Should You Transition to An Open Office Environment?
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Should You Transition to An Open Office Environment?

|Jul 20, 2022

The materials put into your office space play a significant role in creating a comfortable & productive work environment: infrastructure, décor, furniture, and utilities. When we talk about a healthy environment, not only the material resources but also the human resources are important. It is essential to make your office a comfortable, welcoming place for your employees to maximize their performance. This is because your office's design directly influences your human resource performance. Then how do you ensure that you do not build a castle to keep motivation away but a castle of inspiration in your open office environment?

What is an Open Office Environment?

What is an Open Office Environment?

The transition to a more community-oriented working environment or open office productivity can be confusing, especially if your business is contemplating it. An open office layout emphasizes collaboration over segregated offices, promoting a community-like work environment. Communication, culture, and trust are all fostered through this egalitarian concept.

So, in that sense, what is an open office environment? There are typically several clusters of desks, workstations, or motorized standing desk and office chair neighborhoods assembled in a central area to facilitate communication among all employees. Open-concept floor plans were developed as early as the 1950s, despite their prominence in the modern office environment. Once upon a time, open office space design was the layout of choice for large groups of typists and technicians performing repetitive work.

Departments and offices became more essential as the workforce became more specialized and segmented over time. Buildings began to be constructed to separate different parts of the company. The early 1990s saw businesses being separated into silos to manage their day-to-day operations better.

Pros and Cons of an Open Office

Pros and Cons of an Open Office

Due to the accelerated workplace evolution over the years, traditional office setups have been transformed into an open modern office design. Inspiring workspaces reflect the flexible and forward-thinking nature of the organization and, at the same time, foster a culture of teamwork. Working spaces have eliminated hierarchical barriers that existed for a long time by doing away with cubicles or divided workstations. This has some advantages and some disadvantages in working in an open office environment.

Pros of an Open Office

There is a breakdown of communication barriers

It is almost seamless to exchange creative ideas when professionals from diverse backgrounds work together. When making important business decisions, they can benefit from brainstorming together and taking feedback in real-time.

Collective growth comes from flexibility

You will most likely feel intimidated if you walk into a room filled with cubicles and enclosed cabins. An open-plan office allows workers to move around easily, catch up with colleagues, or have stimulating conversations over coffee. In addition, many different spaces are available - some encourage interaction, others offer quiet spaces to focus on work.


Even though open office layouts began as a trend, their power to endure is undeniable. Considering the number of companies that have switched to open offices, businesses stuck in the cubicle age may appear outdated. Your open office environment positively impacts clients, fellow business owners, and vendors.

Cons of an Open Office

Concentration is disrupted by high noise levels

An open-plan office can sometimes be too noisy and distracting, particularly when trying to finish a project.

A breach of privacy might occur

As a result of sharing a space with many co-workers, there are times when you may not feel like you have privacy. A brief moment of solitude or private conversation can sometimes be difficult under these circumstances.

Tips for Working in an Open Office Environment

Tips for Working in an Open Office Environment

Reduce distractions

Since everyone needs to work, you should avoid creating things that could distract those in the modern office design space—using headphones only for music, videos, and podcasts, taking phone conversations to another space, and avoiding loud conversations in public areas.

Be respectful of everyone's need to work

You should respect everyone's work and pay attention to their needs. To do this, do not interrupt someone while they are busy working. Before interrupting someone, ask their permission first. Designate an open officer who can oversee the rules being followed.

Organize Your Workspace

Organize Your Workspace

As opposed to a traditional office, an open office puts your desk directly in sight of your colleagues. A mess on a desk can easily spill over into another person's workspace. Maintain a tidy desk with only items on your desk and keep your work area tidy.

A designated area for team meetings

You should be aware that meetings can distract others if you have them planned. Meetings should be held in a separate area rather than an open space, such as a conference room or social area.

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