2024 Trend: The Home Office Pod – Get it Now!
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2024 Trend: The Home Office Pod – Get it Now!

|Nov 16, 2021

Millions of employees worked from home last year while offices throughout the Country were closed for national lockdown. And although humans approach 2022, it appears that 'work from home' will continue to be prevalent. Therefore it's important to spend time upgrading your workstation. Buying work pods for home are the best option a home-based worker can choose throughout this era of working remotely.

Employees and businesses alike are rethinking their office layouts as a result of the pandemic. Even though many offices implemented temporary health and safety measures, substantial long-term improvements would persist even after the pandemic concerns faded. People alter their minds on office safety and sanitation over a year of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and social distancing.

People who worked from home needed a less comfy space (such as a bedside table) and more office-like. As a result, office layouts can foster healthy habits and make employees feel more at ease while returning from working remotely.

Why Are Home Office Pods A Trend?

Why Are Home Office Pods A Trend

There are several reasons why home office pods have become a trend this year. Especially when we talk about being at ease while working from home and also avoiding any distractions. Let's look at a few below: 

Flexible And Designated Workspace

For many, working from home has entailed cramming into the corners of the kitchen counter or the lounge room or bedrooms, compromising quality and performance. It's critical to find exclusion now that the 9-5 is in the same venues where we spend our evenings. A home office pod can become a divider for your family and your workplace.

Promotes Privacy

work pods for home Promotes Privacy

The work from home pod catches and soaks all sound in your environment, allowing you to stay focused on your job. The soundproof work pod begins by providing privacy, which is essential in a productive, flourishing workplace. Many of the key duties of an office require privacy. You can also invest in outdoor workpods for home so that you can work surrounded by nature as a backyard home office pod.

Promotes Productivity Improvements

Dedicating a quiet room to work has been shown to boost workplace productivity significantly. According to studies, almost 30% of virtual employees' time is wasted due to distractions at home. It costs businesses money. A home-based work pod will be a space dedicated to your work. That could help boost your productivity.

A home office pod allows for flexible working conditions, with employees working from home and creating their schedules. According to research, this type of arrangement is preferred by 48 percent of workers. Employees can choose to work in a blended environment; they are not required to. In comparison to kitchen counter tables, pods have a much more adaptable workstation in the home. You can buy work pods for home online or from your nearest home store. It would be best to invest in a home office pod outdoor or a backyard home office pod.

List of Work from Home Office Pods

We've been working from home for about a year, and while we've become used to it, it may be tedious at times. As a result, we've compiled a list of intriguing, highly functional, and productivity-boosting designs of work pods for home that guarantee to be the finest remote work investments in 2022!

1. Autonomous Work Pods

autonomous work pods for home

In an Autonomous work pod, you'll be able to hear yourself think and nothing else in a soundproof home office pod! It has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that save you from feeling claustrophobic. Setting up a workstation at the office is simple! It takes a couple of enjoyable hours to put up. There's no need to employ contractors and wait months for an expansion to be completed. This is one of the perfect work pods for home.

2. Zen Work Pods

Zen work pods for home

The Zen Work Pod resulted from the company's furniture design mission combined with an urgent need. It offers backyard construction stands in strong contrast to the existing tool sheds; it is a modern workplace with all necessities for a 'zen' working.

3. Chaise Renversée

Pierre-Louis Gerlier, a notable French architect, designed a desk that you can convert into a long chair. It's the ideal combination of work from home and Netflix from home in one piece of modern office furniture, with a stable table area for working and a 'Chaise Lounge' for relaxing.

4. Poppin Pod

Poppin Pod

PoppinPod has 2 distinct collections of pods: the Om units, which are less expensive, and the Kolo units, which are more costly. According to the firm, the former comes fully assembled, whereas the latter involves assembly, which takes less than two hours.

5. TalkBox Booth

You may purchase the made-in-the-USA TalkBox Single Booth in white, light grey, wood, or dark grey, and you can choose your sound wall color, decor and demand professional installation unless you'd rather not put it together yourself. It comes with a sliding door that saves room, noise removal, USB and power outlets, a controllable LED light, as well as other conveniences are included.

6. Cubicle 2 Series Phone Booth

Cubicle 2 Series Phone Booth

The Cubicle is available in both conventional and special versions. Built-in USB ports, a 120v outlet, an Internet link, automated Led bulbs, and a constructed fan are included in the common units, available in 5 colors.

7. Privacy Pod Plus by EmagiKit

Emagispace's "individual privacy alternative" is available in a variety of bodywork colors, as well as the option of adding a pane. According to the manufacturer, the equipment may be assembled in less than an hour by two persons. It's also offered with free delivery at Amazon.

8. Room Phone Booth Box

With a constructed workstation and magnet board, a clever sensor that triggers the circulation blowers and lights, two electrical outlets, and a network adapter, the ROOM phone booth offers a distraction-free office with 28 decibels of noise reduction.

9. Loop Solo

Room Phone Booth Box

The Canadian-made Loop Solo is a terrific alternative for folks who want their home office pod to get some individuality and flair, thanks to its unique design, adjustable colors, and other excellent properties. A built-in workstation of this outdoor work pod, configurable outlets, LED light, comfortable seat, and circulation are common components.

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