What Is The Correct Chair Back Height? And How To Adjust?
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What Is The Correct Chair Back Height? And How To Adjust?

|Jul 29, 2021

Most of the traditional office chairs come in a variety of designs and colors. But in general, they have poor suitability, less support, and poor flexibility. Using a chair that comes with ergonomic features can help the user feel comfortable while at work. In addition, it creates a good posture for the user depending on their body type and posture. Most importantly, these ergonomic chairs reduce any impact on the spine while supporting the spine curves.

Moreover, the features of the ergonomic chair help the worker adjust the chair height to touch the floor with their feet. When you can keep your feet flat on the footrest or the base, you can put your thighs parallel to the floor. Thus, it helps you to maintain a good posture.  

The office chair measurement should allow the user to provide extreme comfort while using the armrest for resting your arm gently and relaxing your shoulders. When you are sitting in a comfortable and proper posture, it incredibly improves your mental and health comfort. Therefore, using an ergonomic chair with right chair back height also helps to improve the work efficiency of the user. So, buy an ergonomic chair now. 

Why does one need an ergonomic chair?

Why does one need an ergonomic chair

There are various reasons why one should use an ergonomic chair. The three most important reasons are:

Poor seating practices

When one practices poor sitting, it can harm the user's backbone. It exerts unwanted pressure on the spine and causes excruciating pain in the backbone structure. For this reason, one needs to use an ergonomic office chair for back pain so that one can maintain a good sitting posture.

Work for a living

Jobs nowadays involve sitting on a chair for hours. Due to that reason, one needs to use an ergonomic chair with a proper chair back height to avoid any health problems that arise due to sitting for prolonged periods.

Sedentary life

Sedentary life

It is a well-known fact that our life has become sedentary over the past few years. Therefore, the need for the best ergonomic chair is on the rise. 

Correct adjustments of an ergonomic chair

One can modify most of the ergonomic chairs to meet the specific needs of the users. Here are some of the office chair dimensions that one needs to maintain for extreme convenience.

Seat tilt

The ergonomic chair with proper chair back height helps to maintain the seat tilt according to the needs of the user. It counterbalances good posture and allows the user to pull their back while maintaining an upright posture gently.

Back tilt tension

Back tilt tension

The back tilt tension allows the user to recline while maintaining the balance of the chair. With the help of a hand crank, one can decrease and increase the decline of the chair.

Tilt angle

Due to the comfortable tilt angle, most of the users are in love with ergonomic chairs. It helps to quickly level up the handle when needed and put it down again whenever you don't need it. In addition, it helps to relax your spine and back without creating any discomfort.

Back recline

One should adjust the back recline not to lean too far, nor should one slouch while sitting. One should be able to activate the rear seat position by pushing down the handle present to get the right chair back height. 

Seat height adjustment

Seat height adjustment

The seat height adjustment allows the user to maintain a proper height while sitting. How to measure a chair to adjust the size of the seat becomes a commonly asked question. One should place both feet on the ground while putting a minimal amount of weight on the back portion of the leg. If one can sit in this posture, then they are maintaining the proper chair back height and seat height.

Seat depth

One can move seat depth forward and backward. However, this depends on the need and preference of the user. One should adjust the chair seat depth so that it should not put any pressure. A handle present under the seat helps in unlocking the seat. It allows the user to make the required adjustments in the seat back height and seat depth.

Headrest adjustment

Headrest adjustment

One can angle the headrest of the ergonomic chair according to the user's ideal position. Moreover, they can move the headrest up and down. Most of the ergonomic chairs come with a chair back height of 70 mm (headrest). It allows the user to place the headrest in an appropriate position.

Armrest adjustment

One should be able to move the armrest up and down and in the left and right direction. Users need to grasp the armrest and operate it with the help of a hidden tab under the armrest. 

When you can adjust the arm at a natural angle, you avoid straining your arms and shoulders. Thus, it provides better and proper adjustments that increase the comfort of the user.  

ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus happens to be one of the best ergonomic chairs that sum with proper office chair measurements. The frameless construction of this ergonomic chair offers hindered movement while encouraging natural mobility. The adaptable spinal support provided on the chair provides convenience and comfort while the user is sitting in that chair for a prolonged period. You can twist around or stretch to the side without the fear of falling off the chair. 

A user can also adjust the tensions according to their preference across a 26-degree angle recline. This chair comes with 11 accessible lockable positions. Moreover, the chair lets you breathe easily as the seat comes with thermoplastic elastomer strands. This material is also entirely environmentally-friendly. 

The best part of this chair is the lumbar support to stabilize due to the adjustable tilt. It results in even weight distribution that improves the circulation of your entire body and helps the user to maintain a healthy posture. Therefore, if you attempt to get one ergonomic chair with proper chair back height, you should go through this guide to know the correct ergonomic chair adjustments and the proper dimensions of ergonomics chairs.

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