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Why is the Contemporary Office Chair so Popular

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 26, 2018

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It’s easy to see how contemporary office chairs have changed the modern workspace. They are increasing in popularity both due to their improved functionality and due to their impressive designs. They come to meet the ever-changing needs of modern workers who are motivated by the workplace. The chairs are used across the various areas of a workplace from the desk itself to open spaces or meeting rooms. The contemporary office chair has a strong bond with older chairs and for many businesses. It can come with a sense of style or identity which can also be affordable. But not all contemporary office chairs are the same. Modern office chairs come in different categories.

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The ergonomic contemporary office chair

The ergonomic chair is the essence of a contemporary office chair. It comes as the best solution for support and this can be seen in the posture and the comfort of the person sitting on it. However, there are no perfect chairs and an ergonomic design comes with its own flaws. This includes the sitting position which means workers are less active when compared to standing. So while an ergonomic chair is very comfortable by modern standards, it does not burn as many calories as standing.

But the contemporary office chair with ergonomics is the solution to choose for a wide range of benefits in turn. For the first time in history, the lumbar support is true to its full potential. It represents great versatility with its vertical and depth adjustability in leading designs.

However, these chairs are highly adjustable in other areas as well, not only in the lumbar area. With upper back and headrest adjustability, the ergonomics of these chairs are truly recommended for improved support. Armrest adjustability and height adjustability only add to the overall feeling of quality which can be associated with these chairs.

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Most importantly, an ergonomic design is comfortable. The days of back pain are over with a truly ergonomic design which can even allow for various position changes. If paired with standing from time to time, this can certainly be the chair to choose for the best overall sitting chair.

Best for: This chair is recommended for the contemporary and modern office. Its style and simplicity are perfect for a modern environment.

The saddle stool

Unique office chairs are not often considered at the office. However, the saddle stool has its own place when it comes to proper functionality and identity. It combines sitting with standing in many cases. The chair comes with a few drawbacks. First of all, the chair can be difficult to sit on for long periods of time. Secondly, even if you manage to sit on it properly, it might not be as comfortable after a couple of hours as it doesn’t come with any back support.

But these are not the reasons to get a saddle stool. This type of chair is recommended to those who want a similar back position to standing. As workers sit more upright at the desk, this can be a solution in-between the ergonomic chair and standing.

Another considerable advantage for some people comes with the improved back position. With diminished risks for rounded shoulders or slouching, the stool is a top tool to maintain or improve posture at work. Of course, its in-between position also means that more calories are being burned as a result of constant movement. This type of chair may not be the best option for men as it puts some pressure on the perineum and it may soon become uncomfortable.

Best for: Those who want to burn more calories while sitting perpendicular to the ground at a 70-degree angle.

The kneeling chair

The kneeling chair might look like a spin of a mid-century modern office chair but it is growing in popularity.  Its main advantage comes from the fact that it keeps the spin in an upright position. Practically, the spin is in the same position as with the saddle stool. But the kneeling chair is also recognized for its ability to relax the spin from time to time. It is why it actually takes the pressure of the spine. At the same time, it also engages more muscles than the ergonomic chair. It means that workers can burn some calories with these types of chairs.

But the kneeling chair also has at least as many drawbacks as benefits. It doesn’t allow workers to sit in the same position for too long. It also favors slouching at the desk. But most importantly, this chair is not as easy to use as its alternative and it is why it’s less likely to see it used in large numbers in the future. At the same time, the chair may not allow the leg muscles to relax completely. Those with bad knees might also think twice before using such a chair as well.

Best for: Changing positions at the desk. The chair is recommended for short periods of time.

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The stability ball

The simple stability ball can be a much-needed break from all types of chairs. It engages various muscles and it constantly needs attention and core activation to maintain the position at the desk. This is recommended for burning extra calories and also for better stability. At the same time, the stability ball is not actually used for the entire duration of the day but rather to act as an alternative to any type of desk chair from time to time.

The stability ball can be used both at the desk while working or while on breaks. It improves some type of activity levels at work and it can be recommended for most people. It is also highly recommended to tone core muscles or the muscles which are responsible for maintaining posture. The main disadvantage of the ball is that it cannot be maintained as a permanent solution.

Best for: Active people who want to maintain some type of muscle engagement while on breaks.

Some of the features of a contemporary office chair

Modern office chairs have their own set of unique advantages. They are now more reliable than ever before. There is also an endless selection of unique office chairs. However, most contemporary office chairs come with a few pluses which can be seen from design to design.

Auto tilt back support

The automated tilt back support is one of the best intentions when it comes to contemporary chairs. It represents a functionality which is still seen on mid-tier to higher-end chairs. The function is highly recommended when it comes to improved back support in every position. The tilt mechanism can allow the chair to recline or to lean forward. These two functions are easily followed when it comes to taking a break from an upright position, which is correct, but which can be tiresome after a given time.

An auto tilt back support is also recommended for contemporary office chairs which are used in conjunction with other forms or methods of maintaining proper posture. Even an ergonomic chair can be alternated with standing while using a standing desk to offer the variation needed for the muscles to be engaged. At the same time, this type of sit/stand alternation is recommended by those who are working with various spin issues and for many, it is just the beginning of a new type or working style.

Quiet casters

Quiet casters are now seen in premium designs. The days in which simply moving an office chair created disruption are finished. Today, some of the leading office chairs on the market are made with top materials and designs which allow the casters to remain quiet.

Adjustable Armrests

The adjustability of the armrests is made in multiple ways. It is a must-have for contemporary office chairs and it represents such a great starting point for position adjustment and readjustment while at work. For many people, it also means that it can be the right time to find the chair which offers various types of heights for the arms. With this profile to cushioned tops, armrests are now more than function as they can influence the style of a modern office chair.

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Breathable backrests

The backrest is among the main pieces of an office chair. Its breathable design is recommended for those seeking to sit for long hours. With added ventilation, the sitting position can be maintained for hours. At the same time, many breathable backrests are made with minimum costs which mean contemporary office chairs are also affordable when compared to a few of the classics.

The breathable backrest is a true staple of the modern office chairs made for visual impact as well. While some manufacturers use mesh materials, others might use various plastics to add the support and ventilation these backrests needs.

This also applies to the headrest which is also made with added breathability in many cases. Unless it is made with leather, the headrest can also allow some degree of ventilation for added comfort.

Available in different finishes

A staple of contemporary designs comes with the various finishes which can often be chosen even with the same chair. With different colors and other small variations in design, many chairs now allow users to enjoy some of the best functionality for contemporary and modern offices.

Different finishes may also come with different materials. Depending on the needs and on the budget, these chairs can serve different purposes.

At their core, these finishes remain true to what chairs used to be a long time ago with the mid-century office chairs or with the 70’s or 80s chairs. They are more about style and visual benefits than to actual comfort improvements. While aesthetics were certainly important in the golden age of the office chair, contemporary designs can also benefit from such solutions which are truly made for improved versatility.

Different finishes are applied to rarer chairs as well. Saddle stools and kneeling chairs are also available in different materials and in different cushioning. For many people, it represents a great solution when it comes to a unique office chair look or a customs office chair look.

Final considerations

The contemporary office chair is indeed popular as it comes in so many variations. One of the most popular choices comes with the ergonomic design which can be used by all people, regardless of the age or of the physical shape. If a stool or a kneeling chair can be limiting from this perspective, an ergonomic design is certainly an improved alternative easier to work with. It is also important to consider the various options at hand when it comes to the type of sitting or standing people want to adhere to.

Since various professionals recommend a combination of sitting and standing, it may not be easy to choose the right office chair as the desk needs to come with a standing design as well. For many people, it also represents a good time to establish a clear direction towards how work should also be done in the future.

Another important consideration with contemporary designs comes with the cost. The cost of a chair covers materials, various accessories, the frame, the gas cylinder, and the labor costs. In modern times, this is always kept to a minimum. The days of expensive and hard to source materials are not over, but these chairs tend to cost a lot more than a regular chair.

It is why there needs to be a clear distinction between cost and actual real-world applicability. An office with hundreds of workers cannot afford to spend too much on office chairs. It is why the total cost of these chairs is at least as important as their design and back support functionality.

Autonomous has a selection of ergonomic contemporary office chairs and stools which are a staple of modern designs and functionality. All of them are available directly from Autonomous with no middle-man charges. If you want to stay in touch with Autonomous chairs and with the latest releases, the best way to do so is to subscribe to the newsletter below.

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