Best White Gaming PC Build & Components (2022 Updated)
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Best White Gaming PC Build & Components (2022 Updated)

Autonomous|Dec 31, 2021

If you're planning on building your first white gaming PC, then you've come to the right place. It's every gamer's dream to have their own custom setup, and we're here to guide you through it. 

This is the only way to ensure that your white gaming PC satisfies all of your needs and is equipped with all the features you want. It's also easier to upgrade as technology advances. However, we know that it can be an intimidating job, especially when you have never done anything like it before. 

That's why we've set up this step-by-step guide with recommendations of the best white PC parts and components on the market. Keep reading and create the most incredible gaming setup you've seen. 

Must-know Tips for Building a Gaming PC

The chances are that you're not aware of loads of things if you're new to this. However, here are some quick tips that every person who builds a white gaming PC with a straight or corner gaming desk must know before starting. 

  • Determine your purpose before even starting, so you can match your components to do what you want.
  • Research about Intel or AMD and decide which one suits you better.
  • Find a cooler with thermal paste pre-applied, so you don't have to do it yourself.
  • Ensure that all the components are compatible and fit in the budget you determined.
  • Open and handle everything with extra care.
  • Don't use socks on a carpet, as the electricity could permanently damage your components.
  • Find a first-aid kit. You could get hurt or cut a finger when setting up your white prebuilt gaming PC.
  • Make sure the space is appropriately lit and clean.
  • Read the instructions of everything at least twice.
  • Prepare the flash drive or disk with the OS ready to install.
  • Pay attention to the clicks when installing things; this usually means it's all set. 

How to Build a Gaming PC

1. Prep Your Tools

Prep Your Tools for white gaming pc

First of all, let's gather all the tools we need to build our gamer white theme PC. This allows you to keep everything near and make the whole process smoother. With that in mind, there are two main things you should pay attention to. 

  • Your workspace. You are going to need a large surface to work on to store more gaming desk accessories; it could be a table. Ensure it's uncarpeted to avoid accidental electrical discharges, as this could damage your components.
  • Find some screwdrivers. Get a handy Phillips number two screwdriver; this is super versatile, and you can use it for virtually anything. Additionally, get a Pillips number zero for more minor details. Magnetic screwdrivers work exceptionally well for this job, as they allow you to keep all the screws in place. 

2. Plan Your Case

This step is crucial to do before starting to pick out your components. Plan out which white computer case you're going to buy, or at least the size, so you can make sure everything is going to fit. 

However, there are two main things to consider when choosing a white computer case. The first one is the final placement of the white theme PC, as this is going to determine how big or small it should be; you don't want to spend money on something that isn't going to fit where you want to. This also helps you decide how aesthetically pleasing the rest of the features should be. 

The other feature that determines the size is your motherboard. White computer cases are manufactured in three sizes: Full-tower, mid-tower, and mini-tower, which correlate to the motherboard size. 

3. Get Your Components Together

Get Your Components Together for white gaming pc

When getting your white PC parts and components together, you can either do extensive research about every one of them and make sure all the features you need are covered or search for a pre-made one from an expert that is sure to cover all your needs and stay on your budget. One good example of this is the Artesian Builds customize gaming PC.

Moreover, the best thing to do is set up a budget and follow it as best as possible, as it is easy to get out of hand when buying components. Remember that you are not married to any of them, and you can upgrade them in the future. 

You should also make a list before purchasing anything to ensure all your white PC parts and components are compatible with each other. A good tip is to check out the requirements of your favorite games and plan out your features accordingly. 

4. Install the CPU

Gather your motherboard and your CPU, find the socket covered with a plastic cap, and you should see a tiny arrow on it. Next to the socket, you should find a small lever that is meant to be pulled to open the socket tray. 

Carefully open the CPU and hold it on the edges without touching its pins, which could damage it. Find the arrow on one corner of the CPU and line it up with the one in the socket. Once everything is in place, you can pull the lever down and secure your components. 

5. Install the M.2 Hard Drive

Install the M.2 Hard Drive for white gaming pc

Having an M.2 hard drive is always a fantastic upgrade for any white gaming PC setup, and this is the perfect moment to do it. Firstly, find the M.2 slot on your motherboard and remove the small screw on it with a Phillips screwdriver number zero screwdriver. Please, keep it in a safe place. Now place the M.2 hard drive in the slot and gently push it down; now lock the tiny screw in place again. 

6. Install the CPU Cooler

CPU coolers come in plenty of different types and sizes. Some of them require a bracket that might be pre-installed on the motherboard. If this is the case, make sure they're compatible with each other; otherwise, you are going to have to replace the bracket. 

Furthermore, some coolers have a pre-applied thermal paste, and others don't. If your cooler doesn't have it, you must manually apply it before seating the cooler. You can do this by squeezing a small dot on the middle of the CPU with your white gaming computer, then gently pressing the cooler on top.

7. Install the Memory RAM

Install the Memory RAM for white gaming pc

This is the easier step when building your white gaming PC, as you only need to fill up the RAM slots on your motherboard. They usually come with two or four places. We encourage you to fill them all up, but if you don't want to do that, check which one is the main slot and place your RAM in there. 

8. Do a Test Run

Now that everything is put together, you should run a quick test to make sure it works. This is going to be a lot more challenging to do once you've assembled your white PC parts in the chassis, so this is the best moment to do it. 

Connect the GPU and the power supply in your white gaming computer, then turn the motherboard on. Some high-tech motherboards have pre-installed power buttons, but not all of them. If this is your case, locate the power switch pins and use a screwdriver to tap them both simultaneously. 

This way, you can now check if your components work or not. Try to notice any blinking lights or noises; that's a clear signal that something isn't doing what it should. If something isn't working, you can check for a postcode on your motherboard that is meant to help you identify the problem. However, if you can't find it, you can also connect a display to your GPU and see what appears on the screen when you turn it on. 

Once you're finished, turn everything off and make sure all the LED desk lights go dark. After that, uninstall the GPU and unplug all of the power cables. 

9. Mount the Power Supply

Mount the Power Supply

You can start by unpacking the PSU and setting it aside. Then, figure out where and how to plug it in your white computer case. Ideally, it should have its fan facing the outside of the case. 

However, if the vent faces the bottom, you can mount your PSU upside down, so the bottom can still receive the airflow it needs. If there are no vents in your case, mount the PSU with its fan facing up. Then, attach it to the case with four screws. 

This is also the perfect moment to attach all the cables you need through the case and place them where they should be in your white gaming PC. Make sure to do all your cable management tactics if required. 

10. Install the Motherboard

First, attach the I/O shield to the motherboard if it isn't already, and make sure all the cables are where they should be. Place your motherboard into place and mount the screws with a Phillips number two screwdriver; it usually has nine screws, but this could change depending on your model. Now, plug in the power supply to the motherboard's eight-pin or 24-pin CPU connector. 

11. Install the GPU

Install the GPU for white gaming pc

Depending on the motherboard model, you are going to have to find the PCIe* x16 slot on it, it could have many of them, but it should be easy to identify as it has different colors than the rest. If you can use any slot, arrange your components in the most comfortable way for your GPU to have some breathing space. 

Now, remove the I/O covers, arrange your GPU's I/O, and make it easy to reach the outside of the chassis. Then, align your GPU with the rear retention bracket and the slot; afterward, slowly press it into the PCI*Ie x16 slot until you hear a click. You may need to reset your GPU at this point.

Once your GPU is in place, secure it to the case's back with a couple of screws. You can connect it to the power supply if it needs auxiliary connectors. 

12. Install the Storage

All cases in our white gaming computer have different drive bays, so you should check yours first and then find the stack of bays with small plastic switches. Most times, storage comes in two sizes, 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches; however, sometimes, you are going to find larger bays for optical drives. 

You have to unlock the lever, open up the tray, place your drive in it, and secure it with screws if needed. Then slide back the tray into the bay and click it into place. Once everything is set where it should be, connect your motherboard with a SATA cable and then to the power supply. You can opt for an L-shaped gaming desk for more storage.

13. Install the Operating System

Install the Operating System

The final step is to set up your operating system for your white gaming computer. You must have it prepared on a flash drive and plug it in. Keep in mind that you should already have set up a monitor, mouse, and ergonomic keyboard. Afterward, you can turn on your PC and follow the instructions that are going to get you to the BIOS of the computer. 

Now that you're in your PC's BIOS check that all your components are being recognized. The next step is finding the Boot page; it could appear as Boot Order or Boot Priority. Select your flash drive as the priority for booting and restart your computer. Finally, you should see the OS installer popping up with a set of instructions for you to follow and finish the installation. 

Bottom Line

Congratulations! You've successfully finished building your first white gaming PC. However, the fun doesn't stop here. In the world of white theme PCs, you are most likely going to find yourself having to do several upgrades. Technology advances daily, and your ability to customize your PC is limitless. 

In addition, whenever you find a new game, it might have new specifications that you didn't consider when building your aesthetic gaming setup, so keep your mind open to these necessary upgrades. This freshly-made setup is the base for all of your gaming hours in the future, but if you want to make the best out of it, you should keep upgrading it as time passes by. 

That means that as long as you have the budget, you can keep adding several things to your setup; hence, we encourage you to check out our catalog and see what our store can offer you.

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