What is an Ergonomic Chair? A Full Checklist
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What is an Ergonomic Chair? A Full Checklist

|Oct 25, 2020

What is an ergonomic chair? What makes a chair ergonomic? Everybody knows what a chair is, yet what is this almost mystical-sounding word next to it? For the unaware, an ergonomic chair is a seat in which there are several adjustable ergonomic chair features, including height, depth, and lumbar support.

Everybody has a different sitting position, so it’s crucial to adjust a chair to their whims and needs. Something as simple as the height can be taken for granted, as a short person may not want to be too far off the ground. Likewise, a tall person might not want to drag all of their legs through the floor. Customization and adjustability are crucial elements to the success of an ergonomic chair. A homeworker needs a chair that can help them out with work; thus, they should be able to learn what is an ergonomic chair in the following passage.

Why Choose an Ergonomic Chair?

A regular chair is simplistic in its design, yet it lacks the functionality an ergonomic chair can afford to its master. Even if somebody knows what an ergonomic chair is, they need to understand why they should get it. For example, a regular chair may be unsuitable for general computer use. In this instance, a dining chair is not an ergonomic chair. Sure, it can be used in place of any other best chair for programmers for a computer, but it lacks the many qualities standard office chairs have. More ordinarily, a traditional office chair is too generalized for most homes.

While it is true that ergonomic chairs tend to cost more than their non-ergonomic counterparts, the price difference is usually minuscule. Hence, the little extra money that goes into purchasing an adjustable seat is significantly more valuable due to additional features that a regular chair just cannot have.

Consider the following example: Tom has an ordinary seat, but he wishes to raise it a few inches. The chair lacks functionality, so he has to prepare a small flat surface underneath it carefully. This little flat surface is highly unlikely to be adjustable in itself, so he has to resort to alternate methods to change it once more. By comparison, his friend John can just adjust a bar on the side of his chair whenever he pleases.

Ergonomic Chair

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair?

Autonomous.ai has several illustrious options available to purchase. When it comes to finding the right ergonomic chair, it heavily depends on a person’s tastes regarding comfort. Something like the ErgoStool is excellent for people who like to move around often. Likewise, the ErgoChair Pro is more closely related to standard chairs most people are used to. However, there are some notable differences between the ErgoChair Pro and a regular office chair.

One distinct difference between the two is that the former has an extensive flexible lumbar system that can easily be manipulated. This adjustability fits the ergonomic chair definition down to a tee. Not only that, but the ErgoChair Pro is specially designed to have a comfortable cushion, which perfectly complements any other adjustable feature. One such feature is its ability to tilt forward and backward roughly 20-degrees!

Of course, there are alternative options, such as the ErgoChair Plus or the ErgoChair Core. Likewise, some wonderful accessories and desks can complement the overall look and feel of a home or office. This selection’s ergonomic chair design gives it more flexibility from an aesthetic point of view compared to an ordinary desk chair.

How to Use an Ergonomic Chair?

The first step to successfully using an ergonomic chair is to sit down. Afterward, there are several adjustable features at the side or the bottom of the chair. This factor depends entirely on the ergonomic chair the person purchases, but generally, it’s going to be either of those two locations. Once the person understands the benefits of owning an ergonomic chair, it should be reasonably straightforward to learn how to use one.

The following assumes a person is using the ErgoChair Pro. The mechanism for adjusting the tilt angle and the chair height is near the chair’s bottom, and it somewhat resembles a gear and button hybrid. Pressing it down should lower the chair’s back, allowing a back tilt of up to 20-degrees. One of the options next to it should be what adjusts the height of the chair, along with the depth.

When to Use an Ergonomic Chair?

The best time to use an ergonomic chair is as soon as possible! Everybody uses an ergonomic chair in today’s day and age, from businessmen to gamers to everybody in between! Whether or not somebody invests in Autonomous.Ai’s excellent repertoire of ergonomic chairs doesn’t matter! There is always time to use an ergonomic chair! The only thing stopping a person from using one right now is a tight budget, or they’re not aware of the many benefits associated with the ergonomic chair design.

Comparing Various Ergonomic Chairs

It may be beneficial to people if they witness various types of ergonomic chairs. In this scenario, the ErgoChair Pro, ErgoStool, and the AvoChair are going to have their pros and cons listed out for simplicity’s sake.

1. ErgoChair Pro - Best Ergonomic Office Chair


  The highest-rated ergonomic chair offered by Autonomous.Ai

  Comes in six colors

  2-year warranty

  Supports a tilt of 20-degrees backward

  20-inches x 20-inches for the seat

  Has armrests (adjustable height of 11-inches to 14-inches)

  Has a responsive Korean mesh to reduce overheating


  Only supports up to 350 lbs

  Standard price

ErgoChair 2

2. ErgoStool - Ergonomic Stool for Active Sitting

ErgoStool’s Pros:

  Low price

  Comes in four colors

  2-year warranty

  Flexible mobility options

  13-inches x 13-inches for the seat

  Supports a 30-degree tilt all-around

ErgoStool’s Cons:

  No armrests

  No back support

  Only supports up to 264 lbs


3. AvoChair - Eco-Friendly Office Chair

AvoChair’s Pros:

  Comes in four colors

  2-year warranty

  21-inches x 21-inches for the seat

  Has armrests (adjustable height of 16-inches to 19-inches)

  Aluminum alloy protects the user with a sturdy base

AvoChair’s Cons:

  Standard price

  Only supports up to 250 lbs


4. Comparisons Between the Ergonomic Chairs

As one can see, there are a surprising number of differences between the three ergonomic chairs made by the same company. The designs of the chair physically differ, so predictably their functionality does as well. However, this isn’t to say one chair is always better than another. The benefit of an ergonomic chair is not to be understated!

For instance, the AvoChair seems like the middle of the road option between ErgoChair Pro and the ErgoStool. Sometimes, the Goldilocks solution is all a person needs. Price-wise, it’s certainly in the middle. Likewise, its functionality as far as adjustability goes makes it more comfortable than the average chair, but not as much as either. Yet, it’s also the most comfortable option.

On a similar note, the ErgoStool is an ergonomic stool chair designed for people who love stools or saddle chairs. Stools are among the most mobile of the chair family so that anybody can use it to its full extent. With an easy to adjust the height, the ErgoStool stands out compared to regular stools. Not only that, but it’s capable of being tilted 30-degrees safely without worry! However, compared to standard ergonomic chairs, the ErgoStool is still just a stool.

Finally, the ErgoChair Pro is an excellent choice for anybody seeking an ergonomic chair. It can support the most weight out of the three options, yet it isn’t as mobile as the ErgoStool or as comfy as the AvoChair. It comes down to if a person prioritizes excellent reviews and general use over specific niches. Of course, all three chairs are a worthwhile investment, but personal preference plays a huge role in deciding which one to get.

Comparisions between the Ergonomic Chairs

As these comparisons and a brief analysis show, ergonomic chairs are a diverse subset of chairs full of fulfilling many different niches. An ergonomic stool is an ergonomic chair, and there are even more sub-classes assigned to the general category. A saddle stool is a form of a stool, so logically an ergonomic saddle stool is a form of an ergonomic stool, which in turn is a form of an ergonomic chair. With a plethora of classes and specifications regarding what can classify as an ergonomic chair, potential buyers are guaranteed to find something on the market for their interests.

Ergonomic Chair Checklist

The main difference between a regular chair and an ergonomic chair is adjustability. A regular chair tends to have extremely minor levels of differences among itself, while an ergonomic chair can change the height, depth, or angle it’s operating on. Hence, anything that qualifies as an ergonomic chair also qualifies as a regular chair. However, the inverse isn’t necessarily true. A chair with no adjustability is not an ergonomic chair. This hypothesis is similar to how every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square.

Looking past the logical side of things lies the utilities an ergonomic chair can afford its owner. Some common features include:

  Adjustable height

  Can keep a person’s arms away from the computer (also parallel to the floor)

  Keeps a person’s eyes at the same level as a monitor

  Can allow a person to keep their feet flat on the floor

  Adjustable tilting options

  Wide seat width and depth

  Reliable lumbar support

  Swivel design

  Adjustable armrests

  Tends to be made out of comfortable materials

Of course, some ergonomic chairs have additional features. Likewise, some ergonomic chairs don’t have all of these features. Then, there’s the factor that some chairs have varying levels of efficiency in the various categories. Everything depends on the needs of the owner of the ergonomic chair. The most crucial aspect of a chair is its ability to help a person get a particular job done.

Some noteworthy factors can heavily influence the effectiveness of an ergonomic chair for its owner. If the user has tailbone pain, an ergonomic stool is an ill-advised seat for them. Likewise, people who need to move about more often should consider an ergonomic stool. Several factors are tied to people’s health conditions. Back pain is the most common trait to consider, yet it isn’t the only one.

A person’s height and frame can also heavily influence the type of ergonomic chair a person buys. Somebody who weighs roughly 400 lbs has to find a wide chair to support their heavy frame. Some chairs are wide, yet they cannot support heavy frames. Hence, it is imperative to investigate the weight limits supported by a person’s ideal ergonomic chair. On a similar note, tall people prefer chairs that can get away from the ground as far as possible and short people tend to prefer the inverse.

All of these factors can make buying an ergonomic chair seem like a herculean task at first, but it’s well worth considering the value it can bring to a person. Once a person finds the ideal chair, they don’t have to worry about looking for another one!

Who Should Use an Ergonomic Chair?

Everybody should use an ergonomic chair if their body permits it. Executives can acquire a great deal of success upon using it, as an ergonomic chair can significantly reduce stress. Just having the capabilities of adjusting a seat can have notable implications on one’s business. Nobody likes a chair that is awkward to use or a chair that’s beaten down. Hence, anybody should try to use an ergonomic chair to try and find the right one for them.

As there are different price ranges for ergonomic chairs, most people should afford one unless they desperately need to save money. Otherwise, everybody should try to use an ergonomic chair if they can. With a massive abundance of ergonomics office chair types available on the market, there is one bound to impress somebody’s taste.

Who should use an Ergonomic Chair

Pros & Cons of Using an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair

  • icon checkNumerous health benefits (less stress, better blood flow, etc.)
  • icon checkEasy to adjust several vital factors: Height Depth Tilt angle Lumbar support Armrest support
  • icon checkTends to have better mobility than regular chairs
  • icon checkAnybody is capable of using one properly
  • icon checkCan help make work less cumbersome
  • icon checkOne ergonomic chair can be adjusted to fit several people in the same household
  • icon checkPerfect for workers in need of a chair for a home office
  • icon timesMay cost money to get one
  • icon timesMay take some time to get used to

Hopefully, more home workers get an ergonomic chair into their home workplace. Ergonomic chairs offer numerous benefits, and there is a chair out there for everybody. Ideally, this guide should help people find out an ergonomic chair and how it can benefit them.

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