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Guide to Upgrade Hot Desking for Employee Satisfaction
Hybrid Working

Guide to Upgrade Hot Desking for Employee Satisfaction

|Jul 10, 2021

Hot desking has become quite popular in recent years. Although it isn’t the perfect office solution, it is compatible with the conditions of the post-pandemic world. Moreover, most companies opt for a hybrid workplace to allow employees some distance from the headquarters due to health concerns.

Autonomous Hybrid Work has been a solid solution for several companies for a while. However, using office hot-desking management software isn't enough to keep your employees satisfied and happy with their work conditions.


We'll tell you how to upgrade your hot-desking policy to make it more appropriate for your employees for today's article. But before we start to know more about , it is necessary to refresh your memory a bit and explore the hot-desking definition.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a working model where employees can allocate a desk within the office space and start working on their daily activities from there. All employees are required to go through the same process; thus, it is possible that an employee may be next to different people from time to time.

What is hot desking?

One of the most appreciated hot desking benefits is the maximization of space efficiency. But with this, people are also granted a more pleasant, flexible job opportunity that they can keep up with regardless of their schedule.

hybrid working environment may also be encouraged by the employer, as employers are often granted the opportunity of working remotely from time to time.

Office hoteling vs Hot desking

These two terms were used as synonyms for several years. Nevertheless, over time, both terms have departed from each other, and now it is possible to point out multiple differences between each one.

Office hoteling vs. Hot desking

Office hoteling implies workers book their preferred workstation and schedule in advance. On the other hand, hot desking allows them to select a specific desk once they arrive at their workplace. In addition, they can choose from one of the available desks – reservations may not be possible. Thus, they are subject to desk availability.

How to make hot-desking a pleasant experience for employees

Employers must take into account multiple factors to make hot-desking work for everyone. This section will explore the aspects that have the utmost importance if you consider incorporating a hot-desking space rather than office hoteling pros and cons.

1. Be aware of how the change is going.

The change from a particular working model to another is always challenging and a whole experience. It implies changes not only in the way we work but also implies cultural changes. However, allowing your employees to discuss the policy with you may make it a less stressful experience.

You should start by mentioning the benefits that hot desking can bring into your life. Then, explain everything you think they need to understand how the model operates and how it will affect the workflow. While you do it, it would help if you invited people to share their opinions. This will let them know that you actually care about what they have to think.

Be aware of how the change is going.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll cross paths with problems you didn’t even know existed.

Moreover, please note that, in times like these, remote working should also be considered as an option. It is highly compatible with hot-desking, and maybe it's a good idea to include it if you aim to take advantage of as much space as possible while reducing the costs.

2. The first-come, first-served model is obsolete.

Our description of this working model depicts one of the biggest problems with it: those who get first to the office may get the spots preferred by certain employees. This situation may make some employees frustrated as they may feel at a disadvantage. Maybe hot desking software can help.

The first-come, first-served model is obsolete.

It may also lead to a competitive, toxic work culture if the situation doesn’t become controlled. Some employees may claim a specific desk as theirs, for instance. However, this situation can be easily avoided with hot-desking software. This way, you will be able to keep track of who’s using a particular desk at any time.

It may also be worth it to teach employees about office hoteling etiquette, which can be applied pretty well to the hot desking model as both concepts are hugely similar.

3. Allow your employees to have space.

It can be quite difficult for certain employees to get used to a hot-desking office due to the lack of personalization they can give to their workstations. So what can you do about it?

For instance, it can be quite uncomfortable to move your personal items from a desk to another every time you’re changing your workstation – or even leaving the headquarters. To solve this problem, providing the workplace with lockers where they can keep the items they use the most at work is a good idea.

 Allow your employees to have space.

Consider also having certain items that help you create a positive office culture and a more intimate experience, such as a board where people can put photos of their loved ones.

Last but not least, please note that your employees should be able to modify the workstation according to their preferences. For instance, some people have unique body proportions that may not suit the previous user’s settings. In these cases, people should have access to ergonomic chairs and desks. This way, your employees will feel more “in control” of what they do at the workplace.

4. Plan the benefits thoroughly.

Plan the benefits thoroughly.

Another good thing to think about in the hot-desking management, especially if you're thinking of combining hot desking with remote working, is the benefits you'll provide to the workforce. For instance, these benefits may look quite "interesting" to the employees:

  • Grant them more autonomy. Employees should be satisfied with their workplace; otherwise, they will reflect their unhappiness in their performance and productivity. So make sure you hear their needs and that you will make an effort to try and make it a better place for them.

  • There should be more equality. Hot desking implies that everyone will be working within the same space, without preference. Therefore, that “hierarchy” that most workplaces have should not be a problem anymore once the new model has been implemented. It may also lead to greater collaboration!
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