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What you Should Know about Upholstered Office Chairs and their Varieties

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 1, 2018

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Comfort in the office has become the priority of business nowadays. They seek high-quality performance from its employees for the sake of improving its efficiency at making a profit. And there several ways in which businesses ensure such efficiency at the workplace, one of the effective ways is through the officer furniture.

What you should know about upholstered office chairs

The reason for that way being singled out is because it interacts directly with the worker. Especially the upholstered office chairs. The upholstered office chairs consist or contains special materials that help to ensure the comfort and improved the productivity of a worker in the office.

The effectiveness of the upholstered office chair positively impacts both the workers and the office. To workers it supports his/her health and comfort by providing good support to the person its own special way. And also, it happens to be also a plus for the office environment, given it that classic style of what an office should look and feel like.

What is an upholstered desk chair anyway?

The word upholstered is the past tense of the word upholstery and it means to provide a something like a furniture with a covering that could be soft or padded. The upholstered desk chair usually consists of fabrics, frame, padding and sometimes metal spring. Since the objective of such a chair is to provide maximum comfort for its users.

The use of upholstery didn’t exactly start early as man, its use actually began in the middle ages. Back then different materials like feathers, animal bones and raw forms of leather were used to make upholster chairs. It was really anything that was considered comfortable and supportive was used to make those chairs.

Now in the modern era, the basic metal springs and foam is good enough for upholstery. Still, as time and human curiosity progressed, there became new ways of making an office chair. These newly upholstered office chairs have upholstery that provides greater comfort and productivity than the basic metal spring and foam upholstery.

What is an upholstered desk chair anyway?

This is due to manufacturing and discovery of new and better materials for making the best upholstery. These varieties of materials include processed/improved leather, mesh, vinyl and fabrics material. All of them have each of their own special feature which serves specific users with specific preferences.

The pros and cons of materials used for making upholstery for office furniture  

Choosing the right material for making an upholstered desk chair is of great importance because it is best for the user according to is preference. Sometimes it could be due to how the user reacts to the material which is being used. For instance, the user could be allergic to leather. It may be a rare case but it exists. Also, just like leather other materials and fabrics could be found irritating to the user.

Here is the type of materials used for upholstery:



This material is part of the component used to make upholstered chairs back in the middle ages, starting from the 18th century. It may not be the processed form of today but its raw form was used back then. And still it is being used in the modern age. For it to still be in consideration and still be preferred compared to new and better materials, shows that is pure of high quality.

Upholstered Office chairs with leather material offer two things that are in demand for the modern office. It is comfort and style. In terms of comfort, As long as the leather material is original it will feel good against the user’s skin. Also, its firm feel will make the chair more support on the user’s spine while he/she relaxes the back.

When it comes to the style of the office, the chair is on the money. Given that leather has been in use for clothing and furniture over long years, it has developed a vintage feel anytime it is used in this modern era. So therefore, in order to add class and beauty to the office style, there should be at least a significant furniture made of leather.

Just like everything else in existence it has its own drawbacks. As said earlier, there could be people who find leather quite irritating to their skin. Or the chair could lose its style after long-term use. There are cases where fake leather materials are used to make upholsteries for office chairs, such chairs easily go out of style for a shorter period of time.

To avoid such drawbacks, there are some precautions to follow. Such as, keep the leather chairs away from direct sunlight and always keep it clean. Also, before the purchasing of a chair with leather upholstery, it is best to get the original leather.



This material is perfect for the human skin. It is designed to give a nice soft and smoother feel. Office chairs with this upholstery are the most common choices demanded on the market. Most computer chairs make use of this material for their upholstery.

 Given that most people that make use of the computer to work in places like the office, tend to seat for longs hours in a day. Since this is the fate of a worker, won’t it be better to get a softer and smoother upholstery for the office chair?

Unlike the leather which comes preferably in darker and dull shades of color, the fabric can come in varieties of colors. When the fabric is being used as upholstery in office chairs, it has the ability to blend with the office. The main reason is that fabrics are usually seen as a material that can be colored according to the taste of the manufacturer.

Leather chairs don’t give this freedom in terms of popular style. It is not that leather chairs cannot be painted bright red but it does feel right. They can’t move pass bright and dull shades of brown and black. If something different is required then they could go as far as white.

The fabric also has some disadvantages. The material may not be as thick as leather, but it is still thick enough to prevent fresh air from flowing freely. This will make the office chair with this type of upholstery to hold moisture like sweat or stains. This leads to the development of odor. Thus, making the fabric chairs quite hard to clean and maintain.

The best way to handle office chairs with fabric upholstery is to prevent spills and sweat from staining the chair. Once that is accomplished one can then enjoy the smooth and soft feel if the fabric office chair.



Office chairs that make use of vinyl material for its upholstery have a very simple function compared to the rest of the materials mention on this post. The reason for making that statement is due to the main features in which the vinyl material possesses. Let’s start with it feel against the user’s skin–it has a sturdy feel which is preferred by a significant amount of consumers in the market. The reason is that the sturdy feel is right for the back of certain individuals with a particular preference.

Another feature is its durability. The vinyl chairs can’t after long periods of use. it can’t lose its strength easily, it will still feel similar to when it was gotten. Also, vinyl chairs are actually quite easy to clean unlike leather fabric and mesh. The vinyl chair is also known for holding less heat than leather.

There are drawbacks when using this material and one of them is due to its sturdiness. It can also be referred to as thickness. This feature shows that it does not allow air to flow freely. Although, this does not mean stains can’t be removed. This is what separates the vinyl from leather.  

From what it has been said about the vinyl office chair, it looks like a better alternative to leather. Here are the reasons why:

•    It can be as sturdy as leather

•    It holds less heat than leather

•    It is quite easy to clean

•    It still keeps that classy look in the office



Finally the mesh. This is when the saying “the best is saved for last” comes in. The mesh material is the best for office chair upholstery in this modern era. The material is a special kind. The mesh may be thin but it is strong due to the material in form of weaves. This ensures the durability of the chair’s upholstery.

Also, its weave-like and thin structure allow easy flow of fresh cool air. Such a feature is what separates the mesh from the varieties of materials mentioned in this post. The cool air flowing help to reduce the body heat of the user. With the flowing air, the user’s sweat can be easily fried up, thus reducing the possibility of staining the chair. This second feature shows that the chair is better used during the hot summer or in regions where heat waves are intense.

The drawbacks with this material are few. It is not as easy to clean like vinyl chairs, some efforts are needed for a better clean-up. And also, such chairs can’t be used in cold regions or seasons (winter), it will only worsen the situation.

Looking to improve your office style? Why not try getting a feminine office chair?

The thing about feminine office chairs is its boldness and ability to stand-out. The one aspect that is constant is the tufting upholstered body which gives it that mid-century look. This makes it perfect for beautifying the office space.

Just like the tufting there are other details to expect from a feminine office chair and it includes the following:

•    Swoop arms

•    Bold colors

•    Grate frame

•    A nailhead trim

•    Interesting patterns

Tips for choosing a well-upholstered office chair

For an office chair to be well-upholstered it should be comfortable and also it should match the style of the workstation environment. When looking for such a chair the material of upholstery is only required. Other features like the height, weight, width and other necessary measurements are to be considered. 

The chair seat

This is one of the most critical parts of an upholstered office chair, given that the seat supports the weight of the user. Not only the weight is concerned with the office chair, but it also includes the feel and how it will provide comfort while it evenly distributes the user’s weight.

To makes things clearer, here are the elements that will be considered when looking for a chair based on the seat:

•    Feel – this involves the material which was used for the chair's upholstery. The besting for the chair’s seat is to be soft and still proved the user’s posterior with a firm support. For instance, if the seat happens to sink, it will be hard for the user to get off the chair. Also, if it is too hard the user can be left feeling uncomfortable for both long and short periods.

•   Angle – The char seat should be able to allow a good angle between the user’s thigh and floor. They must be perpendicular to each other.

•   Depth – as a tall user it is best to get an upholstered office chair will greater depths and for shorter users, it is best to get a chair with a shallower depth. Not following this could lead to major calf problems and discomfort.

•  Width – for bid sized users it is best to get a chair with a larger width in order to accommodate the posterior of the user. And also evenly distribute his/her weight.

The backrest

When looking for that perfect upholstered desk chair it is best to get the one with a good backrest. The backrest should be able to provide the user’s back with good support. It should be on both the higher back and lower back. So as to prevent back strains and lumbar issues.

The armrest

This part eases the neck, shoulders and arms of the user. An upholstered office chair with the good material will be able to provide the kind of support and comfort that is needed. The important requirement for this part is its adjustability. It is able to get this, the user can set the best position for his arms, neck and shoulder.


Upholstered office chairs of the right martial will help a lot in improving your productivity and comfort. There are options presented on this post that can help a lot in choosing one. The one recommended is the office chairs with mesh upholstery. It is sleek, effective and cools you off in the office. It is designed to keep the worker in a good mood throughput his/her working session. 

To get more style into your office there is always the choice of getting a feminine office chair. So that the office will be brought to life with the chairs bold features.

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