What Is a Modern Yurt House? Top 3 Picks in 2024
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What Is a Modern Yurt House? Top 3 Picks in 2024

|May 3, 2023

Did you even know the first proper house was built around 1.8 million years ago? As we evolved into the technology age, humans started building modern houses. As time went by, with Innovation and upgrades today, we have modern yurt houses and backyard guest houses!

Yurt houses are common in several Californian countries and cities such as Eureka. Here are our top 3 picks of modern yurt house kits and their benefits. Stay tuned and read till the end!

What is a Modern Yurt House?

Yurt houses have been common in the nomadic lifestyle. These nomads lived away from the bright world in wooden tents, now called modern yurt houses. These permanent yurt houses are easy to build and assemble, with minimum material requirements.

The best part about a modern yurt house is its compatibility; it can be easily collapsed and set up in another place in case you are moving out. "Yurt" is a Turkish term that translates as "homeland" in English.

What is a Modern Yurt House?

Pros of Living in a Modern Yurt House

Yurt houses are the go-to option for people looking for easy-to-set housing options that require minimal time and effort. These houses are greatly affordable as compared to building your own traditional house. Since it is a temporary living space, it does not require complicated building permits.

These houses offer great versatility and can be customized according to your needs. It provides good comfort thanks to amenities like electricity, water, and heating systems. The best part about yurt houses is their sustainability and environmental impact. Dig trenches to set the foundation for a temporary house is unnecessary when you can build a yurt house effortlessly.

Yurt houses use natural materials and energy-efficient systems, making them eco-friendly. They promote a simple way of effective living that most people crave in this era.

Cons of Living in a Modern Yurt House

Some of the drawbacks of living in a yurt house include the limited storage space that comes with it. Since the house is built on minimal square feet, it has limited storage space. Living in it can also be noisy since the wooden walls vibrate with noise. Overall, the pros overshadow the cons, making a living in a modern yurt house a recommended option.

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How to Build a Yurt Tiny House in 2023?

If you are considering building your yurt prefab guest house, here is a step-by-step process to get you started:

Site Preparation and Foundation

Once you know where to set up your modern yurt house, level the surface beneath it for a proper firm structure. You also need to get any needed permits or compliance with government laws based on your state.

Wooden Lattice Frame Construction

Continue your project based on your guest house plans. The first step in construction is to build the wooden frames and attach the doors and window frames.

Wooden Lattice Frame Construction

Covering the Frame

Covering the prefab yurt house is crucial to ensure your house remains protected under harsh weather conditions. This step entails covering your frame with insulation or fabric that protects your house.


Remember this step, or you will be left wondering to the stars when you lie down in your modern yurt house. Install the roof ring and secure it adequately with the frame to keep it in its place firmly.

Chimney and Ventilation Installation

To make your modular ADU living experience complete, add a chimney or ventilation system for heating and adequate air circulation. This will keep your house in the best condition and allow you to live peacefully.

Interior Finishing

Once the skeleton is all set and going, focus on interior designing and making your modern yurt house into a cozy home. Here are some shed house ideas to get you started. Do the desired flooring and add appliances and amenities according to your preference and use.

Interior Finishing

Heating and Personalization

Step up the game with your yurt permanent home by adding a stove, unique furniture, and anything else that elevates your living experience. This step is completely optional.

Top 3 Best Modern Yurt House Kits in the USA

1. Freedom Yurt Cabins

The best yurt house kit option in the USA is Freedom Yurt Cabins. They offer already insulated wood panels that require easy fixing, and their yurts turn out to be stronger, warmer, and longer lasting than many other options.

Their yurts have a built-in performance system, double-pane windows, and a 360-degree dome lifter. Their yurt houses can easily accommodate 2-4 people. Their yurt house kit includes all relevant building materials you may need to set up your house.

Freedom Yurt Cabins - modern yurt house

2. Rainier Outdoor Yurts

If you are looking for cooler and classier options, consider Rainier Outdoor Yurts. The company’s small house kits provide the ultimate value for money. Their yurts lie on the luxurious side, offering you the perfect spot to live with your loved ones.

Their yurt house kit includes premium materials you will need to build the house. It includes two-tone fabric walls and a modular system to simplify your yurt reconfiguring. Rainier Outdoor Yurts are made using thicker lattice wood than other brands, greatly improving their structural integrity and strength.

Rainier Outdoor Yurts - modern yurt house

3. Pacific Yurts

The final of the top 3 picks on our list is the Pacific Yurts. This company is one of the oldest in business in preparing yurt house kits. They have a wide selection of designs, styles, and colors when finalizing your yurt.

Pacific Yurts offer zip-open fabric windows and options such as curved glass windows and stove flashing. Their wood frames are coated in acrylic polyester, complementing their structural integrity.

Pacific Yurts


Modern yurt houses are becoming popular in the USA amidst rising property prices. Consider our top 3 picks on readymade yurt house kits if you do not wish to build your own from scratch. Let yourself into that peace and tranquility a yurt house has to offer. It can serve as your own sanctuary for peace by the nature of its ambiance. It has a certain factor of ‘zen’ to it, which is definitely going to be something you’ll notice.

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