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Ways to Stay Creative During Lockdown for Working Remotely

Ways to Stay Creative During Lockdown for Working Remotely

|Sep 28, 2021

An employee could work on-premises in some cases but also work from home in other cases. By adopting this new hybrid model, individuals and small teams will have better access to talent, become more productive, experience lower costs, and be more flexible. However, mixing up virtual and on-site working can be more challenging than we think if you don’t stay creative during lockdown.

There may have been several reasons for this. Despite the advantages of remote working at scale, there are more downsides than upsides in each case.It is not only riskier to work remotely or virtually but also bound to reduce creativity, innovation, and on-the-job learning when you know how to stay creative during lockdown.

Effective Ways for You to Stay Creative During Lockdown

Take up a Wellness Activity

It's essential to engage in or plan out regular sessions where you take a break. It could be any activity involving self-care: yoga, meditation, quick naps, or even a relaxing facial. Try a new thing every day to be creative during lockdown to maintain your energy level. A change of routine every day plays a significant role in providing a sense of change in your productive work-from-home schedule. Another important aspect is to ensure that your self-care isn’t related to work.

Take More Breaks

Take More Breaks

The tendency is to work more at home and move less while working from the home office - our productivity increases when you have a regular schedule of starting and stopping jobs.You could stay creative during lockdown by taking occasional breaks and relocating your workspace from your home office to the living room, bedroom, or patio once in a while.

Team up with Friends

Co-working online might be an option if you do not have Zoom fatigue. Organize the week to slot out time where you can co-work with your colleagues and alternate pre-defined work locations. You could also team up with friends who work in other offices and book a co-working space together.

Setup Time Blocks

Team up with Friends

One of the benefits of work-life balance is that you can choose your own work time. Time chunks allow you to experience maximum flexibility, freedom, and control. It’s beneficial when you need to multitask many priorities and to meet commitments. To develop a creative version of yourself and help you stay sane, try time chunking. It helps you keep track of your workflow, prevent burnout and possible mistakes.

Prioritize Heavy-duty Work Challenges

Keep your focus on challenging work and avoid getting distracted by mundane tasks to maintain a work-life balance. If there is no emergency, safety problems, or other issues, go ahead with the rest of your day. Make regular lunches with your clients a part of your schedule. Meeting with clients outdoors is a better option than Zoom. It is vital to avoid relaxing, eating, and cleaning up when you're stressed.

Simplify Your Pre-work Morning Routine

Simplify Your Pre-work Morning Routine

A thoughtful morning routine helps me work efficiently, both professionally and personally. Meditation regimens, affirmations, visualizations, and rigorous exercise keep one focused and cultivate creative muscle memory; so, it helps to stay creative during lockdown. As long as the motivation is focused on the goal, the associated rewards and reasons usually motivate.

Limit Screen Distractions

Today, social media and messaging software make it very easy to be in constant contact with others. The situation is more serious when we sit in front of our computers for most of the day. For at least a few hours, it's a good idea to disconnect from your laptop and phone. With no distractions like social media algorithms and others, your brain will have ample time to wander and develop new ideas.

Plan and Send out Thank You Notes

Plan and Send out Thank You Notes

Never underestimate the power of ‘Thank You.’Thanks should be sent to those who helped you along the way. It will make you feel good to return the love and encourage others to appreciate what you do for them and spread the love. Sending a gift coupon, hamper, or a special gift to someone who went out of their way to help you is the simplest way, but you can always send a gift coupon, hamper, or special gift.

Meet up with Everyone Else

According to current scientific understanding, a person's perception of reality functions social interactions with people from different backgrounds. It's still possible to network virtually, even if we aren't traveling or attending conventional events at the moment. Is it possible to organize a bi-weekly hobby group meeting through Zoom to do creative work during lockdown?

How about bringing complementary skills together as employees who want to understand better what motivates intelligent, motivated people to grow the business? To re-energize your spirit, we can arrange extra sessions, such as art and renewal or online puzzle breaks.

Edit Your Work Environment

Edit Your Work Environment

Differing perspectives feed creative thinking. It is possible to become accustomed to a particular way of thinking by staying in the same position, following the same routine. Whenever we change work environments and develop new creative solutions, our brains suddenly switch out of autopilot. It's also possible to dress up as different personas, wear creative socks, or determine the best office color.

Try out Mindfulness and Meditation

Lots of talks, groups, presentations, webinars, apps, etc., are popular in MINDFULNESS. We become more aware of our present experiences. You should consider the many options and opt for the one that most interests you.

This technique is both easy and effective for resetting the mind and extremely helpful to stay creative during lockdown. An audio guide to a guided meditation can even be listened to while walking. If you need a moment to catch your breath, consider what you are surrounded by before picking up your phone again.

Breakaway from Your Autopilot Routine

Breakaway from Your Autopilot Routine

Your autopilot mode is perfect for getting things done as quickly as possible when you have super tight deadlines. However, too much of it could leave you drained and bored. Just by changing up your morning and evening routine, you can spark creativity.

Alternatively, you can get a new coffee mug and drink coffee with the opposite hand. Your teeth can be brushed better with the opposite hand. Remodel the kitchen/bathroom area so it looks different from how it does normally.

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