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Why having cool office furniture matters

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 3, 2017

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They became a word that described the incarceration of the modern worker, the place to play out the 9- 5, the epitome of the daily grind. Yet in the last ten years, the word ‘cool’ has come back into our vocabulary when talking about the office and office furniture. We have started to unpick the issues that came to surround the office and to try to imagine better offices for us and for our employees.

Google, AirBnb, Dropbox, Facebook, these are the companies that shook up whole industries, that started to transform the modern world and, in turn, which made the office cool again. The offices of Google have become notorious for their radical and eccentric approach to their work culture. We believe that offices everywhere can be cool again and have been building office furniture with the potential to transform the work culture of any office space.

What is cool about the office designs and office furniture of these tech giants is that they help us to reimagine the aesthetic of work - they show us that work can be energetic, dynamic and playful. At Autonomous, we realized that office furniture itself could be a lot cooler. Autonomous office furniture isn’t just furniture, it’s smarter than that, it’s furniture with breakthrough technologies, that promotes and accommodates health and well-being, that allows you to be at your best throughout your working day - we think that’s pretty cool.

Google, Dropbox, Airbnb and the pioneers of today’s tech industry have come up with plenty of policies that demonstrate their emphasis on the wellbeing of their employees. Their employees might have unlimited holidays, incredible life insurance, time for personal projects and the flexibility to see their friends and family. Our office furniture sends the same message - health and wellbeing come first; the work environment should be a help not a hindrance. If our furniture and our offices can engage us and capture our imagination and make us think ‘that’s actually pretty cool,’ it can help us to work better.

Many of our customers in the start-up community are striving to build offices with an imaginative side. We know that some of them have some really cool features and perks, from unlimited healthy foods and drinks to an in-house kegerator and team nerf gun wars. We want to bring back the love for the office. When we bring playfulness and dynamism into the office we inspire and sustain those qualities in our employees, enhance collaboration and the flow of ideas. This is precisely why start-up culture is so innovative.

We believe we can help build workspaces and office furniture that people think is not just convenient and comfortable but actually cool as well. To have an office and furniture that your employees think is cool is to demonstrate that you know what engages and inspires those employees and that you understand what they need to be truly innovative and productive at the office.

Office furniture for the twenty-first century

The twenty first century is already a century of many firsts. The first generation to grow up with the internet, the first company to reach a valuation of $104bn on the stock markets (Facebook in 2012), the first robot warehouse and the first ai to beat top chess players at the game Go. At Autonomous, office furniture is also a long list of ‘firsts.’ We’re an organization determined to bring breakthrough technologies into our everyday working lives.

The first electric tabletop standing desk, the first standing desk to incorporate memory presets, the first affordable consumer grade deep learning robot. We’re the first company who is dedicated to building office furniture that can help you work smarter. We’re the first to believe that the office furniture today can help and assist us to work smarter and be more productive. A standard desk is a surface for your laptop and documents, for you to sit behind while you work. Our SmartDesk is smarter than that; it helps you to stay productive by memorizing your favorite heights and adapting to suit your workstyle throughout the day. It encourages you to acknowledge and respond to your personal needs for a healthier, happier workday.

Being the first in any area, including office furniture, means people often need time to adapt. As such, the people who use our furniture are people who are comfortable with change, many of them early adopters. In fact, many of our customers are people who are dedicated to innovating across industries and in the fields of tech, science and medicine and their choice of office furniture reflects that - people who are creating the next firsts for the near future. Our products are tools for people who are changing the world.

We’re proud to be a company helping to push things forward. For too long our working lives and our offices have stayed the same while the world has changed around them. Offices became stagnant environments, places people dreaded to commute to in the morning. By starting to reimagine office furniture for the twenty first century, we can all attain the dynamic, flexible and smart workspaces that reflect life today. Yet that requires some people to be the first among their peers and in their companies to adapt, to experiment with the office furniture they use everyday in their homes and offices.

The incredible feedback we receive from our customers and the many forums, articles and reviews online which share enthusiasm for our products are a testament to just how much of a change, working smarter can bring to our work lives. We’d be the first to admit and appreciate that office furniture is rarely the subject of so much excitement, but that’s exactly what we love about our products and our customers. We’re excited to see what the rest of the century brings and hope it continues to be a century of firsts, even in the smallest aspects of our lives, like office furniture.

How our office furniture was inspired by the San Francisco start-up scene

Are you looking for office furniture in San Francisco? Are you interested in Autonomous office furniture for your San Francisco home or office but want to give it a test drive before you order? Are you going to be in San Francisco for a meeting and want to experience smart office furniture? We have a co-working space, fully equipped with Autonomous office furniture in the heart of San Francisco for you to try.

If you’re a local or paying the city a visit, you can spend an afternoon with a SmartDesk or Ergonomic Chair to find out what it’s like to work smarter. Members of our San Francisco team will be on hand to demonstrate all of our office furniture product features and to help you tailor them to suit your needs. Equally, if you want to bring in your own office equipment and create your own personalized space at the site, we would be more than happy to help you to set-up.

We know how hard it can be to visualize a full office of desks and chairs that you haven’t seen. At our San Francisco co-working space you can better see the office furniture in action; imagine your team at their desks, see how the chairs might fit in your space or even bring your team along to ask them their own opinions. That is, we can offer the space free for your team meeting, presentation or social events so that everyone can get a sense of the smart office furniture before you commit. It would be our pleasure to show all you San Franciscoans the virtues of Smart Office Furniture.

Our smart office products are about transforming the way you work, making a transition from a sedentary workstyle to a dynamic, fluid and healthy workstyle. They’re the beginning of your exploration into different ways of working - whether that’s standing for a few hours, trying out active sitting or small exercises or even cycling from your desk. To know what this is all about, you really have to try it for yourself. Of course, it can take a few weeks to get used to new ways of working, but when you give the SmartDesk a go, it is easy see the potential for change.

If you like the look of our smart products, we also offer free smart office designs to help you take the next step. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for one or two desks or chairs for your work or home office, you can order with our team and have your own office furniture delivered anywhere in San Francisco or across the US in 3-5 working days.

California really is the birthplace of the worksmarter revolution. The innovative work cultures of the tech giants of Silicon Valley such as the workspaces of Google, Dropbox, Facebook and Airbnb have rippled throughout start-up culture across the USA and beyond. It only made sense that San Francisco be the home of our one-off co-working space fully equipped with our office furniture. To arrange a viewing or company meet-up in advance, you can contact us to schedule a session but if you are in San Francisco, you can drop by anytime and see our smart office furniture for yourself.

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