NFTs and Why You Should Get the Guess Who Board Game?
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NFTs and Why You Should Get the Guess Who Board Game?

Autonomous|Mar 3, 2023

The Guess Who board game is a fun one to play with friends. It’s a fantastic way to spend some time off - you’ll surely enjoy a few laughs! 

NFTs, on the other hand, have revolutionized the financial and economic worlds. With new alternatives such as Guess Who characters to add to your portfolio, you shouldn’t wait any more time - get your first non-fungible tokens as soon as you can! 

What Are NFTs?

Also known as NFTs, non-fungible tokens are unique digital identifiers that are in the blockchain and are associated with specific physical or online assets. 

NFTs are a way to certify authenticity. You can acquire them by trading or buying them. Once a token is yours, you can’t modify them. 

However, making an NFT is not very challenging as little coding skills are needed. Thus, they’ve gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.

Characteristics of NFTs

Nowadays, you can even buy an NFT board game. Years ago, that wasn’t possible. Non-fungible tokens have become so popular that now there are multiple options to choose from, giving you a lot of room to make the best trading and investment choices. 

Since NFTs are data units, you can find them as game content, digital art, music, etc. You can also get these tokens as physical assets, for example, as Guess Who board game characters. 

Buying or trading an NFT board game, though, means you have the ownership of a record in the blockchain. Therefore, the intellectual property rights are not yours unless the artist or creator explicitly says so. 

Characteristics of NFTs - guess who board game

How Did NFTs Begin?

The first NFT project was launched and demonstrated in London, but the creation of all non-fungible tokens started when Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash made one in May 2014. 

After that, the Ethereum GitHub proposed the term ‘NFT’ in 2017. If you think about it, these tokens haven’t been around for long. However, they grew immensely, especially in 2020. 

Thousands of people became interested in NFTs in 2020, and as time went on, different companies started offering tokens. 

Although there has been a drop in the past few years, the NFT market is very unpredictable and constantly changing. Thus, it still attracts new investors and traders because you could get fantastic benefits from it! 

Types of NFTs

Since NFTs give you a type of digital ‘fingerprint’ of a physical or online asset, there are numerous types to choose from. 

One of the most famous types of NFTs is digital art. Auctions have gained a lot of traction because rare pieces can cost thousands of dollars or even more. 

NFTs are also very relevant when it comes to video games and traditional ones, such as the Guess Who board game, dominoes, and so on. You can get different characters and game additions: a chunk of land, outfits, weapons, etc. 

Many players enjoy getting an NFT board game and cosmetic additions for it because it allows them to have some fun with friends and loved ones while also being part of the industry. 

Although an NFT board game may not be the most profitable option, it’s also a cheap one you may want to consider at first. There are other much more expensive alternatives, for example, original music, art, etc.

Types of NFTs

Filmmaking companies are in the NFT business as well, so now you can pay for exclusive content. 

Getting an NFT board game is certainly fun, but the truth is that these tokens have contributed in many more ways than just providing entertainment. 

In the science and medicine field, experts have minted cancer immunotherapy and other specific treatments, and after selling them as NFTs, proceeds go to therapy. 

Meebits and ApeCoin DAO: The Basics

Registered on the Ethereum blockchain, the Meebits are popular NFT characters. You have more than 20,000 to choose from! 

If you own a Meebit, you have access to extra asset packs, which include the 3D model of your character. In the metaverse, you can use it as your avatar, or simply animate and render it at leisure. 

The Meebit marketplace supports simple bids, so you can go and check out the latest available characters if you want. 

ApeCoin, on the other hand, is a community within ApeCoin DAO, which is a decentralized governance structure supporting the Ecosystem Fund. 

To become a member, you have to hold ApeCoin. Once you do, you can participate in the decision-making process, submit proposals, and vote.

Meebits and ApeCoin DAO: The Basics

What Is the Guess Who Board Game and How to Play?

Guess Who is a famous board game where each player has a board and picks one specific character. 

You have to ask questions and try to guess the character the other players have. That’s it! To make things more fun, you can keep a tally of who wins! 

Autonomous Meebin Board Game

As was mentioned before, there are numerous NFTs available. However, not all of them are equally convenient, especially if you’re getting started in the industry. 

Autonomous offers a Guess Who board game that you can’t miss because it includes 24 unique Meebits, which are specific to the game. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play the Guess Who board game - it’s very easy! You’ll quickly grasp it after playing for the first time. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with friends and have fun. 

This Autonomous Meebin Board Game is made of PU leather, aluminum alloy, and wood. You can choose between dark and light color options! 

With 24 unique Meebit characters, it’s the perfect addition to your NFT portfolio. If you’ve never bought tokens before, this can be a great way to start because you’ll get to play with your friends while also owning digital data units. 

Dimension12.6"L x 11.8"W x 0.47"D x 2 lbs
Collaborators24 unique Meebits PFPs
MaterialsMatte ash wood, aluminium alloy, PU leather
ColorLight or Dark matte wood

What’s Next?

Now, you know what’s an NFT, why you should acquire them, and why getting the Autonomous' Guess Who game is a fantastic alternative. 

Don’t wait around - now that you know how much fun you can have playing Guess Who, get it as soon as you can and add the Meebits to your NFT collection!

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