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White Desks That Match Your Bedroom Theme
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White Desks That Match Your Bedroom Theme

|Dec 31, 2021

Working from home can be a tedious task, especially if you have a small house.  You may need to place your work desk in your bedroom.  As you work from home, you will notice that your bedroom office desk soon becomes cluttered.  Cluttered?  Yes, with many things, whether by choice or otherwise.  

How do you make your bedroom look spacious and attractive so that you can work productively?  Well, you can certainly explore small bedroom office combo ideas.

What Type of Desk Should You Use in Your Bedroom?

What Type of Desk Should You Use in Your Bedroom?

Most folks caught up with this question often look for work desks that are compact and have ample storage space.  Whether or not they need it is a question to think about.  Is there any other way that you can decongest your room?  Large and compact desks do not necessarily mean fitting into the room and decluttering.  Minimalist work desks are the ones to consider.

Additionally, some folks like to go with dark colors to match the bedroom décor.  They forget that dark colors can make your otherwise small bedroom look cramped and dark.  What is the best color?  White, of course!  With a white standing desk, your room will look spacious, elegant and just right!  Remember that white is one of the best neutral colors that blend in with every décor.

Whatever be your choice, look for your comfort and ensure that the desk is ergonomically designed.  If you wonder why research suggests that you tend to sit for a long period with a work desk.  This affects your health, and you are at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and more.  You don't want that, right?

The answer lies in choosing an electric standing desk.  This would be one of the wisest choices you would have made in your life.  An electric standing desk allows you to vary between standing or sitting as you work.  As you change positions physically, your body muscles relax and work.  You have reduced chances of pains and aches from any stiff postures.  As blood glucose is used, you are at lesser risk of diseases.

Here are some desk in bedroom ideas to explore.  But then which are the best white bedroom desks?

The Best White Desks for Your Bedroom

As you explore a white office desk for the bedroom, here is our selection.

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) white bedroom desk

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous is the white desk for the bedroom that you cannot ignore!  It is built to offer you a height range between 29.4 inches to 48 inches as you sit or stand to work.  What's more?  You don't need to remember the height settings or mark the frames.  On offer is up to four programmable settings for the most often used height preferences. 

This white L-shaped standing desk has a solid steel frame that can easily lift a payload of 265 lbs.  Now, you can lower or raise the desktop easily, using the dual electric motors that work noiselessly at 40dB. Remember, you always have a choice of desktops if you wish to change after a while. You don't have to discard the entire table. 

2. Autonomous x Timotion small standing desk

Autonomous x Timotion small white bedroom desk

No more worries if you are concerned about the small workspace in your bedroom. The Autonomous x Timotion small standing desk is one of the latest small white desks for bedrooms.  It is one of the best compact white desks for your bedroom offering you a desktop size of 47"L x 28"W. You have ample workspace, and it should be the desk you are seeking.

This electric standing desk is available in white color to go with your bedroom décor.  It offers you an adjustable height between 25” inches to 45” inches.  This desktop sits comfortably on a solid steel frame that operates in two stages. This desk can easily take a payload of 270 lbs.

The simple to use keypad controls makes this white bedroom desk simple to operate the dual electric motors that manage the change of desk height. You will find the amazing 5-year warranty attractive, though you may not just need it!

3. Tremont Single Ped Desk

Tremont Single Ped white bedroom desk

This white desk for small space offers you much-needed storage space.  Unlike the other two desks described above, this is not an electric standing desk.  It should, however, fit into the small space in your bedroom. You get two large drawers to store your daily need for stationery like pens, sticky notes, and some more. The drawers work on a slide glide mechanism and are easy to operate.

You can also store larger files in the lower drawer built with much thought for working folks.  You also have a lower open shelf. This should help you store or put away large boxes and rolls of charts or odd-sized items. You could always add a planter to add a dash of greenery and make your workspace appealing to nature.

The white bedroom desk is made from commonly available manufactured wood, though finished classically.  You will simply love it!

4. Flash Furniture White Modern Standing Desk

Flash Furniture white bedroom desk

Now you have another choice of a height-adjustable desk for your bedroom. Unlike the Autonomous Desk, this ergonomic white desk needs to be adjusted manually for height. You will like the cord management tray that keeps you safe from tripping over any loose cords cables. You can easily manage the white bedroom desk settings by the clamps and liver function it offers.  This white work desk has to stabilize the pedestal base with floor glides that can be levelled. 

5. Bekant White standing Desk by IKEA

Bekant White standing Desk by IKEA

Get yourself a quality product from IKEA.  If your concept of a small desktop matches the size on offer, 47.25 inches (L) X 31.5 inches (W), this desk could be your choice. The adjustable height between 22" to 48" is managed by a lever crank handle stored under the desktop.  Don't miss that you also get a cable storage net under the desktop.


As you consider a white bedroom desk, remember to opt for one that also offers you a chance of good health. Now, with an electric standing desk, there are no more chores of managing the settings manually. Your bedroom can easily be your work area with the best white desks that fit in the melted space, offering ample working space. Happy working!

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