Why Is Relationship Management Important in the Workplace?
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Why Is Relationship Management Important in the Workplace?

|Mar 29, 2021

When your staff members spend more hours working than with their family members, a work buddy is downright necessary. Apart from the fact that humans need social interaction, effective employees relationship management also helps increase efficiency and work interest.

It does not end here. Effective employee communication and employee relationship management has several other exclusive benefits for the company. So, how does the employee relationship mechanism affect work, and what is the importance of employee relations? Read on to get all these doubts cleared!

What Is Employee Relationship Management?

Employee Relationship Management

In simple words, employee relationship management refers to handling the horizontal and vertical employee association. That is the relation between the employees themselves and that between the employees and the authority (managers, employers, etc.).

The Human Resource Manager of a firm sees to all these activities. They make sure that staff members interact with one another without hesitation. Also, the HR department ensures that each individual is comfortable working alongside others.

Types of Work Relationships That Employees Need to Build

So, what are the prime relationships that employees must maintain? Though there are a host of work relationships, here are some essential ones.

Work friends

Work friends

Though you may not have been friends if not for the same company, work friends are your support system at work. They can share all your work-related stress, and some might also share personal talks and secrets.

Manager and Subordinate

Manager and Subordinate

It is the relationship between management and employees. The way your manager treats you can have a significant effect on your work performance. Furthermore, you can have the same relationship with other junior employees.

Work Spouse 

It may sound bizarre, but your work spouse is just someone you rant all about your work to. They are your best friend at work, always ready to shower you with emotional support, encouragement, and solving problems.

Life Friends

Life friends

They are similar to work spouses, except they are a notch higher. These are your colleagues who will stay your best friends even outside the workplace. They are individuals who know you very well personally as well as professionally.

Why Is Relationship Management Important in The Workplace?

So, why do you, as a manager, need to ensure strong employee relations? How do employees relationship management benefit the company?

Boosts Productivity

Do you think employees waste time chatting or hanging out in the office? Well, this waste of time is actually useful for your company. Employees who are frank with others and well-settled in the company are even more productive. When they enjoy work, increase productivity, employees try harder to aid the company's growth.

Promotes Teamwork and Synchronization

One of the most common teamwork mistakes is a lack of communication, understanding, and cooperation. Such factors give birth to conflicts and hamper workflow. On the contrary, strong employee relations ensure smooth teamwork in a professional yet friendly manner.

Easy Problem-solving

Easy problem-solving

Conflicts can significantly hinder the workflow. They not only cause delays but also demotivate employees. Therefore, you must practice efficient relationship management as it leads to a healthier relationship between management and employees and among employees. Resultantly, they will work together to resolve conflicts if they may arise.

Motivation and Improves Work Interest


An excellent virtual relationship (between manager and employee) at work can significantly enhance motivation. Plus, when workers enjoy the company of their colleagues, they develop a greater interest in work. Therefore, both horizontal and virtual relationships can help the employee perform better, which in turn boosts company revenue.

Reduces Employee Turnover

If your workers have a strong bonding with their team members, they are likely to stay. The same goes for the relationship between management and employees. It helps in greater job satisfaction and notably improves performance. Resultantly, your firm will have minimum employee turnover.

How to Improve Employees Relationship Management?

A strong relationship among employees can help them feel comfortable at work, further aiding in professional progress. Moreover, when all your employees work with enthusiasm, revenue growth is guaranteed.

Promote Teamwork Activities

The absolute best way to improve employees relationship management is by inducing more teamwork activities. Working on the same project will help improve communication and mental connection. You can also add a double ergonomic standing desk to your office to let your employees work together and bond.

Organize Virtual Meet-Ups

organized virtual meet-ups

When you have remote workers in your organization, engagement activities are even more essential to encourage communication. One of the best ways of ensuring virtual team bonding is by organizing virtual meet-ups. These can be coffee-breaks on video calls like you would take in a regular office or just watercooler talks.

Arrange Informal Events

Even if your staff members interact with each other in the office, they may do it formally from their ergonomic office chairs. Whether they operate remotely or from the regular office, a fantastic way to let them mingle is through informal activities. For example, you can arrange a dinner for the regular employees and some holiday activities for virtual team.

Stress on Communication

stress on communication

Be it a remote working environment or not, communication gaps are inevitable in an organization. But you can fix this by managing relationships in the workplace. Try to incorporate activities that encourage essential communication for remote workers as well as regular ones.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

Offering your employees learning and growth opportunities will make them realize that their boss cares about their career path. Plus, the management team can provide employees with a chance to shift their department as a part of professional development.

Summing Up

When employees are comfortable at their workplace, they automatically perform well and have greater job satisfaction levels. A robust employees relationship management policy will ensure they feel contented.

When employees can interact horizontally as well as vertically without any barriers, their input towards the company will drastically increase. It will not only help the company improve in multiple ways but also enhance employee job satisfaction and productivity.

Overall, interaction among employees will help them gain confidence and enjoy work. On the other hand, an enhanced relationship between management and employees will help them feel motivated and contribute more!

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