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What Makes Comfortable Modern Office Chairs Reliable

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 17, 2018

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Comfortable modern office chairs are often seen as an investment. Over the years, such a chair can, however, prove more affordable as it could replace an entry-level design which may not be as durable or as comfortable. But a comfortable chair is not always a reliable chair. Apart from looking at attractive designs, many people can be choosing a chair just because it has a degree of comfort which they might not have been used to. However, a reliable comfortable modern office chair goes beyond these characteristics and it holds its qualities in time as well.

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Hard plastics vs. soft plastics

One of the first areas to look at when it comes to establishing reliability is represented by plastics. They are used due to their unmatched versatility, affordability and lightweight profile. But not all plastics are made the same and in many cases, a reliable chair needs to come with reliable plastic parts.

Typical plastic parts can include the frame of the backrest, the armrests, various adjustment knobs such as those used for recline or the casters. Plastics can also be used as decoration or accessories meant to protect essential parts, such as with the gas cylinder plastic protector used on some chairs.

A comfortable chair may not exclude plastics, especially on the areas which are in contact with the user. So the seat pan and the backrest are not made from plastic on a comfortable chair. Even the armrests, which are normally made entirely from plastic, are still finished with a softer padding on the top for the area which is in contact with the elbows and the forearms.

At the same time, not all plastics are the same. This can be exemplified with the casters, which can be chosen according to the type of floor the chair is going to sit on in some premium designs. A hard plastic can leave marks and scratches, especially on hardwood floors. A softer plastic might struggle for mobility ease on surfaces such as carpets. Each type of plastic has its own pros and cons and it should be chosen according to the location planned for the office chair.

Mesh and cushioned comfort – the pros and cons

Mesh materials are seen on all types of office chairs, which includes entry-level designs or premium comfortable alternatives. Mesh materials are certainly distinct. If used correctly, they can come with a unique set of advantages. These advantages include better breathability which is essential when sitting for hours. At the same time, many office workers need to know a few of the mesh materials drawbacks. These drawbacks can include cleaning difficulty, especially with sponges or similar textile materials. The mesh impact on some clothing also needs to be noted. However, in the right places, such as on the backrest, mesh materials might come with minimum impact.

Other reliable materials used for comfort include foam. There are various types of foam which can be similar for multiple manufacturers or distinct in very rare cases. However, the shape of the seat pan also influences the comfort and the reliability of a chair.

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Adjustability for comfort

Comfort is often given by adjustability. Some chairs might be affordable but they can lack in customization which can work for height or depth across multiple office chair component. The customization of the sitting position is always one of the top priorities of comfortable modern office chairs.

This adjustability needs proper materials for extra durability. The more customizable a chair is, the more it needs its moving parts to resist multiple adjustments per day. Ergonomic office chairs are known for their high degree of customization. One of the most customizable comfortable modern office chairs is the EvoChair from Autonomous. It allows users to set the backrest to endless positions. This backrest works between a 16” forward incline greatly for reaching various objects on the desk and up to 128° back recline, perfect to allow the lumbar area to relax. For many users, this degree of customization represents a reliable chair from another perspective, the health perspective. Other Autonomous chairs comfort characteristics include:

  • Patented adjustable lumbar support
  • Cushioned design to support the entire back
  • Multi-layered mesh backrest support
  • Breathable fabric choices
  • Adjustable and detachable headrests

There are various types of reliability characteristics, but even a comfortable chair needs to offer the right position at the desk. The back needs to be supported at various points, both in terms of height and in terms of depth. Height adjustability can change the location of the lumbar support and it is why this adjustment is recommended for all people. Depth adjustability or recline adjustability can work for the entire backrest or for certain parts of the backrest, such as the lower lumbar support or even the headrest. The customization and the freedom such a backrest comes with is what makes the difference when it comes to posture reliability. The spine is always supported, regardless of the working position.

Waterfall seat pan edge design

A chair might not be reliable or comfortable without the right seat pan design. There are various types of designs to consider and all promise to deliver the best comfort. But the so-called waterfall design is what makes the seat pan comfortable in the front, as it leans towards the ground on the edge, to reduce the pressure on the thighs.

A good seat pan would also offer comfortable lateral support. It is known that seat pans can flatten in time and a design which doesn’t come with any lateral support from the start, might be a design which can prevent proper comfort reliability in the future. Chairs and seat pans are now ergonomically made and if the cushioning is right, it should also include some type of lateral support.

The comfort of the seat pan is also given by its materials. Textile materials can loosen in time, but they still represent an affordable solution which is also easy to replace if needed. Some office chairs even offer mesh materials on the seat pan. However, most materials are durable enough to cover at least a few years of use.

Ergonomic vs. non-ergonomic

Can a non-ergonomic chair be reliable? Such an office chair can certainly be reliable, especially if not used for years and years. But a non-ergonomic design might not be comfortable or recommended for the best working position. So many people are simply asking what the best strategy is for their own piece of mind while at the desk.

The combination of an ergonomic design which is also comfortable is always the right way to go. It is often that workers start to wonder about the drawbacks of their chair when they start feeling discomfort or even pain. Over the years, the wrong position at the desk can have a negative impact on posture. Before this even becomes a problem, workers are recommended to use ergonomic designs. While not all ergonomic designs come with the same degree of comfort, simply being in the right position at all times is a great place to be.

Gas cylinder reliability

Gas cylinders or the main cylinders of the office chair are connected between the chair’s base and the seat. They hold the entire weight of the user and they are responsible for a good balance and proper adjustability. The quality of a cylinder is seen in the smoothness of its movements and in its durability. Most brands should offer some type of warranty for the cylinder or a general warranty for the entire chair if the component is truly reliable.

However, most cylinders have a certain expected period of durability. In some cases, a cylinder might break after a year of use which others can work for up to 15 years with no issues. However, cylinder problems can occur on all types of chairs and it is why they should be replaced if the chair is sinking or if the height adjustability is not as smooth as it used to be.

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Moving parts durability

Moving components are the first to break into a modern office chair. Even with all the comfort in the world, the moving parts come with certain tolerances which are lost in time. It is why the moving parts are often where the main focus of reliability is. People describe an office chair in many ways and a smooth adjustability is often among the first mentioned characteristics which show their true importance. The last thing workers want is a chair which is difficult to adjust.

The modern work environment has changed considerably over the past few years. With co-working spaces becoming increasingly popular for freelancers, office chairs might get more use than typically expected in a normal office or in a home office. A co-working space is just one of the areas which see different people using the same chairs. Office chairs can be moved from desk to desk and people can use them all the time from the first hours of the morning to the late hours of the evening. In this situation, they are adjusted frequently for height and backrest position. This means that the moving parts need to be even more reliable in these working conditions.

Flattened seat pans

A reliable chair needs to maintain its qualities in time. However, more office chairs start to show signs of wear on the seat pan. The seat pat can flatten in time. This process is somewhat expected but the time it needed to get there might differ from chair to chair. A seat pat should be replaced by the manufacturer for free if the product is under warranty. However, many workers can replace the seat pan themselves when the time comes for refreshed comfort.

Recline resistance adjustment reliability

Recline resistance adjustments are among the most frequently used adjustments on an office chair. There is a certain resistance which characterizes the process. Many manufacturers struggle to offer proper resistance for different postures. But Autonomous knows this and the weight of the user is distributed evenly specifically for this issue.

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Not all comfortable modern office chairs come with warranty policies. However, those expecting a reliable comfortable modern office chair should look at some type of warranty for their products. Autonomous covers all its chairs on all of its chairs. If something goes wrong, such as with the moving parts mentioned above or any other parts which might have a manufacturing defect, Autonomous will fix the problem.

This is one of the main issues regarding reliability as many people simply don’t feel secure enough to invest in a new office chair due to concerns of reliability. The good news is that this problem can be over for many workers simply by ensuring there is a warranty for their purchase. Autonomous also tests all the office chairs for sustainability and durability, which indicates the research which goes into each design.

Final thoughts

A comfortable modern office chair might not be as hard to find as it used to be. But a reliable version might come with its own struggles. While it is easy to understand why workers want reliability for their office furniture and supplies, it is also recommended to do the right research before any type of investment.

Adjustability is crucial for comfort. At the same time, the moving parts responsible for adjustability are the ones which need to be actually the most reliable, as they deal with diminishing tension in time. A comfortable modern office chair which is met by reliability is certainly the best type of office chair to consider. While there are plenty of unreliable office chairs to consider, you can rest assured Autonomous covers any problems in the warranty period. There is no reason to make compromises with an office chair just because they need to be comfortable.

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