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WalkingPad C2 Review: Can You Walk and Work at the Same Time?
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WalkingPad C2 Review: Can You Walk and Work at the Same Time?

|Nov 9, 2023

This is one of those rare reviews where I’m writing while using the product itself - WalkingPad C2. A walking pad is essentially another name for a foldable treadmill that fits under your desk. It sells itself as a great way to get those 10,000 steps while you’re at your desk. 

Does it live up to the billing? Let’s jump on and find out.

The Box Opening and Unfolding

It arrives in the usual box, but it’s smaller than you might expect. The reason will become clear later, but the opening itself is drama-free with a few bits and pieces alongside the WalkingPad. 

The first thing that becomes apparent (and the reason for the smaller box size) is that it’s folded in half. The WalkingPad is easy to open up and move into position. The setup is just as easy. Once you plug it in, it all becomes intuitive - but the instruction manual is simple enough to follow if you ever get stuck.

WalkingPad C2 review

Getting Started

There were a couple of fumbles when I got started with this WalkingPad. The first was to figure out the app - which is needed as part of the whole setup process. The second fumble was with the remote - I had completely forgotten about the batteries!

WalkingPad C2 review

Once those small issues were fixed, it was a painless process to get going. There are two settings you could use - manual or automatic. I generally preferred the manual setting as it gave me more control over the treadmill speed. 

Here’s a few features to bear in mind with this WalkingPad C2 model:

  • Up to 4 MPH
  • Two control modes: Remote or smartphone app
  • LED display
  • Wheels for easy storage

Overall, it’s a seamless experience in terms of the setup!

WalkingPad C2 Review

Everyday Use

The real test is what it’s like to use every day, and can you really walk and work at the same time? I have to admit, even I was a bit skeptical about the idea, despite being very open to new technologies and innovations.

I was happily proved wrong.

Right away, I found myself walking and working without any issues whatsoever. In some ways, I felt more productive than before - perhaps that was just the feeling of being active, but it felt great. 

The WalkingPad is now an essential part of my routine, where I use it for one hour in the mornings and one hour after lunch, adding about 7,000 steps each day. 

I feel better, healthier and more productive. It’s been a complete revelation. 

WalkingPad C2 review


There are a couple of minor drawbacks. It does make a noise, about the same as your average dishwasher. I use mine at home so it’s not an issue, but I’m not sure I’d use it if my colleagues are close to me - it could prove a bit distracting for them.

It’s also a little bit slow for me. I’m the first to acknowledge that I’m one of those quick walkers, but it does feel like it could be a little faster. Fortunately, you could get the WalkingPad X21 model if you want to run as well as walk.

WalkingPad C2 review

Final Thoughts

The WalkingPad C2 is a great product, there’s no getting away from that. It has completely changed the way I work, and gives me the opportunity to have exercise without the stress of missing work.

If you’re feeling a bit short on exercise or simply want to lift your mental wellbeing, this product is your solution.

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