Versatile Backyard Studio Shed Ideas for a New Home Workspace
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Versatile Backyard Studio Shed Ideas for a New Home Workspace

|Aug 7, 2022

With more people working in a hybrid situation, people are trying to figure out how to create a working-from-home solution that won’t take up space in their homes. Also, many people have other family members they need to consider when it comes to working from home. That is why many people are beginning to think about a backyard studio shed. 

There is a reason why many people are looking at a backyard shed house for their new workspace. This post will break down everything you need to know about backyard office pods and how they can benefit you and your work. 

What Is a Backyard Studio Shed?

What Is a Backyard Studio Shed?

First, it is essential to talk about a backyard studio shed. They are a backyard office shed that people can put up without needing a permit to have a workspace outside their home. People will find this helpful with their work-life balance because they will ensure they can step away from their work at the end of the day. This is essential when working from home. 

One of the best examples of a work pod is from Autonomous. The company has many different options that people can look at, so they can have the proper prefab studio shed for their needs. With the wide variety of sheds, there is bound to be one that every person can use. 

What Color Should You Pick?

When it comes to color, there are many to choose from. If people want to look at an Autonomous Pod, they will be happy to know that they can have one that is sleek and will fit in with every home. It only comes in black and white, but people can enjoy these two colors because they will look nice with every house color and backyard layout. 

Additionally, people will need to think about the inside. The inside of the pod will be bare, making it the perfect canvas for everyone because they can turn it into anything they want. If they paint the walls a different color, they can. If they want to add pictures, they can. There are so many other options that people will be overwhelmed with options to choose from.

However, when painting outdoor office pods, people should pick a color that will help increase their productivity so they can focus in their prefab backyard office. Below are a few colors that experts say people should use for productivity. 


White backyard studio shed

White is a well-known color for productivity, so many people will use it in their offices. However, there needs to be the right balance. If someone has too much white, this can negatively impact people while they are in their backyard studio shed. Some might find their space to look too sterile instead of inspiring. 

If people were to use white, they should offset it with other colors or pictures. This will make the office look lively, but it is an excellent way to add some personality to a space to which people would not consider adding character. 


Having an accent wall is always a good idea, but a yellow one is known to impact people in the room positively. It can help boost creativity and energy in prefab office pods. If the person in the backyard shed house has a creative job, this is the perfect way to get those creative muscles going. However, this color is best in larger spaces because no one always wants to be surrounded by yellow walls. 

If there is too much yellow in small spaces, then this could raise anxiety levels. However, if yellow is used moderately, this could be a great color to add to any space. Also, it is just a fun color to have in a room.



Blue is a color that is most often used in offices globally, which is why it is not surprising to have it on this list as a color for a prefab backyard office. It can help calm people down when sitting in their backyard office. Also, the many different shades of blue will have other effects on people. 

A lighter blue is a great way to make the space open and bright. While a darker blue can have a more professional feel to it. Also, many pieces of furniture go with the color blue, which is why people will find it easy to furnish with greens, whites, and other colors.


Brown backyard studio shed

Brown has been known to be a successful color for raising productivity in a workspace environment. This is because the color has many different colors, making it feel earthy and natural. It will give a sense of warmth to an environment, which will help people feel more grounded. 

Also, brown paint will promote emotional stability, which might be a good thing to have if the person has a stressful job. Additionally, people can change the shade of brown to pick one perfect for them and their backyard office space. 


In a garden office pod, the color orange is an excellent way for people to boost their energy. It is a vibrant color that will create a creative workspace for all to enjoy. People should not paint the entire prefab backyard office orange because it can become too overwhelming for people to look at. However, it can be used on an accent wall or furniture around the room. 

Also, people should pair it with dark color flooring and black furniture to allow it to stand out against the other colors in the room. Either way, it is another excellent color that people can enjoy, so they can be more creative while working. 

What Kind of Furniture Should You Put in Your Shed?

When it comes to furniture, it is best to pick furniture that will match the space and be comfortable. Once the color has been chosen, there are many different pieces that people can choose from for their space. 


Desk in backyard studio shed

Every workspace needs a desk, so people can complete their work in their backyard studio shed. There are many different desks to choose from, so people should pick one with the right color and type. Some desks are standing desks, perfect for those who need to raise their desk in the middle of the day. 

Also, there are other desks that people might want depending on their job. Some desks are perfect for those who have a creative job like architecture. Picking a suitable desk can make or break any space in a backyard office shed. 


Chair in backyard studio shed

Another piece of furniture that people should have is an ergonomic chair. When working, having the right chair is the best way for people to make sure that their neck, shoulders, and back are not stressed. Having the right chair will make a big difference for everyone working in their backyard studio shed. 

People can also pick a different chair color than everything else in the room to have an accent piece. It is an excellent way for people to add a pop of color to a room without overwhelming the space. 


Having a space to make a quick coffee or tea is great for people. This is because people will enjoy being able to pick up a cup of coffee while they look out the window. Also, many different coffee machines make tea and hot chocolate, so people are not just limited to one drink option. 

Also, people can grab a few snacks and put them in a mini fridge, so they are less likely to go to the kitchen in their house. They can feel like they can stay in their backyard office shed to complete their work. 


Shelving in backyard studio shed

Shelving is an essential piece of furniture since it will give every person some much-needed storage. Putting everything away in a tasteful way is the best thing to do for those with some decorative pieces and lots of books. 

People can pick many different shelving options, so there is bound to be a color that will match every aesthetic and color scheme. 

Some Decoration Ideas to Consider for Your Shed



Depending on which color the walls are, people may want to add some greenery into their space. This is because greenery can help ground people in their backyard studio shed. Luckily, if people struggle to keep their plants alive, they can choose from many fake ones. 

It is a great way to bring some nature into the room. If someone bought the WorkPod Versatile from Autonomous, they would be happy to know that there are many glass windows around them, so this will help bring nature into the room, and people will not feel like they are being kept in a small box. 


Another piece of decoration that people should consider is pictures because this can add their personality to the space. Every backyard shed house will do well to have pictures inside because it makes the space more welcoming. People will also enjoy looking at the pictures in their space.

These can be used as accent pieces. Also, it can help pull out different colors in other pieces of furniture so that people can see them more clearly and everything will blend together nicely. 



A rug is an excellent way for people to add a cozy feeling to a prefab studio shed. This is because people will be able to walk around comfortably, and they can enjoy being in the space. Also, rugs are a great way to save flooring if people have a rolling chair. 

There are many different colors, so people will be able to pick a rug that is perfect for them and their needs. 


Lighting is great in every backyard studio shed because people can create the ambiance they need in their space. Many people may have smaller lights that can go around the room, like LED strips, because they will give people floor space and light up the room. 

LED and RGB light has become extremely popular in many workspaces because people can change the color to what they want for their space. It is a way for people to change their mood, so if they need a bit of time to decompress after a long day, they can turn the lights down and change the color. 

Throws and Pillows

Throws and Pillows

People might get cold during the day, which is why people may want to have some throws and pillows in their office. A backyard shed house is a great place for people to have a throw or pillow because they can cozy up on those long nights when the temperature drops. Also, it is another way to bring in some color without painting. 

Additionally, the pillows can make any space more comfortable for people who want to take a break. If they need to have a break, then grabbing a coffee, a throw, and a pillow is the best combination for relaxation. 


Having individual office pods is a great way for people to create a healthy work-life balance while working from home. Since more people are staying in a hybrid working state, having a separate space will give them the freedom and creativity to create a space that is right for them without intruding on the family home.  

Also, it is a fun way for people to have a backyard studio shed that is made for them. People will have a space that is right for them and everything they need. With the wide range of colors, decorations, and furniture, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a workspace.

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