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Top Office Furniture Set for Home & Company with Discount Price

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Are you searching for the best office furniture set for your company’s workstation? Or are you looking for home office furniture to create a comfortable work zone at home? Regardless of the reason, finding the best option requires you to consider your unique needs. 

This article provides you with a few tips to guide you in the correct direction. It also provides you with a selection of some of the top discounted office furniture collections you can find. Check it out if you want to maximize productivity and get the most value out of your budget. 

Things to Consider When Buying Office Furniture

Things to Consider When Buying Office Furniture

There are several things you have to keep in mind whenever you’re browsing office furniture. It isn’t as easy as browsing online and purchasing the first option that draws your attention. Things such as space, functionality, storage, and style all matter.

One of the first things you should do is measure your office space, considering you’re getting multiple pieces at once. It can be significantly frustrating to find that your furniture doesn’t fit your workspace when it arrives, so take note of the square footage you have available. 

It’s also vital to choose an office furniture bundle that provides you with the basics. For example, if you do plenty of paperwork, picking a set that comes with several drawers is a good idea. 

However, if you mostly do computer work, space may not be too necessary. You might be better off picking a standing desk and some of the best chairs for back pain if you work long periods. It’s a good idea to check a nearby furniture liquidator or an online website for excellent wholesale office chairs.

While keeping the office furniture bundle functionality in mind, choose an option that best reflects either your company or home space. If you have your own office at your workplace, an elegant, regal executive desk wouldn’t be a bad idea. Contemporary furniture is an excellent, trendy choice nowadays as well. 

Thinking about your immediate needs can be easy, but remember to consider what your future necessities might be. For example, if you believe that you might need a bit more space in the future, consider adding an extra file drawer to your bundle. This way, you can avoid additional expenses. 

Top Office Furniture Sets with Discount Prices


Here are a couple of wholesale office furniture sets in a variety of styles and finishes. It includes some contemporary bundles as well as some elegant classical ones. Check them out and see which option suits your creative workspace the best. 

1. Autonomous SmartDesk and ErgoChair Bundle

Autonomous SmartDesk and ErgoChair Bundle 1

This office furniture set includes the ErgoChair Pro and the SmartDesk Core. The chair is fully adjustable, breathable, and supportive. It has every feature you may look for in an ergonomic chair. 

One of the most remarkable characteristics is its stabilizing backrest. It has an adjustable tension mechanism and a 22º recline that’s lockable in five different positions, each of them designed to support your back correctly. Moreover, the back and seat move in a two-to-one ratio, so you can recline without putting pressure on your lower back, thighs, and legs. 

It has a height-adjustable headrest with 45º of flexibility, allowing you to put it in the most comfortable position. Additionally, its waterfall seat pan with 10º of tilt improves your circulation and strengthens your core. 

The desk doesn’t fall behind by any means. It also has several features that can improve productivity and well-being. The SmartDesk has a vast 29.4” to 48” height range, making it ideal for any body type, especially when paired with the ErgoChair Pro. It has a simple controller with four configurable presets that let you switch positions quickly as well.

Autonomous SmartDesk and ErgoChair Bundle 2

The SmartDesk has robust two-stage lifting columns and an industrial-grade frame that can lift 300 lbs with ease. It has two surface sizes available, but both are more than enough to accommodate your belongings unless you do plenty of paperwork. 

This office furniture bundle is excellent if you want to give your workstation a modern look. Both the chair and the desk come at a discounted price if you order them together, and you can further lower it by using an Autonomous promo code. Furthermore, if you want to place a bulk office desk and chair order, you can enjoy better prices on Autonomous’ entire product range, including its L-shaped standing desk, desk accessories, and more.                                                         

2. Flash Furniture Wide Height-Adjustable Desk with Ergonomic Chair

The home office furniture bundle from Flash Furniture includes a mid-back black executive office chair and a 48” wide, black height-adjustable standing desk. These ergonomic items make for a better work environment and a more stylish office. 

This Flash Furniture chair has pretty comfortable padded armrests. Moreover, its tilt-lock mechanism offers excellent reclining motion. It’s great if you ever want to take a quick break from your job and relax a bit. Finally, the chair has a waterfall front seat that reduces pressure build-up from your lower legs and improves circulation. 

Flash Furniture Wide Height-Adjustable Desk

The desk from this office furniture bundle has a programmable controller with four buttons that let you save height presets. This sturdy steel frame can support 200 lbs of static weight and has ample surface for your display monitors. Moreover, it comes with a built-in cable management grommet. 

Assembling this set shouldn’t take more than an hour. However, the desk components ship in two boxes and may arrive separately. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an incredibly affordable office furniture set, you can’t go wrong with this $480.99 bundle from Flash Furniture. 

3. 17 Stories Hanska L-Shape Desk with Chair Set

This office furniture bundle is perfect for those who have fashionable tastes. It includes an adjustable chair and an L-shaped desk made of manufactured wood at a significantly affordable price of $269.99 with a 10% discount.

The chair from this collection has a high-density foam seat with a full mesh fabric that keeps your body fresh throughout the entire workday. Its plastic backrest isn’t too unique, but it gets the job done.

17 Stories Hanska L-Shape Desk with Chair Set

On the other hand, the desk in this office furniture collection is what makes this affordable office furniture bundle shine. It isn’t height-adjustable, but it makes up for it by offering many comfortable features. It has a multi-pocket hanging organizer and two shelves that make it easy to keep your desk neat. Of course, its large surface is already spacious enough to accommodate most of your belongings and more. 

4. Branch Furniture Ergonomic Package

This package from Branch Furniture combines modern design and ergonomics, improving your health and productivity while working. It includes an ergonomic chair with premium support and a 48” wide standing desk. You can also opt for an executive 60” wide desk. 

The Branch ergonomic chair in the office furniture set provides commercial-grade ergonomics. Its 3D armrests, synchronous tilt, and adjustable lumbar support provide intuitive alignment and stabilization. The chair’s high-density contoured foam cushion has a double-layered mesh weave that eliminates pressure while remaining highly breathable. Additionally, the seat has a 20º tilt range.

Branch Furniture Ergonomic Package

The standing desk lets you improve your productivity by making your workday as dynamic as possible. Remember that reducing your sedentary work has many benefits, and one of them is improving your blood circulation. The Branch standing desk has tapered, adjustable feet that give it stability on any surface. Furthermore, its quick and quiet three-stage columns let you shift positions seamlessly. 

This desk has a four-button intelligent controller that allows you to adjust its height in centimeters and an integrated cable port to keep everything tidy. Finally, It has an impact and stain-resistant surface with two finishes available: woodgrain and white. You can get this excellent office furniture bundle for $970 at a 5% discount on every part. 

5. Hekman Old World Walnut Executive Desk Office Furniture Bundle

If you’re looking for a genuinely regal office furniture set, the Hekman Old World Executive Desk bundle is for you. This is one of the interesting office furniture collections. It costs an astonishing $7997.00 at a 33.3% discount and includes the desk, a wood frame chair with a black finish, and a lateral file drawer.

Goodwin 3-Piece Rectangular Standing Desk Office Set

The desk has an old-world walnut finish and a wood inlay top in multiple panels. It features a wire management system, a secretarial pullout work table top, and a secret compartment with a touchmatic door. Additionally, it has seven metal sliding drawers, including four box ones and a drop-front center one with a wrist rest and keyboard pullout. Each pedestal also includes a pullout writing surface. 

The bundle’s chair features genuine leather with a brass nailhead trim, and its five-point wood casters offer great mobility. Of course, it has a synchro-tilt and pneumatic lift mechanism. 

6. Goodwin 3-Piece Rectangular Standing Desk Office Set

This modern office furniture bundle comes with every essential. The included filing cabinet, chair, and desk have sturdy construction and user-friendly features. These furniture pieces combine metal and wood, creating an alluring design that inspires and fits any place imaginable. 

This laminate wide desktop’s height goes from 27.5” to 47”. Additionally, it’s available in multiple finishes: charcoal, mahogany, and walnut. Its impact-resistant edge banding can handle a significant amount of damage, protecting your desk throughout the years in even the busiest office environments.

The metal sled legs give it a 250 lbs weight capacity, so you can work while keeping your office supplies within arms reach. Of course, the additional two-drawer filing cabinet significantly helps you in that regard as well. The bottom file drawer accepts A4, letter, and legal-size paperwork. Meanwhile, the other box container lets you store miscellaneous items. 

The office furniture collections’ chair delivers all the support and comfort you need to maintain a good, productive working environment. It features an ergonomic design with light mesh upholstery that offers a full range of motion for multitasking. You can adjust the seat height, tilt tension, and armrest height to your preferences. 

There are two desk sizes in this office furniture set: 48” and 60”. The 48” desk costs $873.32 at a 7% discount. Meanwhile, the 60” option is available for $923.32 at an 8% discount. All wood finishes cost the same. 

7. Herman Miller Sayl Chair and Nevi Sit-to-Stand Desk Office Furniture Bundle

If you want to work as efficiently as possible, consider getting the Sayl chair and Nevi sit-to-stand office furniture bundle. These items let you maintain a natural posture without building up fatigue.

Goodwin 3-Piece Rectangular Standing Desk Office Set

Sayl’s innovative design inspired by suspension bridges provides healthy back support at an exceptional value. Its 3D intelligent backrest lets you stretch and move. Moreover, each elastomer stand varies in thickness and tension, offering superb support in your spine’s transition areas. The chair comes in fog studio white with height-adjustable arms, carpet casters, and a fixed seat. 

The efficiently designed Nevi sit-to-stand has a one-touch electric operation that lets you change postures quickly. It also has hidden cable management below the work surface, allowing you to keep your desk clutter-free. This desk has a 28.5” to 47.25” standard height range, a 48” tabletop, and comes in white. 

This office furniture set costs $1440.75 at a 15% discount. Each item is built to order, so it often takes quite a while before it arrives. Nonetheless, waiting is more than worth it as this contemporary office furniture goes well with any aesthetic.

8. Inbox Zero Reversible H-Shape Desk and Chair Set

If you’re looking for home office furniture that’s perfect for all occasions, this set might be up your alley. It fits most aesthetics, allowing you to place it anywhere you want, including your workplace, home office, or dorm.

Inbox Zero Reversible H-Shape Desk and Chair Set

The H-shape desk provides plenty of storage for most equipment, office supplies, and electronics. Of course, it also supports your arms and wrists in tandem with the chair while working. Its four shelves solve any future problems you might have with space, and you can place them on either side of the desk. 

The swiveling chair in this office furniture set is quite comfortable. It has a breathable, high-density foam seat upholstered in mesh fabric. The backrest is just plastic, but it works well enough with the other furniture. You can adjust its height and tilt. Overall, it’s another exceptionally affordable set at $216.99 with a 24% discount. 

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to find the most suitable office furniture set for your home or company. Even if many of them offer discounted prices, jumping at the first good deal you see isn’t a good idea. Check which furniture pieces every bundle offers, their style, and remember to keep your budget in mind. This article lists some excellent options, but it’s up to you to decide whether it fits your workspace.

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