What Is The Best Computer Desk Height?
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What Is The Best Computer Desk Height?

|Mar 10, 2021

For most office employees, hearing that an ergonomic office is essential will be nothing new. Just as are the ill effects of prolonged sitting. Since you know the importance of such a workspace, you may wonder what the ideal computer desk height is for you.

Well, that is what we’re here to talk about with today’s article! A computer desk that suits your height is vital, so you continue to be your healthiest and most productive self. Not to mention, this fact is almost non-negotiable if you work at a desk several hours a day.

So read on to know more about how you can find the ideal desk height!

Adjustable-Height Desks: How They Maintain Health

Are you still working at a traditional desk? If so, now might be the time to take a leap and invest in a height-adjustable one.  After all, they make it easier to alternate between sitting and standing, which is very beneficial to your physical and mental health. Not to mention, it’s quite a necessity if you don’t always get time for a gym workout.

1. Reduces Back Pain

As an office worker, you’re likely no stranger to backaches. Even if you don’t suffer from them yourself, you probably know someone who does. Research by the CDC proves that an office standing desk can help alleviate upper back and neck pain by nearly 54%!

Adjustable-Height Desks: How They Maintain Health

2. Boosts Overall Well-Being

Studies prove that a height-adjustable desk can cause less stress and fatigue among employees. The same research shows that over 87% of the participants claimed to feel more energetic while using standing desks.

Boosts Overall Well-Being

3. Increases Productivity

Several people seem to think that a home office desk will get in the way of routine tasks. While it is true that the switch needs some getting used to, it does not in any way hamper productivity. On the contrary, it boosts it. After all, it’s easier to focus on work when your mind isn’t distracted by backache or neck pain.

4. Diminishes The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Studies since 1953 have been proving a relationship between prolonged sitting and cardiovascular disease. This link is likely because a sedentary lifestyle is known to cause cardiovascular mortality.

It is crucial to invest in an electric height-adjustable desk. Sitting for hours is so bad for you that even an hour of intense working out cannot mitigate its ill effects.

Diminishes The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

5. Prevents Weight Gain

Have you ever wondered where the phrase couch potato comes from? Yes, sitting for prolonged hours, especially after eating meals, does not help the calorie-burning department whatsoever. Standing burns roughly 50 calories more than what you burn while sitting for the same amount of time.

6. Extends Lifespan

Standing for just a few hours a day can prevent several health conditions like heart disease and type-2 diabetes. So without a doubt, the proper desk height can increase your lifespan. One study even claims that sitting for not more than three hours a day can extend the human lifespan by two years!

Extends Lifespan

How To Find The Right Desk Height

To find the proper desk height for yourself, you need to begin with an ergonomic office chair. Once you have an ergonomic chair on hand, you can test out the best height for the office desk.

When Using A Chair Without Armrests

Start with placing your hands at a right angle and keep them parallel to your thighs. Ensure that you’re sitting in a relaxed position to fit your computer desk height without tightening your shoulders. Also, see to it that you do not have to raise your shoulders.

Get someone to measure the distance from the ground to your elbow. The measurement you get is the perfect computer desk height for you!

How To Find The Right Desk Height

When Using A Chair With Armrests

First of all, you want to adjust the armrests on your chair. They should have a height that allows them to support your forearms at a 90-degree angle. Here too, ensure not to extend your shoulders or neck as this can result in muscle tension.

Then measure the distance from the ground to the armrest top. This measurement will give you your ideal desk height!

When Using A Chair With Armrests

Table For Desk Height And User Height

To simplify things for you, we’ve put together a complete standing desk height chart of what desk measurements will be according to you.

Your Height

Desk Height

Height of Chair

Height of Armrest

5′ 0″

24.2 inches

5′ 1″

24.6 inches

5′ 2″

25.0 inches

16.1 inches     

8.9 inches

5′ 3″

25.4 inches

16.4 inches     

9.0 inches

5′ 4″    

25.8 inches

16.7 inches     

9.2 inches

5′ 5″

26.2 inches     

16.9 inches     

9.3 inches

5′ 6″

26.6 inches     

17.2 inches     

9.5 inches

5′ 7″

27.0 inches

17.5 inches     

9.6 inches

5′ 8″

27.4 inches

17.7 inches     

9.8 inches

5′ 9″

27.8 inches

18.0 inches     

9.9 inches

5′ 10″

28.2 inches     

18.3 inches     

10.1 inches

5′ 11″

28.6 inches     

18.5 inches     

10.2 inches

6′ 0″

29.0 inches     

18.8 inches     

10.4 inches

6′ 1″

29.4 inches     

19.1 inches     

10.5 inches

6′ 2″

29.8 inches     

19.4 inches     

10.7 inches

6′ 3″

30.2 inches

19.6 inches     

10.8 inches

6′ 4″

30.6 inches

19.9 inches     

11.0 inches

6′ 5″

31.0 inches

20.2 inches     

11.1 inches

6′ 6″


20.4 inches     

11.3 inches

Wrap Up

Now you know everything from finding the best computer desk height to what that height may be. So you’re all set to go out and get the best height for office desk to keep you fit and productive! You don’t want to miss out on the many other benefits of having the ideal desk height, either. From reduced neck and back pain to better energy levels, these desks do it all!

Remember that factors like desk height may not seem too important initially. However, they are when you spend five hours a day with them. So besides ensuring you get a quality desk from a reputable company, also take care that its height matches yours.

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