Two Person Desks in Canada for Maximum Office Space

Two Person Desks in Canada for Maximum Office Space

|May 31, 2021

For being productive and efficient at the workplace, it is important to have a comfortable desk.  An uncomfortable desk keeps you hassled as you constantly try and get a comfortable working atmosphere.  Comfort could mean different things to different people. 

You will be surprised to know that Charles Darwin was the first person to have customized his seat for his comfort. He added two wooden wheels to his wooden desk chair, giving him easy access to and mobility to his large workspace without getting out of his chair.

Let's make a brief pit stop on key changes in the modernization of desks.

The journey from Traditional to Modern Desks

To appreciate the value of a 2 person desk, here is the journey of desks from traditional to modern, in brief.

The Traditional Desk

The ages-old wooden desk was as people used it in office, at home for sitting and writing letters, and more.  Monarchy had large desks; perhaps, signifying power, authority, and control.  Space was rarely a constraint until industrialization modernized the cities.

The Traditional Desk

Mass layout

As computers replaced typewriters and other office equipment, offices turned to cafeteria-style seating. You could now experience more employees in common areas than personal/ private spaces; unless the role required it.

The Modern Desk

Enter moder standing desks where a manageable size replaced large; wood was replaced by lighter material; storage spaces moved to common areas as low separating walls around workspaces. 

The Modern Desk

As teams worked together, an office desk for 2 people in Canada found acceptance employees. Purpose? The subtle purpose was to increase the density of people per square feet of available floor space. This was also socialized as teamwork or employee connect areas.

Enter Ergonomics

Medical research highlighted the ill effects of sitting for long hours. Designers thought ahead and designed ergonomic desks. Such desks give you better support for your body as they offer adjustable height, workspace tilt, and more. As an example for chairs, ergonomics introduced seat tilt, backrests, armrests, and more.  The main purpose is to give you the freedom to be comfortable and enable the right body posture.

Electric Standing Desks

Enter standing desks that allow you to adjust the height of a desk to suit your convenience, either mechanically or using an electric motor. The standing desks that are operated by an electric motor are called electric standing desks.  You can alternate between sitting and standing as you work by the mere flick of a button.  Benefits? The body turns stiff working in one position; the mind gets dull and monotonous. It needs change to avoid stiff body postures that give you backache and stiff neck and more like cardiovascular issues.  With an electric standing desk, you can easily say goodbye to such health concerns and more.

Electric Standing Desks

Don’t miss reviews of the 15 best standing desks in Canada.

L-Shaped Electric Standing Desks

For some professions like a gamer, draftsman, and others, extra working space is required. The benefit of the larger corner workspace is attracting many. Some offices give a corner seat to senior executives.  In either case, the advent of L-shaped standing desks was exciting to use form and provide functionality simultaneously. We invite you to explore more about the best corner desk options.

L-Shaped Electric Standing Desks

Benefits a 2-Person Desk

As you explore a double desk in Canada, here are the benefits of a 2-person desk setup. A few top reasons include maximizing floor space and gaining economies of scale while buying furniture and the floor's fit-out. Managers are pleased with increased teamwork and coordination between members. Sharing resources like a printer or office stationery for a set of people seated together has increased savings. Maintaining an open working environment bettered the company and work culture.  All this impacted the other-wise restricted budgets.

Benefits a 2-Person Desk

On the contrary, the top two cons are (a) Extra investment upfront:  As you invest in the 2-person desk, your costs are higher than what you would have paid for two desks. You do have choices where the economies of scale can bring it down by 20% to 40% (as a guesstimate) of the original costs of two desks.  (b) Storage/ mobility: Storage and mobility or change in office layout are difficult as they may be bulky to put away compared to single desk units.

The benefits of having a double desk in Canada far outdo the cons of it. Take your pick, and go for it.

The Best 2-Person Desk in Canada for Maximum Office Space

Our verdict for a double desk in canada, goes to the following two (recall best things come in pairs!):

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo

This double standing desk is one of the best options for a 2 person desk in Canada.  The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo offers you two different desks, both facing each other.  Both desks have independent noiseless motors, each weight-lifting 290 pounds of weight.  The independent controls are managed through programmable keypads.  Its height is adjustable between 29.4” to 48”. It has two cable trays to store away any extra cables. You may use the strong central frames for cabling and power outlets. You cannot ignore the sturdy steel frames that are space-efficient.

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo 

2. Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

The Autonomous Desk DuoSpace is one of the bestsellers in the corner standing desk category.  This is a perfect L-shaped 2 person desk in Canada for you. You can easily manage to adjust the height between 29.4 inches to 48 inches.  This is supported by triple, near noiseless, electric motors. The L-shaped workspace is large enough for small meetings or for a small team for quick catch-ups. You don’t need to book meeting rooms or carry laptops across! Convenient, isn’t it?

Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Its sleek design has ample storage space underneath. You can match the white steel frames to three different colors of the natural wood finished top. Modular segments ensure a perfect fit and finish.

In conclusion, a 2-person desk in Canada is one of the best options for economies of scale and functionality

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