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Prepare for College: Types of Accommodations for Students
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Prepare for College: Types of Accommodations for Students

|Aug 17, 2022

Are you searching for information about the available student accommodation options? There are several alternatives available to you, even if you are a first-year student seeking some assistance or an experienced student searching for a fresh start. You should be aware of the variety of possibilities accessible and see what the most preferred alternatives are if you're considering the many sorts of student housing while attending college.

During your education, the sort of student accommodation allocated to you could change, which is why it is a good idea to become aware of the various alternatives and associated benefits and drawbacks as soon as possible. Therefore, we'll look at some of the most frequent types of accommodations for students in this post below.

List of Different Student Accommodation Options for Students

Students have a variety of options for living arrangements. Regarding student housing choices in 2022, there is a great diversity available with different types of accommodation, which might be a little intimidating if you are a newcomer. As long as your school approves them, each has certain advantages and disadvantages, but it is still a good option. Only this will guarantee great standards over your whole stay. Here is our list of various types of accommodation:

University-owned halls of residence

University-owned halls of residence

Because your university provides it, many first-year students prefer to move into university-owned dormitories. These halls are often on the more affordable end of the scale, but the quality of the facility and the benefits provided generally reflect that. Location is another factor you must consider, especially if this is your first year. You might not think a 40-minute commute sounds so taxing today. Wait until you get into the routine of waking up early for lectures, seeing friends for coffee or drinks on the weekends, and traveling to and from evenings out on the town. Absolute missions are the last thing you need when you wish to go somewhere. Considering the location of university-owned dormitories on the campus is important since location makes a huge difference. Some are often farther out, while others could be closer to campus.

Privately-rented accommodation

Privately-rented accommodation

The most prominent residence for students in private housing, and many choose to rent privately in their second and following years. This kind of student housing won't provide the simplicity of living on campus, but you could be closer to the city and feel more at ease there. It might be challenging for first-year undergraduate and graduate students to arrange roommates, but the housing office at your university can normally assist you in doing so. If you rent a residence privately, you will receive complete freedom when personalizing your room. You can also choose whether you want to live closer to your campus or the town center by looking at what properties are out on rent in your city. With renting a house come the responsibilities of living and maintaining a house, like keeping the house clean and paying the bills.

Parent purchase

Parent purchase - types of accommodations for students

Another type of accommodations for students that has gained popularity lately is for parents to buy a home or apartment and take on the role of landlords for a group of students, including their kids. Even though it can be quite beneficial economically, give the repercussions some contemplation. A disagreement with their parents might ruin your relationship if just one of your acquaintances is the owner's child. Additionally, if your parent or grandparent is the tenant, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable scenario where your parents track down unpaid rent. Parents might opt to delegate property administration in this buy-to-let arrangement to a nearby rental agent.

Private housing complexes

Private housing complexes

Private halls strive to exceed expectations, offering you cutting-edge amenities and more advantages than you think, unlike university-owned halls, which typically only provide the bare minimum. And by benefits, we didn't just mean lightning-quick Internet and shared TVs—those must be included in every respectable student housing complex today. Consider fitness centers, gaming areas, movie theaters, chic common areas, inviting study spaces, and complimentary social activities held on-site. A competent service provider will combine all your expenses into a single payment for you, saving you the effort of managing your suppliers or juggling your invoices. You won't need to do anything to take care of your rent, utility costs, housekeeping, and public liability.

Living in your own home

Without living far from home, the college experience can never be the same for most students. Some people, meanwhile, opt to remain at home even when they are students, either out of personal preference or for monetary reasons. Given the possible high expense of any student housing in the metropolis, living with legal guardians or parents is an especially well-liked opportunity for individuals who can travel elsewhere.

University-run residences and lodging

University-run residences and lodging

These are buildings owned by higher education institutions that can resemble typical homes or apartments but often have a uniform appearance and set of amenities. Students frequently sign up for waiting lists through the housing offices at their colleges. Institutions may provide students with housing options. The quality of cooking amenities you'll access in dorms will depend on whether you live in a serviced or non-catered form of student housing. Although less common than before, several universities still offer catered housing. You pay an extra rent payment for meals, but you don't have to spend as much time cooking, buying, or doing the dishes.



If you are still wondering, what are accommodations for students? Here is your answer. The optimal form of student housing for you will rely on various criteria, including your willingness to make concessions. For instance, you would not like the idea of sharing a restroom with several other individuals yet not mind taking the bus to school each day. The excellent thing is that there are various student housing options, and you're sure to discover something that works for your needs.

Several offices across the country have already introduced Autonomous pods and designated office pods and converted their space into prefab offices. It gives a boost to their employee productivity. Imagine what it can do for student accommodations and student productivity. Individuals in university accommodations should be provided with privacy pods such as a wooden pod for the garden or indoor office pods for their leisure time.

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