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Why Employers Should Invest in Ergonomic Office Chairs For Their Employees

Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 24, 2017

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Lumbar illnesses are on the rise in the workplace, affecting productivity. Statistics indicate that there is an increase in the number of workers claiming disability because of severe back pain; mainly lower back pain. All of this is preventable with the use of an ergonomic office chair. More and more companies are investing in these office chairs because they have proven to be reliable and comfortable.

An ergonomic office chair is designed to provide lumbar support, among other benefits. The chairs are designed to give the user much more control over their posture and position than standard non-adjustable chairs. Employers have found that their employees have greater satisfaction and focus throughout the day when they upgrade to ergonomic office furniture.

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No one likes to endure sitting on unyielding and hard surfaces all day, as most types of standard office chairs are. Sitting in a standard office chair can result in posture related problems, fatigue, back pain, carpal tunnel, and other health problems that result from sitting in the same position for too long. Productivity also often decreases when chairs are not adjustable.

You should invest in an ergonomic office chair because your employees will have more comfort and support throughout their entire workday. Unhappy employees can only mean more disagreements and tension in the office.  As human beings, when we are comfortable and happy, we tend to produce more. If you work from home as a freelancer, programmer or consultant, having a great quality office chair that is comfortable will add tremendous value to your operation. You’ll find that you are often able to work longer hours with lower stress, more energy, and a lower risk of developing chronic health issues.

Every employer knows that preventable days off affect their bottom line. Having a comfortable ergonomic office chair is actually good for employee health. Stiff, unyielding chairs affect comfort and posture and can cause circulation problems. Your employees may be asking for time to either visit the doctor or recoup from posture related illnesses that are preventable in the first place by using ergonomic furniture, combined with good workplace habits, exercise, and breaks.

Oftentimes, employers fail to provide the proper ergonomic furniture in the workplace because they want to lessen their expenses. Unfortunately, they end up losing more money in the long run. You can spend a few thousand dollars now, or lose much more over the years.

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Consider the expense of upgrading to ergonomic office chairs as a wise investment. It will help to keep your attrition rates low as employees will be happier and healthier throughout the day. You may even see a decrease in time off and an increase in overall workplace productivity. Your employees may also minimize the number of breaks they take and may be more willing to stay for longer hours.

It is important to invest in ergonomic chairs that are customizable for each person. Every person’s body is different, and adjustable seats, arm rests, and back supports can make all the difference in their comfort. The Ergonomic chair ErgoChair 2 is a top choice for your next office chair purchase, as it is equipped with fully adjustable seats, armrests, headrests, and lumbar support, with a mouldable foam seat and other innovative features.

Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable ergonomic chairs on the market, with efficient bulk order options available no matter where you are located in the world.

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