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What truly modern office furniture looks like today

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 3, 2017

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Sleek design, beautiful materials, minimal colours and sharp lines? This idea of modern design and modern office furniture has been around since the middle of the 21st century. We’ve been using the word ‘modern’ to describe everything from the model T-Ford to the Beatles and the internet. So what does modern really look like today and what can we expect from truly modern office furniture?

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Of course what is modern today is constantly being redefined by technological advancements so it can be hard to keep up! Many even claim we have entered a new Industrial Era, the Industry 4.0. If you’re not familiar with the phrase, Forbes describe the Industry 4.0 as a time ‘in which computers and automation will come together in an entirely new way, with robotics connected remotely to computer systems equipped with machine learning algorithms that can learn and control robotics with very little input from human operators.’ It refers to a transition that is already taking place; the rise of the ‘Internet of Things,’ Cloud computing, cyber-physical systems,’ things that in the 1950’s would have been in the realm of science fiction. But yes, we have arrived in the future, a new realm of modernity. It’s only inevitable that technology will permeate all kinds of everyday objects, not just our phones and our screens but our lights, locks, appliances and of course, our furniture.

In the era of the Internet of Things, design has to do more and so does our office furniture. At Autonomous, we take groundbreaking technologies and integrate them into everyday office products to create truly modern office furniture. Modern office furniture today means smart office furniture. We believe that technology can help us to work smarter and be more healthy, happy and productive in our working lives. So we started to re-think the office and what modern office furniture might look like.

So what does truly modern office furniture look like? Perhaps it has AI and the capacity to anticipate your behaviour, like our Deep Learning Robot, first class ergonomics which correct your posture like our Ergonomic chair ErgoChair 2 and customisable features which allow for an adaptable and flexible workspace like our ErgoStool. It may look like something new altogether, like our Office Bike, or expand into new aspects of our work set-up like our Anti-fatigue mat or Monitor Arms.

To build truly modern office furniture we need to look at how modern work has changed. We need to understand that people work in more flexible, interactive and individuated environments and that only office furniture which shares these traits can be truly modern. That’s what we are striving to build at Autonomous, offices which are up to date with our modern lives and that are active in helping us to be healthier, happier and productive during the best hours of our day. Smart furniture is the future of modern office furniture and we’re bringing that future into the present.

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