Where to Find the Best ADU House for Your Needs? Get the Answer Here!
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Where to Find the Best ADU House for Your Needs? Get the Answer Here!

|Sep 15, 2022

After some time living in your house, you realize you need more space. What can you do to solve that problem? You're right! A prefab dwelling unit might be what you need. 

What about work? If you started working remotely, but your productivity level dropped, you may need to set your workspace outside. 

However, being outside doesn't mean you have to go miles away from home. With the right backyard office kits, you can set up the perfect office pod to work from home without distractions. 

Do you think it is a good idea? Before answering that question, there's a lot more you need to know about ADUs. 

If you want to check out an ADU housing list with the best providers or find out if these units are right for you, read the information below! 

What Is an ADU?

What Is an ADU

The term "ADU" stands for "accessory dwelling unit" and describes a secondary dwelling unit on the same lot as a single-family house. 

Many people know ADUs by other names, including secondary suites, accessory apartments, or "granny flats." 

An ADU house is self-contained and has its own entrance, kitchen, and even bathrooms with showers. These units also have spaces for sleeping, eating, or just living but on smaller scales than the primary residences. 

You can convert accessory dwelling units into portions of an existing home if you need more housing. However, ADUs can also be additions to new or existing homes or just stand-alone structures. 

Different Types of ADUs

You can find three types of ADUs on the market. Find detailed information about each one below: 

Detached ADUs

Detached ADUs

A detached accessory dwelling unit is a freestanding and often smaller structure separate from the main house. These ADUs are usually in backyards or attached to garages. 

Attached ADUs

In contrast, attached ADUs are units connected to the existing main house or structure. They usually have separate entrances on the house's side or back. 

Interior ADUs

Interior ADUs

The third type, interior ADUs, are separate units located within the existing house. These can be used as attics, basement suits, or garden suites. 

While all ADUs serve the same purpose, the three types are different and offer different benefits to homeowners. All increase housing's affordability and broaden housing options. 

These units are also used to allow the elderly to stay closer to family members as they age or as separate offices for those who want to work from home but feel they need to set boundaries. 

Pros and Cons of Having an ADU House

An ADU house can bring many benefits to homeowners and tenants. Do you want to know some of them before checking an ADU housing list? Keep reading! 

Pros of Having ADU Homes

Extra Property Value

Did you know that an ADU can add value to your property? Any additional housing space can increase the selling cost of your house. This sounds like a good investment, right? 

Extra Property Value

Extra Income

Some people rent out their ADUs as rooms or secondary living spaces to students or other tenants, earning a little extra money each month. 

More Usable Space

Another major benefit of ADU homes is that they provide more usable space. Regardless of the type you choose, accessory dwelling units are practical and can be used in different ways. 

If you get one, you can set up that versatile space to build a home office, study space, or art studio. ADUs also work as guest suites for your family and friends, especially during the holidays. 

Do you want an additional play space for your children or pets? An ADU house can also be a great choice. They can also be used as permanent housing for seniors or au pairs. 

More Usable Space

Affordable Prices

ADUs are often cheaper than building additional spaces in your home from scratch. 

If you choose these units, you can also forget the annoying noise that building a new room or space in your residential lot implies. Both you and your neighbors will be happy if you buy one! 

Cons of Having an ADU House

There are also some disadvantages associated with ADUS that you should be aware of before making your investment. These are: 

  • You may lose basic storage space for cars and other items. However, if you have good ADU house plans, you can solve this small inconvenience.
  • You must invest time and money in repairs and maintenance if necessary.
  • Depending on how you use your ADU, you may also have to cover additional costs. If you choose a work pod to build a home office, you need the Internet and other tools, for example.  

Should You Buy or Design Your ADU House Plans?

Another question people should consider when buying an accessory dwelling unit is about the design process. 

Should you buy your ADU house plans or make them yourself? Well, that depends on your needs and preferences. You can get ready-made plans or opt for prefab units to save time and money.  

However, you can hire an experienced architect to handle all design aspects of your new accessory dwelling unit, including ADU floor plans, if you want something more personalized and the budget is not an issue for you.  

10 Manufacturers You Should Consider If You Need an ADU House

Now that you know what an ADU house is and its basics, the next question is: where to find the best option? 

There are many manufacturers offering ADU homes today! However, you should consider the most reliable ones to ensure that yours is durable and of high quality. 

Are you ready to discover them? find the best ADU house manufacturers here! 

1. Autonomous

Autonomous adu house

ADU homes or prefab sheds are ideal for those who want more space in the home to create an office, art studio, or extra room. 

However, when you don't have the money to hire an architect to handle tedious ADU house plans, prefab units are the best choice. Do you know where to find them? Autonomous has excellent models and at good prices!

The brand takes pride in offering modular homes in a way that provides a green feel and is ready to install at home, eliminating the tedious construction process. 

Each ADU home it has designed is highly functional and takes advantage of natural light to create a pleasant and serene space.

Regardless of how you want to use your ADU house, any option available in the Autonomous catalog may be perfect for you! Its studio pods are versatile and can be ideal work spaces for those who increase their productivity or meeting places for micro-communities! 

2. Avrame Homes

Do you prefer a small ADU? If so, Avrame Homes has what you need. The US manufacturer offers smaller units that are only 140 square feet. However, they are sold as kits. 

If you choose an Avrame ADU house, you will receive pre-cut components, custom hardware, and architectural engineering details, such as plans for structure and foundations. 

In addition to the step-by-step plans, each prefabricated roof truss has been cut and drilled for easy assembly. In other words, it's easy to install! However, it's best to hire an expert if you don't have construction experience. 

Avrame Homes also offers several purchase options. You can choose if you only want the kit to build a basic structure or if you need ADU floor plans or other interior and exterior kits for more complete results. 

3. Allwood Outlet

Allwood Outlet adu house

This New Jersey-based manufacturer offers several cabin models that can be ideal as ADUs. 

Allwood Outlet has become a popular brand among consumers because it has cabins to cover every possible need. Whether you need a small, medium, or large ADU, you can find a good option there! 

This manufacturer's designs are so practical and functional that experienced craftsmen will need less than a week to build them. Plus, most of its kits are available on Amazon with free shipping. 

4. California Modulars

There can be no ADU housing list without California Modulars. The brand has become a leader in the industry, especially in the state. 

What sets this manufacturer apart from others is that it allows customers to purchase shell-package kits, purchase a pre-built cabinet, or order units with their own ADU house plans. 

Its framing kits include everything you need to build an ADU house's basic structure, from wall panels to pre-cut roof beams. They also have all exterior items such as windows, doors, siding, pre-cut metal subfloors, decks, and more! 

The brand also offers finishing kits with tiles, cabinets, plumbing, hardware, and exterior doors. However, these affect the final price. 

You should also keep in mind that you need professional help unless you choose a ready-to-install option. 

5. Deltec Homes

Deltec Homes adu house

At first glance, this brand appears to sell traditional ADU homes. However, it has given a twist to the original designs to stand out from the competition. 

Deltec Homes sells rounded prefab accessory dwelling units! These options are ideal for you if you don't want the typical ADU that resembles camping cabins. 

Since round units do not require internal load-bearing walls, this manufacturer uses fully customizable ADU floor plans. That means you can decide how you want it to be! 

Deltec's products are not aimed at the ADU market, but most of its designs perfectly fit what people are looking for when they need an accessory dwelling unit. In addition, the brand is committed to eco-friendly construction!

6. Cedarshed

Do you want to find the perfect garden office shed? If so, Cedarshed is a brand worth considering. 

The manufacturer offers kits that provide the basics with free shipping for your dream backyard shed. Some even come with planters and decorative blinds! However, you will have to add all the utilities that you consider necessary.

Also, keep in mind that you will need basic skills and some carpentry tools to put together Cedarshed's kits. 

7. Eco-Home

Eco-Home adu house

Are you committed to preserving the environment but want to find the best prefab cabin? Eco Home may have the answer! 

This manufacturer is LEED platinum certified, meaning it's a great option for those looking for "green" designs. Also, all ADU homes are net-zero and off-grid, so they make the most of natural resources like natural light. 

Eco Home's ADU kits typically include exterior walls, prefinished roofs, triple-glazed doors, and windows! In other words, these are good designs for vacation homes. 

The kits also include kitchen and bathroom areas, as they were designed as housing units. However, the brand also offers options for garages, dressing rooms, and more! 

8. EZ Log Structures

Do you want to find your dream prefab shed, or do you prefer a small basic cabin? Both options are available at EZ Log Structures. 

The manufacturer specializes in DIY building kits and offers ADU homes in all sizes! Whether you're looking for one- or two-story configurations, you can find the perfect ADU there! 

Furthermore, the brand's kits typically include everything you need to assemble the frame, including doors and windows. Once you install it, you just have to choose your favorite color and paint your new ADU! 

9. KitHAUS


If you are looking for a prefab studio cabin, KitHAUS is one of the manufacturers that you should consider. The California-based company specializes in prefab ADU homes with modern designs that can be reconfigured in countless ways! 

All of its prefab ADUs include bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor showers. In addition, you will receive your module at home without having to pay huge shipping fees. 

However, you should keep in mind that the brand only offers small cabins. If you are looking for an ADU over 330 square feet, it's not the right option!  

10. Mighty Small Homes

Although the manufacturer's name indicates that it offers small ADUs, the truth is that you can find a wide range of kits for units of all sizes there! 

Whether you want a cabin for an art studio or a work pod to set up your office in your house's backyard, Mighty Small Homes has something for you. 

The brand provides kits with all the basics to assemble ADU homes, including exterior walls, ridge joists, roof panels, wood decking, wire raceways, and more! 

However, that means you have to build your foundations first. In other words, it is not the best option if you are looking for prefabricated alternatives or have a tight budget since you must hire additional construction services. 

Final Thoughts: Which Is the Best ADU House Manufacturer


Whether you want the best prefab cabin or an outdoor office shed, finding a reliable manufacturer depends on several factors, including where you are, your budget, and the type of ADU you're looking for. 

However, at Autonomous, there are several models worth checking out if you're looking for pre-made, modern, high-quality, and affordable options!

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