Under Desk Keyboard Tray: Which Brand Should You Choose?
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Under Desk Keyboard Tray: Which Brand Should You Choose?

|Feb 16, 2022

When it comes to office safety and comfort, equipping your workstation with a keyboard tray is probably the last thing on your mind. The truth is that it can assist you in avoiding numerous occupational injuries. When you have your keyboard on a desk, you can't move your hands or arms at all. A genuinely affordable keyboard tray will allow you to modify your keyboard to your liking by tilting, sliding, swiveling, and raising it.

A keyboard tray allows you to position your hands in the neutral reach zone. This is normally located just over your lap. Maintaining appropriate posture will help prevent back and neck ailments caused by bad posture. Here are some of the best under desk keyboard trays you can get today!

1. Under Desk Keyboard Platform With Wrist Rest Pad

Under Desk Keyboard Platform With Wrist Rest Pad

This adjustable keyboard and mouse tray rack helps enhance ergonomics while saving space. To modify the angular position as well as elevation of the mount, just rotate the knob freely and fasten to secure the place. The tray allows you to establish and keep a balanced body posture while working by lowering and making you a bit closer to your mouse or keyboard.

Moreover, the carpal tunnel syndrome can be avoided by maintaining proper wrist as well as typing posture, and yet this keyboard tray includes a hydrogel wrist resting pad to decrease strain and discomfort while working or using the cursor. A pad with a hand rest is included with the mouse pad, and it may be put on either the side or back of the mounting bracket.

2. iMovR SteadyType Exo Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

iMovR SteadyType Exo under desk keyboard tray

Ergonomic keyboard trays haven't altered much since their original designs in the 1980s, but this one has a crossbar running beneath the tabletop of most standing desks that interferes with installing any regular sliding keyboard tray rail. The SteadyType Exo stood out from the crowd right away since it isn't inherently shaky and doesn't require an hour to set up.

Its principal ergonomic benefit of attaining substantially higher tilt degrees than the conventionally-limited -15° is one of the numerous unique characteristics that no other tray offers. In the glacially slow-changing industry of ergonomic keyboard holders for desk, the SteadyType Exo is the next "killer app."

3. 3M Keyboard Tray

3M under desk keyboard tray

The hardwood build of 3M's tray is great for reducing the bouncing feedback you get when typing on a flimsier tray. The wood structure is combined with a leatherette gel wrist rest to match the quality and comfort. In the interest of ergonomics, you'll discover height adjustments for 1" above and 4.5" below your desk.

The under desk keyboard tray is 25 x 16.4 x 2.4 inches in size, making it deep but compact. In other words, it's the perfect size for any big keyboard as well as your mouse. This tray has a rather substantial range of motion for adjustment. The tray's tilt may be adjusted forwards and backward by 15 degrees, allowing you to establish a neutral position for your wrists.

It's worth noting that the whole tray tilts as one unit, with no separate platform for your mouse. Whether or not something is convenient relies totally on your needs. You may utilize multiple incorporated circular areas for cable management on the tray's backside. This can assist in keeping your work area neat and prevent wires from being entangled in the keyboard track.

4. HumanScale Keyboard Tray System

Humanscale Keyboard Tray System

Humanscale allows you to design the ideal keyboard tray for your specific configuration. They provide a bewildering assortment of options to fit your preferences, making it possible for standing desk users of various sizes to find what works for them. You'll pay a premium for this under desk keyboard tray, and you'll have to wait for your product to be produced if you don't select the "fast buy" option, but you can be confident that you'll receive a high-quality, made-in-the-USA product.

5. VIVO Keyboard Tray

VIVO under desk keyboard tray

VIVO is a dedicated brand for ergonomic setup to provide you with healthy and energetic work life. The VIVO under desk keyboard tray is now the most popular alternative on the market. As the name implies, it is an extremely big keyboard tray that fits on tables that are at least 26/8 inches long, if not longer.

Because it requires a huge space to be installed, it also provides a similarly large workspace on the tray underneath your desk where you may place a keyboard holder for desk, as well as a variety of other devices. You may also maintain the tray at a specific distance to get the ideal typing angles, which should reduce stress on your wrists and shoulders.

6. Fellowes Office Suites Under Desk Keyboard Mount Drawer

Fellowes Office Suites Under Desk Keyboard Mount Drawer

If your desk has a crossbar running beneath that inhibits the installation of standard rail-based keyboard trays, the Office Suites Underdesk is the solution for your home office essentials. The rails on their tray are simple to install on almost any workstation with a crossbar design. Some keyboard trays are made of highly crafted machine parts designed to last a lifetime.

However, if you're not working at a desk that appears as it belongs in the White House, you might not need anything as opulent. The last thing you want is for your keyboard tray to be more expensive than the desk to which it is attached. Fellowes Office Suites' tray is a low-cost option that provides a simple answer to a basic problem. It is one of the best home office gadgets.

7. S Stand Up Desk Keyboard Tray

S Stand Up Desk Keyboard Tray

S Stand Up Desk is a company that specializes in the accessories required for a standing desk arrangement. They create retractable keyboard trays for your workstations in addition to unique sorts of desks and seats. The S Stand Up Desk under desk keyboard tray may be mounted on any desk at least 20 inches long, it is the best laptop and monitor setup. Even with support for tiny desks, this option provides ergonomic height adjustment options, allowing you to carefully change the height and find the appropriate configuration for your needs.

There are three height options available: 2.69 inches, 3.44 inches, and 4.19 inches. The overall weight capacity of the S Stand Up Desk keyboard tray is up to 10 lbs, which is adequate given the desk's small size. However, you might not be able to accommodate a proper mouse posture, much alone any other peripherals, besides a conventional large-sized keyboard.

It is made of robust and thick plastic and features a non-slip surface for the keyboard that allows for a raised keyboard posture. This gaming keyboard tray also includes an integrated wrist rest.

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