What Are the Different Types of Lighting and Light Fixtures?
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What Are the Different Types of Lighting and Light Fixtures?

|Oct 4, 2022

You have multiple ways in which lighting can impact how you experience a space, and each space may require different types of lighting. Lighting setups that combine different types of lighting create an atmosphere that is inviting and conducive to working or relaxing. In order to achieve this, you should layer three different types of ceiling lights:

  • Lighting that is ambient or general
  • Accent lighting
  • Task lighting

Which Lighting Fixtures Are the Best For The Home?

Depending on what types of light fixtures for the ceiling you need, you will find the answer to this question. Some form of ceiling light is designed to hang from the ceiling. Lighting fixtures for ceilings can be divided into three types:

Track lighting

There are several styles and sizes of track lighting to fit most desk lighting ideas. In general, these fixtures are designed for hanging from ceiling tracks. They can extend vertically or horizontally.

Track lighting - types of lighting

Pendant lighting

Wires are typically used to mount these lighting fixtures. A chandelier can be in a variety of sizes and shapes but generally has a similar appearance to these.

Flush mount lighting

There is no doubt that this type of lighting is the most popular. Generally speaking, flush mounts are recessed into the ceiling and look like they are recessed. There are several kinds of lighting materials available.

Flush mount lighting - types of lighting

Lighting Fixtures For The Home: What Are The Best Ones?

Lamps used indoors have many types; their places, objects, functions, characteristics, cultures, and types of home lighting are also different. Lamps indoors are generally classified into two types: fixed and movable.

Table lamps, floor lamps, track spotlights, and decorative art lamps are among the most common indoor movable lamps. Home furnishings are often embellished with decorative lighting, like a ceiling fan with LED light, to enhance the interior atmosphere and decorate the interior space.

A fixed lamp used indoors is generally classified as a chandelier, a ceiling light, a battery-operated pendant light on wall, a recessed downlight, a light strip, or an explosion-proof lamp. Functional and decorative chandeliers, wall lamps, and ceiling lamps- all serve as both illumination and decoration. People enjoy the art of different types of home lighting that are comfortable and spacious thanks to the reasonable combination of their artistic style and architecture.

A Lighting Fixture's Purpose Ultimately Determines Its Design

Task lighting

In this case, reading and inspection materials are the primary purposes and are usually the most concentrated. In inspection tasks or surgical procedures, task lighting levels above 1500 lux (150 footcandles) may be required for reading poor-quality reproductions. 

Task lighting

Taking light where it's needed is what task lighting is all about, and you can use a minimalist desk lamp to achieve this. This type of lighting is a concentrated light that illuminates a smaller area. It is designed to illuminate the task, as its name indicates. Workplaces can benefit from this.

As we read & write, work on electronic projects, draw on the board, and perform other tasks, a portable desk lamp is meant to improve our vision. Using task lighting as a contrasting light in a room is the most effective method. For instance, if the rest of the room is dark, with a table lamp on, the light in that area is more effective and reduces glare.

Accent lighting

A decorative element is intended to emphasize pictures, plants, or other interior design or landscaping elements. In accent lighting, items such as floodlights, wall sconces, recessed lights, track lighting, or high hats focus on something, such as accenting pieces in a curio cabinet. The kitchen can have track lighting to highlight areas such as under cabinets that do not receive high hat lighting, such as around portraits or artwork on the wall.

General lighting

General lighting

It is often referred to as ambient light and provides general lighting for an area between the two. Generally, it would be a small table lamp, an adjustable floor lamp for reading, or a ceiling fixture. Since pedestrians and motorists are used to the dark, parking lots may only need a few foot candles of light for pedestrians and motorists to cross.

Overall lighting

An overall light source illuminates all parts of an area without creating shadows. In the past, multiple fluorescent tubes were used, but now multiple LED light fittings are used. In the dark, you can use a small brass floor lamp attached to your overalls to see what you're doing.

An area with overall lighting is illuminated without shadows from any part of it. Multiple fluorescent tubes were once used, but multiple LED light fittings now replace them. Additionally, you may be able to see what you are doing in dark areas by attaching a small lamp to your overalls.

Ceiling recessed light

For heavier fixtures, nails or screws are used to hold the bracket in place against the wall or to attach a fixture called a can to the ceiling. An electrical box can be used for LED lights to hold them in place, as they are typically quite lightweight. In the case of fixtures, they can just use the fixture to hold them in place. 

Lighting mounted on the ceiling - typically hanging from the ceiling or mounted inside the ceiling - is known as ceiling lights. With recess lights, the bulk of their volume is hidden from the ceiling, and the light emitting part shines through a hole as large as the light source at the ceiling interface to the room or just behind the interface.

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