Which Types of Standing Support Chair Is For You?
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Which Types of Standing Support Chair Is For You?

|Apr 1, 2022

Ever since the concept of workplace ergonomics has taken a serious increase, people are keener to shift towards healthier work-related practices. As a result, they are adopting healthier ways to work and focusing on methods that are good for their mental health, such as flexible timings and positive work environments, and paying attention to ways in which their work can improve physically.

This means that modern workplaces are avoiding harmful sitting and working practices, which give rise to multiple health issues, posture problems, and long-term back pain. This covers the right amount of increased focus on office desks, desk chairs, and all the factors that make up an office environment. Similarly, a standing support chair is also proven to improve workplace health and employee wellness.

Here we have gathered the best ergonomic standing desk chairs and computer chairs that can be used easily with a standing desk.

Best Ergonomic Standing Support Chair

After the increasing popularity of standing desks, there is no doubt people are not just up for standing all day after years of sitting. Moreover, standing desks are meant to alternate your work hours between sitting and standing, not shift your time entirely to standing. Hence it would help if you had a support chair for standing desk that works for you when you wish to sit. Here are our best picks.

1. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline standing support chair

Autonomous Chair Recline is an entirely comfortable package for those who need support against their entire body. This reclining chair from Autonomous ensures proper desk posture and makes a good partner for working while standing and sitting. The chair is meant for serious business; hence, it has lumbar support and a wide mesh back for maximum airflow and support.

Autonomous Chair Recline also offers height adjustability for people who want to match it with their standing desk or other high workstations. It comes in two colors, black, and grey, and the 250 pounds weight capacity is one of the most inspired features of this standing support chair.

2. Autonomous Chair Move

Autonomous Chair Move standing support chair

An ergonomic stool makes the best partner for ergonomic sitting when working with a standing desk. This ergonomic stool from autonomous comes in multiple colors and ensures it can correct various types of posture. One of the most affordable and smart ergo stools in the market, the stool has a wobbly base that provides micro-movements, so none of the body parts goes under extra stress for a prolonged time.

Another great thing about this standing support chair is that it offers 10 inches of height adjustability, and the ergonomic sloped seat keeps your body closest to the natural posture, so you don't get tired while working.

3. Modway Veer

Modway veer is a modern drafting chair suitable for modern workplaces. This chair is ideal for fixed standing desks because it has all the comfort you need to sit with adjustable height, backrest, seat tilt, and footrests.

This standing support chair has a 330-pound weight capacity, a vented backrest, a choice of color options, and adjustable armrests. This is a terrific alternative if you prefer to sit at your standing height or if you have a high work surface that you'd like to sit at.

4. Sitmatic Pogo

Sitmatic Pogo standing support chair

The Pogo is an ergonomic standing chair with a solid steel base and a spring-mounted piston to the ground. The piston has a small forward inclination. The base spring allows for a wide range of motion. The Pogo boasts the most range of motion of any chair of this style.

It works as a great standing support swivel chair due to its shaky base, and you can rely on it to never miss out on the fun when working. The Sitmatic Pogo also encourages alertness and keeps you active while working.

5. Songmics Stool

The Songmics stool is a perfect buy for people who are a little restricted on budget. It worked great and was made to be used at a standing desk. It takes just a minute to put together, and you'll see that it's incredibly strong. The stool is very easy to swivel. Compared to many other standing desk stools, you'll be astonished at how padded this one is.

6. Ergo LeanRite Ergonomic Chair

Ergo LeanRite Ergonomic Chair

The LeanRite Elite is a stand-up chair with a two-stage height adjustment system. It has a huge height adjustment range as a result of this. The seat of the LeanRite may also tilt, and it can tilt far enough to be straight up and down. So you can lean against it with your lower back when you're completely standing.

This chair is ideal for architects and office workers who have to work while standing and need a little support to rest their backs.

How to Choose the Best Standing Support Chair

Unlike basic office chairs, a standing desk chair requires a great hold over height and a larger height range. They also need to be sturdier and more comfortable for active users. Therefore, you should consider some factors when buying a standing desk chair.

Height Adjustability

Height Adjustability of standing support chair

The optimal height is the one that fits you perfectly. In addition, you should be able to adjust your chair so that your feet are firmly planted on the ground, and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle when sitting with your back erect in the chair to be in the best ergonomic position and decrease pain from long periods of sitting.


The chair you buy for your office needs to be durable. Especially for standing desk chairs or standing desk stools, the strength and stability of the base play a vital role as the user has to be lifted and kept supported at a greater height than the floor. This also means that your chair should be constructed of only high-quality materials that can bear the user's load.



Is the chair comfortable to sit in? If you choose a stool, be sure it has a seat designed to relieve pressure on your lower body. In addition, so that sitting for long periods throughout the workday does not result in an all-over ache, your chair or stool should encourage excellent posture.


Just because an ergonomic product doesn't mean it should break your bank. Check for multiple options before you find the one that is affordable and has all the features you need. Also, consider the quality, material, warranty, and features instead of designs.

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