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What Is Creative Block and How Can Managers Overcome It?
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What Is Creative Block and How Can Managers Overcome It?

|Jun 22, 2021

Creativity is an essential skill that a manager should have. However, many people understand the familiar feeling where all inspiration vanishes and our creative fuels simply dry up. It's frustrating and debilitating but it happens to the best of us.

Nonetheless, managers that can break through this dry spell are bound to reap exceptional benefits. You might be asking how this is possible if you’re experiencing a creative block. Luckily, we have gathered all the information you require on how to get over something like this.  Continue reading to find out more.

What Is a Creative Block?

A creative block can be described as the feeling you get when you don't have any inspiration when conducting your tasks. In regards to business management, a managers' creative block might apply to decision-making and productivity.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Creative Workspace?

Benefits of creative workspace

Creative block is never seen as a good thing. This is because you can reap many benefits with a creative mindset. Here are some of the most prevalent advantages that come with including creativity in a workspace:

  • Enhanced workplace problem solving and increase productivity at work.

  • Increased staff morale.

  • Improved ability to retain and attract quality employees.

  • Enhanced workplace interaction and engagement.

  • Better team bonding and teamwork.

Why Do Managers Suffer from Creative Blocks?

Several factors can contribute to a recline in managerial creativity. These include leadership, job characteristics, individual attributes, corporate culture, and organizational climate. Nonetheless, these elements can be mitigated to enhance creativity. We have outlined some of the most effective ways to help you overcome creative blocks for manager figures.

How to Get Over Creative Block

Creative blocks can come in various forms. Some of these include:

  • Dictatorship-styled management

  • Keeping people in the dark

  • Unrealistic time frames

  • Procrastination

In all of these instances, there are many tactics top managers use to combat this managers' creative blocks. We have outlined some of the most prevalent ways to help you break this and reap the endless benefits associated with a more creatively enriched working environment.

Change of Environment

Change of environment

Many people claim that a familiar work environment can prevent creativity, or at least contribute to managers experiencing a lack of inspiration. If you feel this is the case for your managers' creative block, you can easily combat it by taking a walk. Otherwise, it might be more effective to change your workspace design.

We understand that some managers and employees don’t have the luxury to pick up everything and move to an alternative workspace. If you can do so, then you shouldn’t hesitate to test out this technique.

However, if you don’t have such an opportunity, you may benefit from changing certain elements in this inspirational desk setup to make it less familiar. Including new furniture or plants can help achieve this. Additionally, you can incorporate different color schemes that are proven to boost inspiration and productivity.

On the topic of furniture, you can change your work environment by enhancing the ergonomics in this space. You can easily do so by adding ergonomic office chairs, accessories, or standing desks into your work area. 

Talk to New People

Talk to people

Talking with people can change the modality from thinking. In turn, you can sometimes free up your creativity and problem-solving abilities. However, you should also think about talking with new people while working from outside.

Engaging in conversation with people you don’t commonly interact with is an excellent way of encouraging a new way of thinking. It can help formulate a new idea or concept.

These interactions can boost your creative muscle. You gather raw material while establishing links between various ideas. This is done through active listening.

Talking to new people is one method of overcoming the managers' creative block that top managers swear by, as it’s well-liked for its rapid effectiveness. Unlike a new working environment, which can take some time to reap the benefits, talking to new people offers instant changes in your creativity. 

Detach from Existing Environment


Detaching from your existing work environment is an excellent way to overcome managers' creative block. A work pod is one way of escaping from this productive work environment for a while that's extremely effective and convenient. That's why many businesses are implementing these work pods into their office spaces.

A work pod is known for offering employees and managers the opportunity to recharge their batteries. From here, their creativity is boosted. However, you might not gain optimal results when detaching from your existing environment. In most instances, you might be required to implement this in conjunction with the other methods outlined above, like speaking to new people or adopting a new working environment.

Encourage Continuous Learning

Encourage continuous learning

You can overcome managers' creative blocks by encouraging a mindset of constant learning. Your creative pool is likely to dry up if you aren’t continually refilling it. That’s why you should encourage yourself and your employees to seek new knowledge and methods of conducting activities.

Supporting your team members to partake in development and learning events, like conferences, can help encourage this. Additionally, you can model habits of observation, recording, reading, curiosity, and listening into your working environment to achieve this objective of constant learning.

Our Final Thoughts: Overcoming Creative Block for Managerial Success

After our extensive research into the world of the infamous managers' creative blocks, we reached an interesting consensus. This outlined that the more an individual engages in creative thinking, the better they become at offering creativity in a workspace.

However, inspiration is one small factor of creative thinking. Application and commitment also play an essential role. Nonetheless, creative block is bound to occur if you aren't constantly refilling your inspiration pool. Meaning, continuously learning is essential to growing your creativity. 

Work Pod

When encouraging your creativity, you should think of this as a plant. You don’t only plant the seed and watch this seedling flourish. Constant care and attention are required, such as watering and offering optimal sunlight.

Your creativity is like this plant. Simply changing up your workspace can’t cause a major influx of creativity to come your way. Dedication and patience are needed to ensure you gain a steady stream of creative ideas continually flowing your way.

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