Top Swivel Chairs with Footstool for Your Office
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Top Swivel Chairs with Footstool for Your Office

|Jan 17, 2022

Office chairs aren't just a seat and back that stands on four legs and is heavy. Modern ergonomic office chairs come in all shapes, sizes and types. They offer different features and help negate all the negative impacts of sitting, which has damaged our health and posture over the years. From a reclining ergonomic chair to an office chair with leg rest, many tiny features can set a whole product ideal for daily work during long hours.

In this article, an office swivel chair with footstool will be given due attention and highlighted why a swivel chair with a matching footstool could be the next best decision you make for your workplace.

Pros and Cons of Swivel Chairs with Footrests

Pros and Cons of Swivel Chairs with Footrests

An ergonomic swivel chair offers many benefits over a simple office chair. The number one advantage of an office swivel chair with legs is that it provides improved mobility, an efficiency booster in the workplace. Below are some other benefits of using swivel chairs and ottoman in your workplace. 

Better Productivity

The mobility option is a serious booster of productivity. Especially for people who are multi-tasking or have to use various items at once, the swivel chair eliminates the need to get up every once in a while, and you can easily turn or tilt to grab what you need. So with a swivel chair, you can access the shelves in your desk, reach the farther corner of the table or even pick something you drop under the desk while working. Thanks to the chair tilt mechanism, a swivel chair also helps you turn for a quick chat with your colleague.


These chairs are usually built to be lightweight because they must move about quickly. As a result, you don't need to be a weightlifter if you need to transport your chair from one office to another or throughout your home! A swivel chair's versatility allows it to be used by anyone in almost any room arrangement.

Good for Posture

swivel chair with footstool is Good for Posture

Just like a reclining office chair with a footrest, a swivel chair with footrests also offer a better posture. Especially for shorter people, not placing their feet on the ground makes them feel uneasy and sit cross-legged, which is not an ergonomic posture. This position can be harmful, especially if practiced all day. The presence of a footrest on a swivel chair eliminates the issue of a twist or pressure on any body part.

Fixes your Posture

When it comes to the best sitting position for knee pain, the user should have the chance to fix their posture as they like. This means that there should be no unnecessary strain on any body part. Thankfully with the help of a swivel chair that also has a footrest, you can adjust the seating position however it is comfortable for you.



Swivel chairs are quite pleasant since they allow more movement rather than forcing you to twist awkwardly while seated. This type of chair will relieve any pressure on your lower back if you have lower back pain and need to move around while sitting. You can move your baby about gently with minimal disruption if you're a nursing mother. A swivel chair with footrest also occupies more space than a common office chair.


Since a swivel chair with footstool are two pieces of modern office furniture combined to give an overall experience, the space utilized will likely be more. With a swivel chair, the chair has to move and has to have a tilt mechanism; hence the space occupied is much more. Such chairs are a disadvantage as people with tiny home offices, or limited space cannot use or buy a swivel chair.

Best Swivel Chair with Footrests for Office Uses

Choosing an office chair is hard enough already, and when it comes to additional features like footrests, the choice becomes even tougher. Here are some of our best-rated and renowned swivel chairs with footrests in the market.

1. ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline swivel chair with footstool

ErgoChair Recline is a modern yet professional chair that doesn't cause you trouble of huge size. This office chair offers you numerous features that will not only correct your entire posture but also offer full-body support. With an active recline, you can get a comfortable, supportive seat with an even more relaxing footrest. The height adjustability ensures this chair works for various people.

2. Hbada Swivel Chair with Footrest

The extensive and comfortable lumbar support is the noteworthy feature of this Hbada ergonomic chair. The seat offers superior quality breathability and keeps you cool during hot weather. Moreover, the seat tilt allows you to sit at various angles making this chair ideal for many applications.

3. Duramont Ergonomic Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Chair

The Duramont heavy-duty, ergonomic swivel chair with footstool provides the right level of royal and regal look that your office space needs. These chairs are made with high-quality design and fabric. The construction consists of some tiny details which make the Duramont chairs one of a kind. A unique feature of these chairs is the comfortable tilt that takes you back to even sneak in a quick nap while working.

4. Free Ergonomic Chair

The Free scores well in terms of comfort and ergonomics, especially considering its price range. The chair provides enough body support from head to toe. The backrest can recline to a sleeping 180-degree position, and the footrest, albeit constructed of plastic, will help support your legs at a highly reclined posture. And a plus point is you get a pretty design that will compliment most workspaces.

5. SIHOO Office Chair

SIHOO swivel chair with footstool

The SIHOO Ergonomics office chair is designed using a digital human dynamic model. The human spine and the ridge backrest are identical. You can rest assured that the proximity of these two elements aids in the release of spinal pressure.

This swivel chair with footstool will surely make you feel at ease as you go about your everyday tasks. Moreover, the lumbar pillow is great support for the curvature of your spine and keeps your neck in the ideal ergonomic position.

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