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Can Using the Standing Desk Reduce Your Back Pain?
Work Wellness

Can Using the Standing Desk Reduce Your Back Pain?

|Jul 14, 2021

25% of employees suffer from back pain, though back pain and workplace go hand in hand, the majority of adults spend years of their lives complaining about back pain. Some may develop it into serious long-term health conditions such as sciatica, while others may recover over time. Whatever the case is, a workplace should not be a cause of your back pain.

Physical fatigue or pain in the workplace isn't only harmful to the human body, but it also lowers the energy level and affects productivity. Researchers have long studied back pain when sitting, and thus height-adjustable desks and ergonomic standing desks for back pain were invented.

As people shifted towards healthier alternatives of working while standing, many still complain about standing desk back pain. There are many health benefits of a standing desk, such as lowered cholesterol levels, reducing chances of obesity, and helps overcome high blood sugar. Still, long-term usage may cause back pain at work standing.


It is important to switch between sitting and standing or even use standing desk back pain relief tricks to help overcome this issue. This article will help you guide how a standing desk can help you overcome back pain, as well as the right way to use standing desks.

How A Standing Desk Helps Reduce Back Pain

There is a reason why researchers emphasize getting up from your chair various times a day and stretching a bit. The workplace exercises and common stretches have gained popularity over the years not only to refresh your mind but also to make you get up from that chair. However, sitting for several hours a day has many negative impacts that people often fail to understand.

How A Standing Desk Helps Reduce Back Pain

Even if you choose the most comfortable chair in the world, not spending a few hours on your legs will cause your body to get tired and experience many unhealthy effects. Sitting improperly not only ruins our posture but also messes with the circulation system. It is the major cause people become obese and also develop unhealthy blood sugar levels.

Thanks to ergonomics, height-adjustable desks are replacing conventional desks, and you can easily switch between sitting and standing while working. This change allows you to rest your legs and take that load off your shoulders and back. In addition, to eliminate lower back pain, standing desks are used commonly. But how does a standing desk help you with back pain or other health issues? Here's how!

Elbow Placement

Elbow Placement

If our elbows aren't aligned comfortably with our bodies, they tend to retain tension. This tension could be transferred to the upper arms. Thus shoulders and long-term pressure cause our neck to hurt. A standing desk helps you correct the elbow placement angle by maintaining a 90 degree angle with the desk and desktop. This ensures your elbows are not strained in any way.

Thigh Measure

The leading edge of the chair must not have a distance greater than the width of a finger with your thigh. Any distance greater could cause discomfort and thus result in lower back pain. Ergonomic standing desks back pain often offer height adjustability, so you can modify the desk height to adjust the thigh measure.

Lower Back Support

Whether you are working, standing, or sitting, the lower back must not be under any extra pressure. Our spines are one of the most sensitive areas, and keeping them under pressure for hours can have many deadly health effects. Make sure your lower back always rests against the chair, and it should not slump forward. If that's not the case, adjust the standing desk height to a safe level so you can easily reside against the back support of your work chair.

Eye Level

Eye Level

This is one of the most important factors to have a peaceful working position. Not keeping the monitor at your eye level will cause extra strain on your eyes and neck. Instead, use the adjustable height feature of a standing desk to bring the desktop to your eye level. You can use this feature smartly while adjusting eye level both during sitting and standing.

DIY Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk

Before purchasing a standing desk for back pain and they are not cheap, you must learn about a few things. A standing desk will not magically help with all the problems, but you need to be smart with it. Try stacking up a few books on the surface of your existing desk, treat it as a standing desk, and observe the difference in routine. If your back constantly hurts, then opting for a cushion or an ergonomic chair with lumbar support is a good idea too.

How to Set up A Standing Desk

Setting up an ergonomic standing workstation isn't that big of a challenge. Thankfully ergonomic furniture comes with easy to control and manage parts, but you might need a few tries to get a hold of it. Especially if you have opted for a manual standing desk, you may need some time to learn how to control and manage the manual height adjustable system, or even using an ergonomic chair with an adjustable feature requires a little practice.

How to Set up A Standing Desk

Adjust the height depending on your work comfort. If you have a standing desk for back pain and not using it properly, there is no point in investing in this smart piece of furniture. Make sure you adjust the height just so that your shoulders don't have to slouch or shrug. Nor the eye level falls below or above the desktop.

  • Place your monitor at an arm's length away to provide a safe surface to elbows. If the elbows are under extra strain, not only will your shoulders experience discomfort, but this could extend as a long-term pain in your back and neck muscles.

  • A smart standing desk comes with features that help you with micro-adjustments. SmartDesk Core comes with four programmable settings so you can adjust the desk height to a safe value and keep it saved. Rather than just wasting time on attaining the desired height each time, the programmed setting will help you achieve a fixed value.

  • If standing for long hours gives you pain or tires your leg muscles, it is by all means necessary to use an anti-fatigue mat. Anti-fatigue mats are good at giving micro-movements to your body that are comfortable and help you work for long hours without experiencing any fatigue.
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