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Unique Office Chairs Best To Solve Your Personal Issues

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 13, 2018

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There are various types and styles of ergonomic office chairs on the market. Each of them possesses a feature which makes them unique or different from one another. Some specialize in keeping specific parts of the user’s body comfortable. Which will be for a particular purpose, which could be health, work productivity or just comfort etc.

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Office chairs can also be unique based on their designs and structure. The design and structure are the reasons why office chairs have been divided in the sense of types. For instance, some have a wide backrest others have a thin one. Some chairs have 7 legs, some do not have armrest etc. all these features are what makes the office chairs unique.

Despite all the certain features that make a chair unique, there are general features that must be and are present in every office made or to be made. These features are the factors customers are to consider when buying an ergonomic office chair.

Factors to be considered before buying an ergonomic office chair


This should be the first factor to consider when buying an office chair. Any good ergonomic office chair with or without a unique feature should be able to allow its users to adjust the chair’s crucial components. As the number of adjustable parts increases so will the chair’s ergonomic capabilities. This factor on its own can qualify to be a special feature of a particular chair which makes it unique.

These adjustable components include backrest, headrest, armrests and seat height. Each of them can be adjusted in such a way it provides the users with comfort.

Lumbar support

Every office chair should possess this factor. Since the purpose of a lumbar support is to prevent the users lower back from pains and other back or spine-related sicknesses. This factor will be more effective for the users if they are adjustable. The reason is so that the users will be able to adjust the lower lumbar according to their preference.

Strong wheels

This is another important factor to consider. It should be present in all office chairs despite their uniqueness. The wheels of an office chair should be strong enough to withstand the load on it and roll freely. If care is not taken, buying an office chair with faulty wheels will ultimately result in damaging of the office chairs’ component. Or worse, injure the user.

Material of upholstery       

This refers to the material that is fixed across the frame of the office chair. It keeps the users from direct contact with the office chair frames. Its job is to also provide the user comfort through certain components like backseat, armrest and seat pans.

 In every office chair, there is always a type of material upholstery in which they make use of. These type of materials include mesh, fabric, leather, vinyl and so on.

The recommended material is the mesh because of its several features that could make the office chair more unique. With the mesh material the users can good body temperature regulation and soft body weight distribution on the chair.

Swivel base 

This is a part of an office chair and it is also a factor to consider. It is the part between the office chair seat pan and its legs and wheels. The swivel base allows the user to spin in a 360 degrees direction. This allows the user to switch directions as he/she rolls around the office, thereby making the worker sync with office room.

Load capacity

If this factor is not taking seriously it could lead to injuries, especially for the heavy people. Before such a person chooses an office chair it best to look at the load capacity along with the material of the chair’s frame.

The standard load a normal office chair can carry is 250lbs, in terms of heavy-duty chairs they can support a weight within the range of 300lbs to 400lbs.

Types of office chairs

There are various types of unique office chairs to choose from. It all depends on its design and functionality. Here are the types of office chairs:

•    Office chairs

•    Task chairs

•    Stools

Office chairs

This is the normal types of chairs to be used in offices. The reason is that they are built to offer both comfort and stability throughout working hours. Which is the formula for good productivity in the workplace. This type of office chairs is further divided into two categories based on the structure. they are the mid back office chairs and the High-back office chairs.

Mid-back office chair – this category of office chairs offer great value to the users. With comfort, it can provide for up to 8-hours of work. Such a chair comes in designs and options that will fit the user’s unique surroundings.

High-back chairs – this chair possesses a sturdy high-back which provides the user comfort for longer working hours.

Task chairs

These type of office chairs is ideal for varieties of workplace environment such as a home or a restaurant. The task chairs are known to provide good back support while it still maintains its simple minimal and sleek design. The chair can come in both styles such as small-back and mid-back.


If one is looking for a more mobile office chair, the stool is up to the task. Stools are known for the mobility and short use. They are normally used in fast-paced environments, by that what is meant is a place where the interval between standing and sitting is very short. Certain places like offices and restaurants.                 

Recommended unique office chairs according to their types

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

The purpose of the chair is to provide comfort and health to users during his/her working hours. That happens to be the formula to get an improved productivity of the user. The chair is packed with crucial features that will improve the worker’s productivity.

Adjustability – this feature is what makes the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 unique. The chair allows the user maximum control of his/her comfort. So that they can set the chair's position according to their preference. The adjustable parts of the Ergo 2 are the backrest, armrests and seat height.

Lumbar support – there is an adjustable lumbar support which will help comfort the user’s lower back and help prevent aliment like back pains.

Upholstery material – the material used is mesh. This material in particular bests all other upholstery of various office chairs. The reason n is because of its quality. The material is soft and smooth, it is able to provide the user comfort on the seat. And on the chair’s backrest, the mesh helps to reduce the user’s body heat by its ability to retain cool fresh air.                                                                                                  

Alera Elusion

This is a simple mesh mid-back chair with very useful features. The aim of the Alera Elusion is to provide the users with comfort and health at its best. And to do that it offers the users its features.

Upholstery material – there is a breathable mesh material on the backseat which helps a lot in regulating the body heat of the user. And on the seat, there is a silhouette seat cushion that has a waterfall-like edge, it helps to improve comfort and reduce the pressure on the user’s legs.

Adjustability – there are crucial parts of this chair that is adjustable. They include the seat height, armrests, and backseat.

Lumbar support – there is a lumbar support present but it is not adjustable. It is still able to do its job which is to provide comfort for the user’s lower back.

Space seating air Grid Mesh office chair

Space seating air Grid Mesh office chair

This is a mesh office chair which put it in the same category of the Autonomous Ergo 2 office chair. The reason because of the feature they share and it is the mesh material. The combination of the chair’s features along with the mesh material, it is able to provide the users with top quality features.

Lumbar support –just like the autonomous ergo 2 there is an adjustable lumbar support that allows the users to set the cushion on the lower back. It is relative to each of their various heights.

Load capacity – the chair is able to support a weight of up to 400lbs. this feature makes it best for heavy users.

Upholstery material – its upholstery is made up of mesh material. With this material fixed across the office chair’s backseat, it provides users comfort by reducing their body heat. This is possible due to the mesh’s ability to allow free fresh flowing air.

Adjustability – this chair uses a four-way adjustable system. The adjustable parts include a backrest, seat height, armrests, and headrest.

TOPSKY Mesh computer chair

Frame material – it makes use of a metal which gives the chair's base enough strength to hold a weight of 330lbs.

Upholstery material – the material is mesh. It provides the user's comfort with its ability to aid cool fresh air flow and its soft, smooth nature which aids even distribution of the user’s weight.

Adjustability – the chair makes use of a four-way adjustable system. The adjustable parts include armrests, lumbar support, seat height, and headrest.

Modway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair

This is office chair provides enough comfort and support for the user to work long hours in the office. It is able to that with its very useful features.

Load capacity – the chair is able to carry a load close too or below 300lbs. it is still perfect for heavy people.

Adjustability – this office chair makes use of a three-way adjustable system to improve the user's comfort. The adjustable parts include armrests, backrest, and seat height.

Upholstery material – the material being used is mesh. It provides the user comfort by regulating his/her body heat with its ability to aid airflow. It also provides the users comfort on the seat due it is soft and smooth feel.

Autonomous AvoChair

Autonomous Avo Chair

This is another masterpiece done by autonomous. It is designed is simple and so are its function and use of its functions. The AvoChair is so minimal it’s made up of a 100% recyclable parts. The aim of the chair is to provide the user comfort and health. And it is able to do that with its features.

Load capacity – this chair is built for users with average weight as it only supports weights close to or below 250lbs.

Upholstery material – the material used on the back seat and the seat pan is an elastomeric mesh.

Adjustability – the AvoChair makes use of a three-way adjustable system. Its adjustable parts include the backrest, armrests, and seat height.

Autonomous Ergo stool

Autonomous Ergo Stool

Fast paced relieve is the key here. The stool is not meant for long-term use but it can provide quality short-term use. After all, its aim is to provide quick relief from standing for long hours. Or using a standing desk that switches between a sitting desk and a standing one.

The best feature about the ergo-stool is its ability to ensure the user a good posture if he/she sits on it correctly.

ONGO stool

This stool possesses similar a similar design to the autonomous ergo stool. The only difference is its narrow rack which contains a ball. For each movement made by the user, the ball causes the stool to respond acoustically.

The ONGO's best feature is: It also helps to keep the user's good posture. Its active sitting helps to enhance the user’s mental performance making him/her creative.  


Every office chair is unique due to its best feature or the feature that is in demand by the user. For instance, a chair’s best feature could be its wide backrest, this is enough to make it unique from other chairs with different styles and designs.

There are general factors in which every chair should be able to possess before being referred to as an ergonomic office chair. Every chair can be unique if it is best at any of the factors. This will then lead to types of chairs based on the combination of factors to be considered.

The types of office chairs include normal office chairs, task chairs, and stools. On the post, there are 10 unique office chairs to choose from. All of them possess the right combination of features to ensure user comfort and health.

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