UV Light Water Bottle: Is This Self-Cleaning Bottle Worth It?
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UV Light Water Bottle: Is This Self-Cleaning Bottle Worth It?

|Dec 29, 2021

Water bottles are handy and are used daily by many across the globe. They’re extremely useful in helping individuals stay hydrated during their busy schedules. However, they can sometimes be a pain to clean. It’s difficult to fit a sponge into a water bottle, properly clean the bottle with the sponge, and then try to remove it from the container. 

That is why self-cleaning water bottles are beginning to appear. This can reduce the amount of effort and time that needs to be put in when cleaning a water bottle. A lot of companies have realized they can use ultraviolet (UV) light to clean water bottles. Continue reading to find out more about self-cleaning water bottles and why they’re worth it. 

What Is a UV Light Bottle?

What Is a UV Light Bottle?

A UV light water bottle contains a UV-C light bulb on the top of the lid. The UV light is supposed to kill odor-causing bacteria while helping to clean the inside of the bottle. The CRAZYCAP 2 filtered water bottle is a great option because it allows the user to clean the contents of the water bottle easily and effectively. 

With just two taps on the lid, the UV light is activated for a quick clean that lasts two minutes. Otherwise, tap the lid five times and receive a deeper purification process that takes two minutes. On top of this, UV light automatically activates every four hours, so the water is always clean and fresh. 

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

There are three main types of UV light; UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. The light that is used to kill bacteria and viruses is UV-C because it has the shortest wavelength. This can only happen because UV light can destroy the molecular bonds that hold bacteria together. That is also why many people can find objects that have a UV light, because people have become very hypervigilant when it comes to bacteria. 

UV-C light is trusted because it has also been used to clean surgical equipment in hospitals. The reason being is that it can clean and target areas that are harder to reach when an individual is manually cleaning. 

There have been many gadgets made that use UV light to clean our objects at home. Users are now buying lights for their phones, toothbrushes, and handheld wands to clean their spaces and belongings. Scientists have even been looking at creating UV-C lights to put in public areas, so it is always killing off bacteria and viruses. Using this product is one of the healthy life tips that you should follow.

It can be noted how UV-C light is being used in many places that we already trust. With this in mind, purifying the water that is in bottles, so purified water is consumed is another step towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Is It Safe to Use?

A List of Best UV Light Water Bottles

UV light is used to kill microorganisms, so it is safe in a lot of settings. After placing water into the bottle, the UV light can combat the bacteria and leave you with water that is purified and healthy for you to drink. However, it can also be unsafe to use and may not work. 

In essence, UV light cannot be used if the water is murky, muddy, or has floating debris in it. The reason for this is because it needs to completely and fully penetrate the water with its light for it to kill any bacteria. 

Murky, muddy, and debris-filled water does not allow you to do that. If the water that you have placed in the bottle is not clear, then do not expect the UV light to work properly. 

What to Look for In Your UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

What to Look for In Your UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

There are multiple factors to consider before buying a UV light water bottle, but there are five things you should keep note of: purification, design, taste, ease of use, battery life, and capacity. Use this checklist to make sure that you are picking the right self-cleaning water bottle for you. 

  • Purification: What does the UV cleaning water bottle say it can get rid of? What is the percentage of effectiveness the product claims it can use to get rid of bacteria? Also, think about how long it takes for the bottle to purify the water. Is auto cleaning an option with the bottle? After purchasing it, take a look after three days and see if it works and how clean your bottle is. 
  • Design: Look at how the bottle is designed. Is it easy to use? Can you carry it around with no problems? Is a bottle sleeve needed? Does it keep your water cold? 
  • Taste: Compare the UV cleaning water bottle to your normal drinking water and see how it tastes. Does it taste better? Can you taste a difference? Do you want a bottle where you can taste the difference? 
  • Ease of use: Think about if the bottle is easy to use. Can you use it right out of the box? How easy is it to clean manually? Where can you store it? 
  • Battery life: Time how long it takes for it to charge. How long does the charge hold for? Is that with or without additional cleaning for your water? How many cleaning cycles does it complete on one charge? 
  • Capacity: What is the UV light water bottle capacity? Does it need to be refilled often or are you able to keep it with you for long periods of time? 

These five things are great to think about before purchasing a UV cleaning water bottle. At the end of the day, this is an investment into an object that is supposed to give you clean and purified water. Make sure that it is right for you and think critically about it. Do not waste your money on a water bottle that you may not even use. 

A List of Best UV Light Water Bottles

This is a list of multiple UV Light water bottles, so you can pick which one is best for you. 

1. Autonomous CRAZYCAP 2

Autonomous CRAZYCAP 2 uv light water bottle

This is the first best UV water bottle in the list. The makers at Autonomous have come out with a water bottle that can sanitize your water with just the tap of a button. It comes in two colors, medium in onyx and large in teak. Either way, it looks sleek and stylish for your water bottle needs. Also, This UV C water bottle can keep hot contents hot for 12 hours and cold contents cold for 24 hours, so there is no need to worry about your drink losing its temperature. 

Certified by the NSF, the UV light is built in the cap. It has the same wavelength that is used to sanitize operating rooms, but it is 100% chemical-free. By purchasing a reusable water bottle, you can replace many plastic bottles of water. This allows everyone to save money and help the environment. 

Individuals have also noted that tasting the water after it has been purified has left them with much better water. Also, they did not notice any smells coming from the bottle after constant use. 

Also, this UV light water bottle comes with a 10-year warranty, so if there is anything wrong, get in touch with customer service and see what can be done. It’s super easy to charge, just plug in the USB and let it get ready for your next use. After one charge, it can last up to two months, but that is only if it is completing the auto-clean feature. If you are manually cleaning your water, then that does affect the battery. Either way, this UV water purifier bottle is definitely handy and useful. 


LARQ uv light water bottle

LARQ has two cleaning modes to purify the water. There is the normal mode, which lasts 60 seconds and can purify up to 99.99% of pathogens. It also has an adventure mode, which takes three minutes but purifies up to 99.9999% of pathogens. These numbers may not seem like there is a big difference, but that 0.0099% is very important if someone is grabbing water from a stream or other natural sources. This is one of the best home gym and outdoor equipment you should have.

There is a button placed on the top of the cap, so when the user wants to activate the light, they just need to touch it. However, it does come on every two hours, so it can complete a ten-second clean. Individuals have said that they have not noticed any smells in this UV C water bottle after constant use. 

This UV light water bottle has been reported that the water from this bottle does not taste any significantly better after the cleaning process. However, it is still clean. 

The LARQ is made of stainless steel and is insulated, so it can keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours. One charge can last an individual two whole months, which is useful because then, the user does not need to constantly charge it. However, if it is being used in adventure mode, then it can only last up to 12 days, so be aware of that. 

3. Mahaton Bottle

Mahaton Bottle

This is another best UV water bottle for your consideration. Mahaton has come out with a UV water purifier bottle that eliminates up to 99.99% of pathogens. After using this bottle, individuals have said they were not able to smell any odors. However, unlike the previous two bottles on this UV light water bottle list, the Mahaton does not have an additional cleaning option. That is why this bottle should not be taken outside to use when drinking water from streams or other outside sources. Adding this item into your check list when you are planning how to fit exercise into your day.

Made of double-wall stainless steel, it’s durable and can keep your cold contents cold for hours. It is also a smaller-sized water bottle, so it can fit comfortably in any bag or holder. However, it can only hold up to 12 ounces of water due to its size. This can be an issue because there is not a lot of water. Be aware that it might need to be refilled more often than other water bottles that are bigger in size. 

The most notable feature of this UV C water bottle is that it is wireless. That means you do not need a wire to charge it. Place it on a wireless charging mat, and let it regain some of its own charge that way. After being charged, it can last up to a full three weeks, but that is only if the purification cycle only happens four times a day. It is a shorter window compared to the two previous bottles, but it is still a good amount of time. 

4. SteriPen Adventure Opti

SteriPen Adventure Opti uv light water bottle

Let’s start workout challenges at home with this product. The SteriPen UV light water bottle is great if you need something that is light and lean. This is not a water bottle, but it is well regarded in the UV light water purifying community. It was built to be taken into the wilderness, so anyone can place it into their water bottle and purify their water. Place the pen into the water and swirl the bottle in a circular motion. It takes 90 seconds to clean the water. 

A green light appears in this UV water purifier bottle when the water is safe to drink, or a red light appears when you need to use it again. It also uses batteries, but it lasts for a long time on them. Developers say that the user can expect at least 50 treatments on one set of batteries. It is also good to use for up to 8,000 liters, which is a lot of water.


Buying a self-cleaning water bottle is handy for many reasons. Whether you want your water at home cleaned or you’re on a hike, a self-cleaning water bottle can help you. There are some great options to look at when it comes to which bottle is right for you. Remember to look at the five important aspects we’ve mentioned in this article before buying one. 

Also, to match your self-cleaning water bottle, grab some other fitness equipment that can match and be useful alongside your new purchase. Enjoy the clean water from your new UV light water bottle!

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