Why Should You Choose Crypton Fabric for Your Furniture?
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Why Should You Choose Crypton Fabric for Your Furniture?

|Aug 6, 2022

Whenever anyone plans their office furniture, they like using the best ones to ensure they can use it for the long term. If you have ever thought of bringing in new office furniture, this question would have popped up in your mind too. Which fabric would be the best for my office furniture? The market is vast, but Crypton fabric is something that you should consider for that purpose.

What do you expect from any office ergonomic chair fabric? You wish it to be durable, easier to clean, sustainable, breathable, etc., right? As far as we have gone through the Crypton fabric reviews, it has all the qualities that make it stand out in the market. This is the reason why Crypton fabric furniture is recommended when you plan an office or a lobby.

Nevertheless, some people wish to extract the details as they wonder if this is the best choice. Is Crypton fabric worth it? This is a question that they often ask. As a curious reader, you would think that too.

You would be happy to learn that our article has the answer to your query. Here we have discussed the details of the reasons why you should go for Crypton fabric furniture. So, read further to explore them. 

Why Choose Crypton Fabric for Office Furniture – 7 Reasons

Here are the 7 reasons why you should go for office furniture that has Crypton as the fabric cover. 

Incredibly Easy to Clean

Incredibly Easy to Clean

The Crypton fabric is resistant to stains and water; that's why it is incredibly easy to clean furniture covered in Crypton. What any office worker demands in office furniture is easier maintenance, and Crypton material luckily offers that. So, if you have an accidental spill on this fabric, it will not absorb that immediately. Therefore, you have enough time to wipe it off and keep the furniture clean simply.

People often fear that their furniture will get soap stains, and their furniture's padding might soak it up if they clean it using water and soap. However, they do not have to worry about that if they have Crypton upholstery as a cover. The interesting part is that this fabric is resistant to UV rays as well, so you won't have to worry if it will get faded with time. So overall, its unbeatable layer of protection is great for use and ensures you can use it for an extended period.  

Adds Style and Luxury

Crypton has an interesting fact about itself. It is available in varying softness and thickness, so it resembles natural materials too. That's why the aesthetic look and style that Crypton adds to your office are matchless. You have the option of selecting a warm and cozy version to create a similar work environment. So, achieving nearly any style and luxury is feasible if you use Crypton. 


Durable Crypton fabric

What every office planner loves to have in their office furniture is durability. As far as Crypton is concerned, the basic goal of the Crypton manufacturers is to make their fabric durable. You will be glad to learn that Crypton ACT has heavy-duty specifications and has attained the highest durability rank. This means that you can easily trust Crypton furniture in a crowded workplace where office furniture is used a lot. 


Usually, the mesh material is known for breathability. Suppose you draw a comparison of mesh vs. fabric chairs. In that case, most of the fabric furniture that comes with water-resistant properties has an additional protective layer which makes the fabric stuffy and uncomfortable. However, the case with the Crypton fabric furniture is different.

It does provide your fabric protection against water and stain patches, but it doesn't compromise on its breathability. The Crypton fabric reviews show that the fabric is quite breathable and does not catch any odors. So, it provides a cool working experience if you add it to the ergonomic chair back support

Made Using Safe and Non-Toxic Materials

Made Using Safe and Non-Toxic Materials

Many fabrics are designed to have antimicrobial properties but what’s undesirable about them is that they have VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These compounds tend to suspend in the surrounding air and cause common throat, ear, and nose irritation. The good thing about the Crypton fabric furniture is that it does not contain any VOCs even though it has antimicrobial properties. It is made using non-toxic materials, so you can rest assured that you will have a safe work environment. 

Features Environment-Friendly Materials

If you are someone who is conscious regarding the selection of his office furniture material and wishes to have environment-friendly ones only, Crypton would be your go-to choice. The good thing about Crypton fabrics is that they are crafted using environmentally friendly materials. In addition, most of their patented formulas are approved by EPA. 

Contains Germicides and Antimicrobial Properties

Contains Germicides and Antimicrobial Properties

If you take an example of the common cotton fabric, it is more like a breeding ground for microorganisms. However, if you compare that with Crypton, the case is different. Crypton fabric repels microorganisms and kills germs as the manufacturers have infused it with germicides and antimicrobial solutions, which have a long-lasting effect. 

Final Words – Where to Get the Best Office Furniture?


Coming towards the end, you may now have a holistic idea of what the Crypton fabric is all about. If you are someone who keeps an eye on workplace ergonomics, you would wish to have such a chair for a standing desk in your office too. However, it isn't easy to find a fabric computer chair of that kind.

The good news is that you can find those chairs at a discounted rate under our employee purchase program. Our purchase program is designed to offer high-quality ergonomic furniture at lower prices. There are multiple discount offers for you, so you can avail yourself of the benefit of that if you are planning your office. All you will be required to do would be to log on to our program using your corporate email.

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