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Virtual Team Building Activities Your Company Must Have
Remote Working

Virtual Team Building Activities Your Company Must Have

|Apr 2, 2021

Among thousands of jobs that a company performs every day, team building is a must. Team building essentially includes using anything and everything at your company’s disposal to bring about the best results.

When a manager resorts to team building, they ensure that they can motivate their team remotely, delivers the best output, and knows how to work in synchronization with one another. However, the challenge is finding the right remote team building activities. A collaborative and well-bonded team is likely to provide better results.

More about team building

Don’t worry, because your company is in good hands. A survey found that companies with enthusiastic and engaged teams are likely to bring in 2.5 times more revenue than teams that are dissatisfied with their workplace.

More about team building

However, the catch here is to do it virtually. None of us expected the lockdown to drag on for so many months. This has forced us to be away from the comfort and convenience of our workplaces. The first thing you could do as a company is reward your team with the ErgoChair 2 and ErgoStool that will make their work as comfortable as possible, or you can purchase office furniture bulk orders.

The next thing you need to do is ingrain this list of the best virtual office activities that will give your company not just one but multiple advantages. Read along to find out what is in store for your virtual team building activities!

Brainy Games

Sometimes, tasks and work that are assigned to the team could possibly get monotonous. This means that they too need an effective breaktime from the same. When your company indulges in games, puzzles, and quizzes that stimulate the mind, they are in turn brainstorming innovative ideas for the company too.

Brainy Games

For instance, you could have your teams play jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, online murder mysteries, and code-breaking games for virtual team building activities. These will not only ensure that they learn to work with their colleagues side by side, but they will also have a great time. These games are great to play in groups, and managers of different departments could act as captains too!

This is a great activity to kick-start remote team-building with, one that could possibly never go wrong.

What’s Your Home Like?

While the title may sound quite misleading, in reality, that is definitely not the case. When it comes to digital team building activities, what’s better than getting to know each other? And what's a better way to do so than to get a sneak-peek into each other’s houses.

What’s Your Home Like?

Keep in mind that your company must approach this task in the least intrusive way possible. Each person in the team is unique and comes from different societies, ethnic backgrounds, and cultures. To get them all to work together, it is best to have them gain as much knowledge about each other as possible.

A tour around the house could perhaps lead to team members introducing dishes that are famous in their cultures. It could also help the team understand each other’s lifestyle and routine so that they could work better together. Furthermore, your company could also try some holiday activities for virtual teams.

Trivia Time

Who doesn’t love trivia? At the end of the day, all we want are good doses of nostalgia to rid us of stress at the workplace that is part of every job. In the list of online team building activities, this one is definitely at the top.

Trivia Time

Your company could perhaps set up one day every week where the entire team could come together. From here onwards, it is up to you how you want to take it forward. You could organize trivia quizzes of pop culture, current events, science, and technology, etc. This will get everybody’s brains running and also build healthy competition.

Another highly recommended thing to do for virtual team building activities is to play a round of personal trivia. This is a unique way to break the ice without the awkwardness of giving forced introductions. A Harvard study shows that colleagues that are friends perform better. Healthy friendships and healthy work relationships can also reflect in their work and tasks, so this is surely something you should do.

Share Your Dreams

This doesn’t necessarily mean sharing your deepest, darkest desires. But maybe your company could ask their teams to share their bucket lists. It is one of interesting virtual team building activities. What better way to befriend somebody than to know their hopes and aspirations?

The list could include so many things! Teams could write down their dreams, places they want to travel, goals they have set for themselves, etc. They could even list down what they want to achieve from the job, and your company could then work forward from there and find out ways to help them get there.

Share Your Dreams

If you want to take this one step forward, you could even have them all write their bucket lists and send them to the manager. The manager could then display each list one by one and have the team members guess who wrote it. This will help each other get familiarized with their teams' characteristics and qualities.

After doing this, the teams would definitely get better at working with each other, because not a lot of things will surprise them about other members.

Summing Up

Virtual team building activities are hard, but they are not impossible. While it sometimes may feel that your company’s efforts are going in vain, it is important to stay hopeful for the future. In case these activities aren’t that efficient, here is a list of virtual team bonding ideas to quicken the pace of the process.

While virtual office activities can be challenging, they also come with their own advantages. Planning these things out virtually gives certain people who wouldn't interact so easily physically a chance to speak their minds. Not only this, but these activities will ensure that your company’s production levels and output keep soaring higher.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try these now, and see the results in front of you! In no time, you will have a stronger and collaborative remote team to help take your company forward.

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