yourself from slouching or shrugging while working.

The plastic surface is easier to clean and maintain, and the foldable legs form an X, making them sturdy while working. Other than working as a workstation, the desk can also be used as a decoration furniture piece for the home.

5. Kavalan Laptop Stand

Kavalan Laptop Stand movable computer desk

Who says you cannot work on the go because the Kavalan movable computer desk makes working a breeze regardless of the place or whether you are traveling. The desk is a perfectly engineered solution, which is a limitation one might face with a laptop desk.

Basic laptop desks are frequently criticized for allowing your laptop, tablet, or mouse to slide into your lap as you move. However, thanks to the built-in bumpers for your laptop and mouse, the Kavalan Portable Laptop Desk Stand is the ideal answer. We appreciate that this model comes in three colors, giving you the benefit of choice.

6. Green Forest Folding Desk

With green forest making the best corner desks and large rectangle desks, they have also contributed to movable office furniture. The green forest foldable desk is one of the most professional work desks on our list. The movable computer desk has a two-tiered design for your desktop and keyboard, while the top shelf acts as a small storage section.

You will love the wooden finish paired with steel frame legs which gives both looks and aesthetics. The desk can be folded and flattened to slide under the bed and then open to work when needed.

7. Seville Compact Desk

Seville Compact Desk

Nothing beats a desk on wheels if you're looking for a portable desk. The Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk Cart is ideal for anyone with a tiny workspace that can be transported effortlessly from one room to another. We like that this is the only desk in our review that has castors, two of which can be locked for extra stability.

8. Redcap Folding Table

This movable computer desk is 24 inches wide and 16 inches deep when fully completed, yet it folds down to a considerably smaller size. The adjustable feet on this lightweight table allow it to be adjusted to three different heights up to two feet tall. This portable desk's setup and teardown are very simple, contributing to its travel-friendly nature. Place the greatest paper shredders next to it and get some good work done.


While decorating or building an office setup, going for various DIY office desk ideas, it is important to keep in mind the furniture you are opting for must suit your needs and suffice your work requirement.

A portable computer desk might not be the best pick for all workplaces because it doesn't look as pleasing as a large professional desk. Still, a movable desk is a great solution for places such as hospitals, industry jobs, and marketing, and where there is a lot of interaction involved.

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