Ultimate Office Chairs that can Support your Weight
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Ultimate Office Chairs that can Support your Weight

|Nov 9, 2018

Office ergonomic chairs are of great importance to both people and businesses alike. And they each have their own reasons which differ in certain cases. If it were an individual, it would be because he/she wishes to work effectively for their company.

As for the reason why a business needs an ergonomic office chair is mainly to improve the productivity of their workers. In order to better and maintain their profit.

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When both an individual and a business is out looking for the best ergonomic office chairs, there are factors to consider. They are the general and personal factors. The personal factors make the user more likely to enjoy the chair.

Tasks like that would be easy for an individual because he/she will be able to find that chair that is right for him/her. And it only one chair so it would need a single payment. For a business to find that perfect chair, it would have to consider all its workers' preferences. This could cost a lot of money and a lot of time. And the most ignored personal factor or requirement is an ergonomic office that can hold the weight of the users.

The weight of an individual or the average weight of individuals working for a company is one of the important factors to consider. And it tends to be forgotten or overlooked. The reason why it should be taken seriously is due to the possibility of the user to damaging the product. So when one is in search of an ergo chair it is best to know the weight it possesses.

How much weight can a standard Ergonomic office chair carry?

This is a very valid question. People who ask this are probably trying to know if their weight will cost them more money or not. There is actually a general/standard chair which is capable of carrying the standard weight of 250lbs. And there are other office chairs which can hold a weight higher than the standard 250lbs.

The chairs that carry the standard weight are computer chairs or guest chairs. As for the chairs that carry much heavier load than the standard are heavy duty office chairs. The heavy duty chairs are what is on focus in this post. As they are keen to support anyone of any weight. Which is a lot better because this way the chair will last due to the presence of durable components on the heavy duty chair. This allows users to be comfortable.

Recommended heavy duty chairs that will support your weight

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1. Autonomous ErgoChair 2

This is a high quality and versatile chair. It is capable of holding a weight of up to 300lbs. if you are looking for the best comfort and support, Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is best for the job. 

The backrest, headrest, armrests and seat pan are all adjustable. Giving the user more control of his/her comfort. There is also a lumbar support for the user’s lower back. This feature, in particular, will help prevent back pains and other lumbar sicknesses from occurring.

In addition to the chair’s effort to ensure comfort, the chair is using mesh upholstery. It is soft and smooth. It will reduce the body heat of the user.

2. NBF Signature Executive Chair   

This chair is designed to support big and tall users who are looking for maximum comfort. And its due to their strains from the chairs they had to make do with. The chair features real quality leather that feels good on the skin. It may not be mesh but it can still make the user comfortable.

On the seat pan, there is a plush coiled cushion which that prevents the user from touching the frame of the chair. The backrest of the chair is quite wide, it measures a massive 24’wide and a 30’high. This is an excellent back support for plus-sized users.

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Its adjustability is not that much. The backrest can recline and the seat pan can also be adjusted so that all users will maintain a good sitting posture.

The chair is also eco-friendly with is low chemical and pollutant emissions. It has been tested and certified by Greenguard.  The chair may not have up to 7 legs support the base but it is still capable of supporting a heavyweight of up to 400lbs. 

3. Space seating Air Grid Mesh chairs

This is a heavy duty office chair that ensures maximum comfort of big and tall users. Especially in hot regions where it is easier for them to heat up. One of the chair’s special feature which is the mesh material will help the user reduce his/her body heat.

There is an adjustable lumbar support. It will allow the users to set the best position on the support for their lower back. The user can avoid back pains and other lumbar diseases.  The chair also has other adjustable components, such as the seat height, backrest, headrest, and armrests.

The chair can support weights of up to 400lbs. the chair is also eco-friendly as both ANSI and BIFMA has tested and certified the space seating Air Grid mesh chair.

4. Safco Optimus Big and Tall chair

Safco Optimus is a heavy duty office chair. It is capable of carrying a weight of up to 400lbs due to its sturdiness and stability. The seat is extra wide-sized and deep. The backrest is cushioned with thick foam. It is adequate to support and comfort the users for long hours. 

The backrest is adjustable, it can be adjusted in terms of height and it can tilde backward for a better back support. The armrests are adjustable in height and width, making it easy for the users to interact with their computers and other desk working tool.

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Why heavy duty chairs?

It is obvious that investment in office chairs is a big deal and no individual or business would want to waste their money. This makes heavy duty office chairs are the best option to choose. And the major reason why is due to its ability to support the user in the most important aspect. Especially the weight of the user and its ability to last long due to its durable components.

What to look for in a heavy duty office chair

Ergonomic chairs are known to come in different varieties of configurations which can be adjusted to the user’s preference. The one to be talked about is the heavy duty chair. This particular chair is mostly used by big and tall people who need ergonomic chairs more than the average sized people. Because the health of a tall and big person is in danger if he/she uses the wrong chair, compared to the health of an average sized person.

If one is big and tall in size then there are specific parts to consider and test before buying a heavy duty chair. For every variety of heavy duty chair, there is a particular component that makes it stand out of the rest. That component could be what the user is looking for in order to solve his/her problem and enjoy maximum comfort.

Here are the features to look at when looking to choose a heavy duty office chair:

A strong base

In a standard ergonomic office chair, its base is usually supported by five legs. Since the size of the person does not need much support. But in the case of a heavy individual, the office chair is usually supported by 7 legs or sometimes even more. This way there will be better stability and movement of the user’s big-sized body.

 These heavy duty chairs will help prevent the user from falling and injuring his/herself. And it will also prevent the chair from damaging. When buying an office chair be sure to check the number of legs to determine if it would hold heavy weights or not.

Seat slider adjuster

This feature is best for tall people. The reason why it is used is to help the tall person adjust the seat depth so that his/her long legs can be accommodated. This will increase the comfort of the user and help correct his/her posture. If this component doesn’t exist then it will cause the user to have a bad posture. And for the user to attain a good posture he/she will have to seat in a certain way.

How to sit on an ergonomic office chair:

•    While sitting, keep the feet flat on the floor. If it does reach the floor use the seat slider adjuster or keep them on a footrest.

•    As the feet are flat on the floor, make sure to keep the back of your knees a small distance away from the office chair seat pan.

•    Adjust the backrest of the ergonomic chair to the best suitable position in order to ensure good support for the mid back and lower back.

•    Keep changing positions, prevent staying in the same one for long hours.

If you are unable to perform all of these steps then it is better to save your money and look for the next one.

Tilt tension adjustment

This is one of the crucial components to consider. What good is a heavy duty chair or any ergonomic office chair, if its tension can’t be adjusted? A Heavier individual needs this feature because he/she is more likely to lean on the backrest while sitting. The reason is that as a heavy person they need to comfortable, even a bad office chair can endanger their health and posture. 

The heavy-duty chair’s backrest must be adjustable. While testing for the right heavy duty chair is sure to try out its adjustable backrest. It is better to know to what point you can adjust it.

The armrest should be adjustable

The armrest is responsible for the user’s comfort while he/she interacts with the computer. If the user is not comfortable with the armrest it deters him or her from working efficiently. With this reason alone, it can be said that the armrest plays a crucial role in the productivity of the user in a workplace.

The armrests should be able to adjust in both an upward and downward direction. This will allow the user to set his/her arms and shoulders in a more suitable position that is natural for the body type. The armrest also is able to adjust laterally. In case the users have a wide body so they can feel more comfortable.

When looking for a heavy duty chair, make sure to seek one with adjustable armrest in order to save both your health and your money. 

It should have an open-mesh upholstery

Mesh material chairs are the best choice out of all the other options. The material is smoother and softer than any other material for upholstery. Chairs with mesh upholstery have a special feature which makes them stand out from the rest. This feature is its ability to reduce the user’s body heat. This type of chair is used during hot seasons or in the hot region of the world.

When buying a Heavy duty chair with mesh upholstery, it is advisable to check the quality of the mesh material. So that the itchy counterfeit will not keep you uncomfortable or damage your clothes. 


There varieties of chairs which serve specific sets of people. These people have different requirement and it could be due to certain factors. It could be their weight, height, and posture. This post concerns the weight all those factors. And it focuses on the big and tall individuals who find it hard in average office chairs that either causes discomfort or it damages easily.

On the post, there is help on what to look for while shopping for these kinds of chairs. There a lot of factors to consider but it has been narrowed down to just five factors. Along the post, there are recommended heavy duty/big and tall office chairs that are capable of holding your weight.  At the same time, it will also keep one comfortable.

If you are looking to get more office furniture then visit the website https://autonomous.ai. If you are looking to get more updates, posts and vital information, leave an email in the box below.

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