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What is Bonded Leather? Top 5 Bonded Leather Office Chair
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What is Bonded Leather? Top 5 Bonded Leather Office Chair

|Jun 16, 2022

When looking for leather furniture, several different varieties of leather might be perplexing. Faux leathers, synthetic and genuine blended leathers, or real leathers are all available. Bonded leather is commonly utilized in the production of apparel and furnishings. It is a hybrid of genuine and synthetic leather.

Bonded leather is manufactured using scraps and fibers left over after the production of genuine leather, along with a PU binder. These fibers for an ergonomic chair are then woven together and adhered to a sheet backing with adhesives. Some producers may apply a second layer of polyurethane towards the bonded leather and then imprint it to give it a genuine texture.

The majority of bonded leatherette is made up of only 10-20 percent real leather. Some companies misrepresent bonded leather as real leather when it only comprises a small fraction. Many bonded leather office chairs are available in the market as a less expensive alternative to luxury genuine leather chairs.

Uses of Bonded Leather

Uses of Bonded Leather

You've probably come across such a modern home or ergonomic office furniture which looks like leather and begins to feel just about as comfortable. It can most probably be bonded leather furniture. It is, therefore, not as expensive as genuine leather. You're probably looking at something made of bound leather. You might be wondering what bonded leather is. Continue reading to learn everything there is to understand about bonded leather.

Reconstituted leather or mixed leather are other terms for bonded leather. It is created from animal skins. However, it is not composed entirely of animal skins, as is true of real leather. Cutting up leather fragments and leather fibers into a pulp produces bonded leather. It is then intertwined with a fiber fabric and a polyurethane covering, imprinted with a leather-like texture or roughness.

Furniture, bindery, and style office accessories such as footwear components, bags, belts, and textile liners can all benefit from bonded leather. Covering publications like notebooks and Holy books and several desk equipment would be a more fragile sheet bound leather.

On the other hand, bonded leather is widely used to create low-cost furniture, and you may see a lot of bonded leather desk chairs. The material is also utilized in handbags, bookbinders, office equipment, apparel, and belts. Due to its limited endurance, it is not suited for high-end or premium products.

How to Identify Real Bonded Leather? (Bonded Leather Durability)

How to Identify Real Bonded Leather?

Even though the material is expected to be colored in a dazzling variety of synthetic colors, the phrase bonded leather alludes to the capability of bonded leather makers to reproduce the impression of genuine leather. The configuration of this substance varies greatly and is frequently a closely guarded secret, although its creation is fundamentally comparable to that of paper.

Most consumers will decide based on the item's inexpensive cost. Still, others may pick bonded leather since it can be considered environmentally good as it utilizes remnants, does not require extra cultivation, and potentially decreases waste. The material is very simple to clean and is certain to be available in a variety of colors as well as design options.

This leather has a lower endurance than genuine leather. The goods are not extremely flexible because of the polymer utilized in their manufacture. As a result, even a few seasons of use might cause it to wear and break. Yet, there is a cost advantage. Bonded leather is substantially less expensive to create than totally genuine leather since it uses leather leftovers and polymers.

As a result, it has found a niche in many consumer products. In principle, this cowhide has the appearance and fragrance of real leather, so it may be very appealing and cost-effective as it lasts. This indicates that bound leather is not a long-lasting material. In most cases, bonded leather chairs will peel and split within 2 to 5 years.

Top Bonded Leather Office Chairs

Purchasing the finest bonded leather office chair could be challenging because there are so many factors to consider. We've compiled a list of the best-bonded leather executive chairs based on our extensive study and created a purchase guide to assist you in making your decision. Continue reading to learn which affordable ergonomic chairs we suggest, and be sure to read out our list of options for all the details you'll need to decide what's best!

1. Leather Gaming Chair by Karnox

Leather Gaming Chair by Karnox bonded leather office chair

To the feel, this PU leather chair is sleek, glossy, and pleasingly plump. The complementing PU leather bands that embrace the sides are available in two vibrant hues: lightning blue and deep black. The rich bonded leather-encased over high-density molded foam armchair mixes a sharp appearance with peak efficiency, thanks to a tilting system that allows the chair to adjust to the user's seating inclinations.

2. Executive Chair from AmazonBasics

The executive update includes the extra hooks and conveniences you'd anticipate, from a high-end design to the low-back comfy armchair featured by Amazon Basics. This seat gives you greater back support and helps you feel relaxed. You will be surrounded by luxurious leather padded seating, which leaves you feeling like a superior while you sit in relaxation.

3. Home Office Chair by Ofika

Home Office Chair by Ofika bonded leather office chair

This ergonomic chair encases your body with comfortable leather and the dual padded Polyurethane pillion seat. The chair includes a 400 lbs weight Limit, Cushioned armrest for a deluxe Look, and maximum coziness you could slip into it. This executive seat will increase your overall productivity since you can work and relax together.

4. La-Z-Boy Bonded Leather Office Chair

This is a highly durable and stylish reclining ergonomic chair constructed artistically from premium wood. It includes memory foam pillow cushions that can easily contour to any user's body. Due to its comfort and relaxation, the chair helps in reducing leg pressure. It also promotes blood circulation.

5. Serta's Executive Office Chair (44942)

Serta's Executive Office Chair (44942)

Like the brand's comfortable mattresses, this ergonomic chair also offers immense comfort. This is a great office chair for professionals since it was ergonomically designed to support the user's spinal curve. It comes with extensive adjusting controls, which can let you customize anything ranging from elevation to tilt.

Please take into account that Autonomous now offers exceptional discounts on office furniture through their Employee Purchase Program, which was created for employees who have always wanted to be able to buy bonded leather office chairs at a reasonable price.



Question: Is bonded leather durable?

Answer: As mentioned above, bonded leather only includes a fraction of the original leather, which will not be as durable.

Question: Do bonded leather crack and peel?

Answer: Because bonded leather is indeed a non-elastic substance, this has the potential to crack with wear, resulting in sections of PU and leather stripping away from the substrate.

Question: Is bonded leather good quality?

Answer: You can find many good qualities of bonded leather goods such as furniture, handbags, etc.

Question: How to clean bonded leather?

Answer: It can easily be cleaned by wiping off the unclean area with a cloth damped in lukewarm water.

Question: Can bonded leather be repaired?

Answer: Yes, it is possible! You may increase your product's lifespan and save big bucks in repair expenses using certain leather products.

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