What is a Standing Desk? General Overview: Its Uses and Benefits
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What is a Standing Desk? General Overview: Its Uses and Benefits

|Jun 29, 2020

Sitting for too many hours each day tends to ruin our posture and can lead to some serious health issues, greatly hinder your work productivity, and reduce your lifespan. Many office workers who develop diabetes, heart disease, and even die at an early age, commonly sit for way too long each day. They are also much less productive when it comes to their efficiency and work performance. 

You may be asking yourself, “Why use a standing desk?” Using this category of work desk will negate the harmful impact of excessive sitting, boost your focus whilst working from home, and help you achieve your career goals with more comfort and ease. There are many health benefits of standing such as lowered blood sugar levels and increased energy to name a few. To ensure both your physical and mental wellbeing, it is recommended that you split your working time 50/50 between sitting and standing. We understand that this is much easier said than done, especially when our work requires us to stare at our screens for most of the day. The best way you can achieve this 50/50 sit-stand quota is by purchasing a standing desk that is perfectly suited to your specific needs. So, what type of standing desk is best for you? The ideal standing desk should provide height adjustability so that you can change the height of your workspace when required and alternate between standing and sitting at regular intervals. 
Which standing desk on the market is ideal for you and your colleagues? This can be a challenging question to answer, as there are so many standing desk options available today. But it’s crucial to determine the answer in order to maintain your health during working hours. Ultimately, if you need to work from home, which most of us are currently doing these days, you need the right standing desk. Many traditional offices provide quality standings desks, which is why some people actually prefer to work at the office. Totally understandable. However, due to the emergence of advanced technologies and global pandemics such as COVID-19, the majority of people have been forced to work from home, which in itself comes with many benefits and disadvantages. The flexibility of remote work and the lack of unnecessary office restrictions can make working from home a great and convenient option. Only if you purchase the ideal desk for you. Let’s face it. You probably have a less than ideal home office setup that makes working from home a bit of a pain at times.

What is a standing desk?

Quite simply, a standing desk is a desk that allows you to work while comfortably standing up. The category of the desk is designed to improve your overall work performance and ensure that you can achieve your daily work goals without experiencing any nagging physical strain that tends to rear its ugly head during long working hours. There are many different styles and variations of standing desks, and there are some manufacturers that can design bespoke creations that are suitable for the most specific needs. For example, you can find standing desks specially designed for architectural drafting, web developers, graphic design, digital content production, or making and receiving calls.

Some standing desks can only be utilized in one fixed standing position, and others can be adjusted accordingly to be able to sit or stand as per your requirements. Desks that can allow you to move between sitting and standing usually have an electric motor, counterbalance, or hand crank system that provides you with the ability to adjust your desk height. The height of most standing desks ranges from 70 cm to 128 cm, so it’s fairly easy to choose one to fit your preferred standing height. Compared to your more standard work desk, the flexibility to change things up as you please sounds like an ergonomic dream right? No longer are we stuck with one fixed sitting position, where we can only change the level of our work surface by constantly adjusting the height of our office chair. Unlike the fixed position of traditional seated desks, standing desks are custom designed with adjustable parts to support correct posture and your physical wellbeing. Making working life all the easier.

Which standing desk is best suited to me?

An adjustable standing desk is an effective way to conquer work slumps and increase focus whilst working from your home office. And is the perfect solution for those who can’t afford to pull their eyes away from work. With so many sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes on offer, it can be a little confusing to have any idea of which desk to invest in. Thankfully, Autonomous offers a diverse yet concise range of sturdy standing desks to suit a variety of spaces and work from home needs. 

If you’re stuck with an awkward corner of the room, or if you work with multiple displays and loads of tasty tech on the daily, the L-Shaped Autonomous Desk is an absolute Godsend. The ultimate work hub is powered by a robust triple motor system and can support and smoothly lift up to 330lbs of equipment in virtual silence. The tabletop comes in two interchangeable pieces, so you can mix and match the long and short sides to fit your corner best.

If you’re sharing your home office with a loved one or a housemate, then the Autonomous Desk - Double Desk is a nifty way to make the most of your existing space. Built for both privacy and collaboration, the Double Desk conveniently provides two adjustable standing desks that can be controlled independently of one another. The most attractive feature of the Double Desk for us would have to be the PowerBeam. The PowerBeam is an outlet that turns your workstation into a hub of connectivity. Both desks come equipped with one, which includes 2  x USB ports, 2 x AC outlets, 1 x Ethernet port, and 1 x phone port. Better yet, the powerful frame also comes equipped with wire management that will keep both parties calm and collected all day long. 

Photo of L-shaped standing desk, double desk

If you want to feel like an absolute BOSS who commands every working hour of each day, then the Autonomous Desk - Art Desk may be the ideal choice for your home office. Its unique curved tabletop provides a comfortable ergonomic flow that will allow you to bust out your important projects in no time. And if you happen to be an avid Star Trek fan, you’ll feel just like Captain James Tiberius Kirk commanding the USS Enterprise every time to step up to your work station.

Or perhaps the best selling Autonomous Desk 2 is the ideal simple solution for you to maintain and improve your productive flow when working from your home. Available in two sizes, the Classic Top measures 53” x 29”, while the XL Top measures 70.5” x 30”.

Photo of Art-Desk, Premium Standing desk

All Autonomous Desks from Autonomous provides more than enough ample tabletop space to set up your dream work station. A spacious desktop gives you the physical and mental room to breathe so you can stay focused and productive whenever you need it. Autonomous Desks come equipped with a sturdy metal leg frame powered by a dual-motor system that can easily support up to 300 lbs of whatever tasty tech and accessories your personal work setup may require. Every Autonomous Desk comes with four programmable presets allowing you to adjust the height of the table on the fly. With just the touch of a button, you can move your entire work hub from your ideal seated position to standing. Stay flexible and fluid, and keep active throughout the day with a dynamic range of physical movement. Whatever your job may require, there is an adjustable standing desk out there to match your needs.

How do I best utilize a standing desk in my home office?

To fully use your standing desk effectively in the home office and reap maximum ergonomic benefits, make sure that you know exactly what to do and what to avoid.

Photo of best utilize a standing desk

1. Adjust until you receive full back support

An adjustable standing desk is a fantastic way to get you up out of your office chair, get that circulation flowing, your joints active, and promote overall back health. When you do need to sit, adjust your chair until it fully supports your lower back. If you have an adjustable ergonomic chair, change the height and position of your seat cushion and backrest until you find a suitable posture that feels just right. Position yourself so that your knees are in line with your hips and you’ll fast notice how breathing becomes so much more natural.

2. Plant those feet firmly on the ground

When both of your feet are firmly planted flat on the floor beneath you, your back, in turn, experiences little to no strain. If you cross your legs, you’re more likely to suffer from hip problems and experience a reduction in blood circulation in the legs and feet. When standing at your standing desk, try your best to keep your weight evenly distributed between both legs. Leaning to one side or standing on one leg can cause stress to the spine and hip joints, creating an imbalanced posture, which defeats the whole purpose of your ergonomic investment. Some people find the act of standing a little strenuous on the ankles and shins. To alleviate the pressure and strain standing may cause, it might be a good idea to look into adding a Flow Board or Anti Fatigue Mat to keep things comfortable and help you stand for long periods throughout the day.

3. Look straight ahead

Whether you’re seating or standing, place your computer display a little lower than your eye level to reduce the strain on your shoulders and neck. This optimal screen level also helps to reduce the risk of eye strain. If you follow these simple tips for standing desk, you’ll be well on your way to start reaping its benefits for your home office.

What are the benefits of using a standing desk at work?

There are many benefits of standing at work. Some of the main ones are:

Photo of benefits of using a standing desk

1. Reduces the risk of obesity and weight gain

Studies have shown that standing for one entire afternoon has the potential to burn more than 170 calories. That translates to over 1,000 extra calories burned each week before even factoring the contribution of exercise and other activities. When you stand, you’re much more likely to mitigate weight gain and obesity with less struggle.

2. Lowers blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels are harmful to your health. Fortunately, a recent survey involving 10 participants revealed that standing for just 3 hours after lunch intake reduces blood sugar by 43%. Further research links excessive sedentary time to a scary 112% increased risk of developing certain types of diabetes.

3. Lowers the risk of heart disease

Too much sitting increases the risk of heart disease. Studies indicate that those who stand all day long drastically half the chance of heart-related death. Excessive sitting increases the risk by a whopping 147%.

4. Dramatically reduces back and neck pain

Many office workers complain of back and neck pain. If you properly use a standing desk, you can effectively reduce the pain by 54% within just four weeks.

What is standing desk and its benefits

In a nutshell

We hope this has given you enough insight as to what a standing desk is and why it’s a great idea to invest in one. For you, your loved ones, and colleagues. From the many benefits of a standing desk listed above, we hope you can now appreciate the importance of investing in one. The ideal standing desk will help you maintain a healthy work lifestyle of sitting less and standing more, which has direct benefits to your health and career. So rise up and elevate your work performance, physical health, and mental soundness. There’s an adjustable standing desk perfectly suited to your needs. Good luck!

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