What Can You Do with Shredded Paper?
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What Can You Do with Shredded Paper?

|Aug 4, 2022

Are you working from home these days and there is a lot of paper junk? Do you wonder what you should do with the junk paper? Most of the remote workers use a paper shredder to discard junk mail and private documents. But they wish to do something with the shredded paper to ensure it is not a complete waste.

The question that arises here is how creative you can get once you have shredded the papers. Luckily, there are multiple uses for shredded paper, so it is not a complete waste after all. There are various shredded paper crafts that you would love to try if you have an artsy side.

Are you excited to learn more about the uses of shredded paper? If so, this article is for you. Here we have discussed some of the best ways to utilize your papers once you have shredded them. So, let’s begin!

7 Things You Can Do with Your Shredded Paper

1. Give It Away

Give shredded paper Away

Giving the shredded paper to the people who need it is the best way to get it used. But who will need paper that is shredded? What you are thinking of as trash in your home office setup might be something useful for someone else, for instance, vet care.

Shredded paper is used to provide soft bedding to kittens and chickens in vet care centers. So, they usually need a lot of it for the animals. Therefore, a good way to get your shredded paper used is to give it away to vet care. 

2. Use it For Your Chickens

Use it For Your Chickens

Do you have chickens? If you do, your chickens may need a soft bedding to lay their eggs and keep them for safeguarding. Why shall you go and buy nesting boxes when you can make nests for your hen using shredded paper?

The use doesn’t end here. It is not easy for everyone to clean their chicken’s poop. However, if you have shredded the paper, you can put it on the chicken’s poop and easily wipe it without getting any dirt on your hand. 

3. Place It in the Litterbox

Tossing some shredded paper in your kitten’s litter box is one of the best ways of using it. If you have a pet cat, you would be aware that it is essential to get a litterbox for them. Some cats like depth in their litter box, so you can use the shredded paper for adding the required depth.

In addition, most of the cat litter is quite expensive, so using the shredded paper will help lessen the use of cat litter. It won’t end it completely but will provide some relief in your budget. However, if you don’t have a cat, you always have the choice of giving it away to someone who needs it. 

4. Use it While Packing

Use it While Packing

If you are shifting or planning to shift, you will have a lot of stuff to get packed. Some of it would be very valuable, too, like your crockery and decorative items. Such stuff requires some cushion when you pack them to avoid any breakage.

This is where your shredded paper's trash gets into the picture. You can stuff your cartons with the paper that you have shredded. This paper provides a cushion to the valuable items and ensures they do not break when moved. 

5. Use It as a Fire Starter

Are you planning to go camping anytime soon? Don’t leave your shredded paper behind. The pieces of shredded paper are great at starting a fire. Even if you are not traveling or going camping, you have decided to spend a winter night at home.

You will need a cozy fireplace to keep you warm. It is not possible for everyone to get the woods and use it as a Firestarter. What you can do instead is get the paper that you have shredded. The pieces of such paper can act as fuel to fire and are great for starting a fire too. 

6. Use it For Decoration

Use it For Decoration

If you have an artistic side, there are multiple shredded paper crafts that you can try. Creating artwork out of trash is the most creative way to use it. This is best attainable if you have multiple colored papers that you are shredding. Gluing the pieces in a thin sheet or making a paper bouquet are some of the best ways to use it. You can even hang it in your room if it is good enough. 

7. Use Shredded Paper for Covering Green Beans

If you have ever done gardening, you would know how much moisture is important for green beans. If you are growing green beans, you should think of covering the planted beans with shredded paper. Doing so will help you retain moisture and ensure your beans grow well. 


Can Shredded Paper Be Used for Mulch?

Yes, it can be used for mulch while gardening. You can use the pieces of paper that are shredded to cover the ground around any shrub or flower to use it as mulch. Doing so will help retain moisture and save the money that you would have used otherwise to buy mulch. 

Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled?

Yes, you can recycle shredded paper as it is still in paper form. However, its fibers lose strength when it is shredded. Thus, its value and recyclability are lower than the original paper. 

Final Words


Wrapping it up, you have a complete idea now regarding the best uses for shredded paper. So, recycling the waste from office accessories like paper shredders won't be a difficult task. Nevertheless, you may still think of renovating your home office to stylize it with the best office furniture.

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