Understanding Walking on Incline: Frequently Asked Questions
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Understanding Walking on Incline: Frequently Asked Questions

|Jun 23, 2022

Sedentary behavior is a killer of productivity and has many harmful effects on physical and mental health. People who live a lazy lifestyle suffer from many short-term and long-term health problems. Especially for office workers whose jobs require sitting in the same posture and in front of the screen for hours, it is important to add some movement and activity to your life. While it becomes hard to squeeze in gym hours with work, or you might live far from a proper place where you can work out, some solutions can be incorporated to kill the laziness in daily life.

Walking on an incline is one such thing that you can add to your daily routine regardless of staying at home or going to the gym frequently. As opposed to practicing intense workouts continuously, walking on an incline is a real change you can add to your routine since it does not require a lot of equipment, just a walking treadmill.

But what is the best equipment that helps with walking on a high incline, and what are some misconceptions about walking on an incline workout? Below you will find our top picks and all the answers to some commonly asked questions. You can also purchase these home workout equipment through the Autonomous employee purchase program.

What Does Walking on Incline Do?

What Does Walking on Incline Do?

Walking on incline for weight loss adds a big advantage to your daily fitness routine. People who work out at incline experience greater weight loss and healthier overall body health. It improves the entire health by increasing the heart rate, improving the calorie burn rate and activating the hamstring muscles, often sore and inactive in office workers. A walking incline adds core strength to the body by strengthening the lower leg muscles and improving core health.

Best Walking Incline for Home Workout

If you work out frequently but don't feel a substantial result or change in your routine, you probably are making a mistake in one way or another. Sometimes it's your wrong workout posture, an unhealthy diet or maybe the equipment you have isn’t giving the best results you need. Hence it is important to pick the best equipment for an effective indoor walking workout. With modern practices, you can squeeze in a healthy workout in any part of your daily routine, from regular treadmills to a working treadmill. Here are the best incline workouts to add to your routine.

1. R1 Foldable Treadmill

R1 Foldable Treadmill

The R1 foldable treadmill is a 2-in-1 folding treadmill that gives you both compactness and results. It has a 180 degrees folding design which can go underneath your bed or even behind the cupboard because the sleek design does the job with minimum footprint. The treadmill has a 4 layered belt for maximum functionality and has foot-sensing speed control, so the treadmill adjusts to your comfort and gives you the best and most productive work out of your life. It also works with a smart app connection for easy control.

2. Walking Pad Foldable Treadmill

The walking pad foldable treadmill is fit for small homes that could use a little fitness corner. This walking pad works with simple, innovative technology and has a one-touch operation. It connects with the digital monitoring smart mobile application and comes with many useful ergonomic features such as the detachable phone holder and digital monitoring system. The premium powder-coated frame provides strength and durability for years to come.

3. Foldable Walking Treadmill

Foldable Walking Treadmill

With patented foldable technology, this foldable walking treadmill has a 4 layer structure. It connects with your phone and responds smartly to your commands. The treadmill has a foot-sensing speed control mechanism and a 1 year-long warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walking On an Incline Build Glutes?

Does Walking On an Incline Build Glutes?

People who walk on a flat surface to lose weight experience involvement of quadriceps to a greater degree rather than involvement of glutes. Hence walking on an incline provides the solution to this problem. Research suggests that walking up a hill or on an inclined treadmill engages the glute muscles to a greater degree.

Does Walking On an Incline Build Muscle?

Yes, since walking on incline engages the body more, it is known to improve muscle health to a higher ratio. When you walk on an incline you can experience your back, calves, glutes, thigs and quadriceps engaged in the workout.

Is Walking On Incline Good Cardio?

With an inclined walk, your heart engages and is required to pump blood more efficiently; hence it is counted as a good cardio workout for healthy heart health. Often people add incline in their routine to improve their cardiovascular health.

Does Walking On Incline Burn Belly Fat?

Does Walking On Incline Burn Belly Fat?

Compared to walking without an inclination, walking uphill burns more calories. You can, on average, burn 60% more calories when walking on an incline than walking on a flat surface.

Does Walking On an Incline Burn Fat?

Walking or running at an elevation can help you lose weight by increasing the intensity of your workout. When you walk or run uphill, your body works harder and burns more calories than if you did the same on a flat surface.

Is Walking On Incline Better Than Running?

Although it might seem hard to believe, walking on an incline is better and more effective than running on a flat surface. When you walk on an incline at an angle set up to 18% degrees, you can burn fat at a rate 70% greater than just running on the flat hill.


What Muscles Does Walking On Incline Work?

The glutes, calves, hamstrings and thighs are the most engaged muscles for people who walk on an incline since these muscles are the ones that push the body to ascend to a greater height.

Is Walking On Incline Bad for Knees?

Higher inclines, which require more effort from runners, can be difficult on the knees, resulting in severe knee discomfort.

Does Walking On an Incline Burn More Calories?

While the number of calories each person spends varies, calories burned walking on incline is two percent more than walking or running on a level surface.

Does Walking On Incline Build Calves?

The muscle engagement when walking on an incline is greater. This means that more muscles are involved in your movement up the hill; hence you will find a better muscle strength and a finer-toned body.

Is Walking On an Incline Bad for Your Back?

People with back problems may have more low back pain when walking on an incline. Until your body adjusts, you may experience increased soreness in your lower leg muscles.

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