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What is a Shared Workspace? The Future Working Model

AutonomousAutonomous | May 11, 2021

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If you have considered opting for cost-saving modifications for your business, then you are on the right track. As the whole dynamics of the workplace is changing, modern workplaces are much more efficient and productive than traditional ones. Thanks to the work from home routine, which taught many researchers the importance of the hybrid working model.

After witnessing great results through work from home routine, many employers now think about making flexible workspace as a part of their constant routine. The hybrid workforce aims to save costs, but it also provides comfort and ease to the employees. They feel relaxed when working from home, and the office expenses also reduce.

Although flexible workspace seems like a simple terminology, there are many extensions to it. From hot-desking to hybrid working, desk sharing, and co-working, all are types of a flexible workspace system. These modifications serve differently for each business type, and if you are all confused about what is hot desking or what does shared workspace mean, then keep reading to find all the answers.

What is Shared Workspace?

The name shared workspace confuses many people who think that it means many employees working at a place by sharing. The shared workspace does not mean taking turns on the computer or sharing a single stapler throughout the office, but it means when the place is shared by more than one set of employees at different timings.

While the workplace remains static, employees come and go or even use desk booking software to book their workspace for a certain time. A shared workplace has all the basic amenities a person might need to work smoothly. From having the right cable connection to a strong internet connection, a shared workspace is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even small startups.

What is Shared Workspace?

This sounds pleasing as you can use various shared workspaces that are located worldwide as the trend of shared workspaces is rising. But this system only works if you comply with certain hot desking etiquettes or, more precisely, shared workspace manners.

Shared workspaces usually have comfortable office equipment and similar comfort level chairs purchased from wholesale office furniture. The benefits of choosing furniture in bulk are reduced cost and maximum comfort.

Benefits of Shared Workspace?

The benefits of the shared workspace are more than a person can comprehend. However, it seems pretty hard to find a place to work each day and book a work desk before your routine but imagine saving up on infrastructure costs.

With a shared workspace, a person or even a small team can save a huge amount of cost in the initial days. You can carry out various meetings with clients and even work peacefully with the working people all around you.


Cost Reduction

When it comes to a shared workspace, everyone is equally responsible for the expenses of the place. From coffee to Wi-Fi connection fees and rent, all the costs are divided among the employees using the workspace during their hours. This reduces the burden on a single person, and you can get the nearest office experience with minimum expenses.

Cost Reduction

Improved Networking

This also helps in network building. When people you work with or even share a workspace during different hours collaborate with you, you have increased chances of growing your network. And who knows, different freelancers or even entrepreneurs could work together to achieve something big.

Improved Networking

Learn About Competition

If you have a shared workspace that uses similar facilities, you know about your competition. You learn about the market and the people working first hand. This allows you to grow and seek more opportunities now and then.

Flexible Hours

You can work in the morning, sometimes you need a night to work in quiet. An office place cannot help you with that, but a shared workspace gives you maximum flexibility. You can book your slot at your convenience and enjoy working.

Flexible Hours

Prime Location

While you wouldn't afford a working place at the prime location, the shared workspaces are usually located at the business center. You get maximum exposure and maximum opportunities. You can hold various meetings, and your clients will be impressed with the type of location you have chosen.

What Are the Types of Shared Workspace?

There are various types of a shared workspace, and each one fits a different business type.

Physical and Collaborative

This workplace isn't usually associated with a single person but allows many people and even teams to work together. This is usually helpful when a team visits another country and doesn't want to spend or doesn't have an office in that area.

Physical and Shared

Same as the previous one, but the only difference is that this workspace is shared by various individuals rather than groups of people. These workspaces are used by many people all at different times, and each one of them divides the expenses to cover up the joint cost.

Physical and Shared

Virtual and Collaborative

As the name suggests, these workspaces allow teams from different locations to connect and work together virtually. This could be done through an audio chat, a video call, or even a conference call. All the interaction is done virtually, and there could be screen sharing, whiteboards, or other meeting aids to work together.

Virtual and Shared

The shared workspace is a virtual environment in which you can exchange knowledge with coworkers. The space is immersive, but it is not used in a group setting; rather, it is shared, used, and treated individually. A practical collaborative spreadsheet, such as Google Drive, is a typical example of this kind of shared workspace.

Virtual and Shared

Get Your Shared Workspace Now

Not only for individuals, but the shared workspace is a great concept for even large teams who don't want to spend much on the infrastructure. It also makes connectivity over large distances much easier and affordable. Rather than traveling miles for a simple meeting, a shared workspace could help you get results and better practices in the workplace.

Get Your Shared Workspace Now

People who usually travel for work can maximize the benefits of the shared workspace as they can work efficiently anywhere or anytime they want. And just because your workplace is a conventional office does not mean you cannot use a shared workspace for a little peaceful experience and a more focused approach towards work.

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